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GOOD MORNING! I've got goodies.  Cel scans from the anime, a (small) Kubo drawing of Ichigo, an IchiRuki tweet from zack_mori. Thanks to Jordi for the first goodie and to Annie, Nacchan, Ku and Mel for the second and third goodies.

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Studio Perriot and I are re-evaluating our relationship. It has always been a shallow one but it lasted so many years and holds so many memories. I hereby announce that reconciliation papers have been drawn. SP's conciliatory gestures (i.e. fanservice) had been met with suspicion in the past but a new filler arc began and my curiosity could not be checked--

I have to say I'm not holding out a lot of hope to see much of my fave character Ishida or a strong nakama presence in this arc but the IshiIchi ED totally won me over (was Ichigo Ishida's "ray of light" there or WHAT? My IchiIshi friends and I are still replaying that ED over and over and over) and surprise! I actually enjoyed the episode! If the animation quality stays good, I'm looking forward to the fights (my Koma-chan! <3) and maybe I can coast with this filler like I did with the zanpakutou arc, which was an inoffensive enough diversion for me.

I'm already dreading the IchiRuki fanservice, to be honest (I love Kubo's wistful, subtle IchiRuki--SP's seems heavy-handed in comparison) but I have to approach the anime like fanfic--with a measure of suspension of disbelief and separation from Kubo's reality. The stand-alone eps  leading to this filler arc, from what I gathered (I peeked at one and saw screencaps of others) were just awful, but hey I'm game for an actual story and SP has as fair a track record as any fic writer I know plus lots of shinies and background music. Spoilers for upcoming eps under cut.

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Some translations from Kubo's twitter yesterday regarding the airing of the first ep of new arc. Translations by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio 

おっ、宣伝ありがと!ちゃんと自分のことも書いとかないとね(笑)。 RT @HitterNumber8: @tite_kubo 先生お休みなさいですー。明日はアニメBLEACH新章スタート、OP&EDも楽しみですv

@HitterNumber8: "Goodnight, sensei... I'm looking forward to the start of a new Bleach chapter in the anime, and to the opening and ending as well."
@tite_kubo: "Ooh, thank you for the publicity! I should make sure to write about my own work too, right?" (laugh)

原稿が一段落して、やっと今日のアニメBLEACH観れた!すげぇっ!!オープニングはバトルしっ放しだし 本編も工藤さん作監ですげークオリティだし!ストーリーも個人的には今までのアニメオリジナルシリーズの中 で1番ワクワクしてる。ぴえろさんお疲れ様でした!!

@tite_kubo: "I took a break from my work so I could finally watch today's episode of Bleach! Fantastic...!! In the opening they just kept battling, and since Kudou-san was the animation director of the original story the quality was amazing! As for the story, for me it's the most exciting among the anime original series they made until now. Thank you very much, Pierrot-san!!"

@tite_kubo: 俺にもそう見えたから、多分そうじゃないかな。しかしよく観てるね! RT @Saki10SS: @tite_kubo もの凄い集中して観てたんで、今日のアニメに出てきたおばちゃん、あれは織姫のご近所の新村さんだったんでは…?とか凄い細部にまで喰いついてしまいまし た(笑)

@Saki10SS: "I was paying an incredible amount of attention while watching the anime today... wasn't the woman who appeared in this episode Niimura-san, Orihime's neighbour...? Things like that, you know, I really nibbled on the smallest details." (laugh)
@tite_kubo: "It seemed that way to me too, so I wouldn't say that. Still, you really do pay a lot of attention!"

CHAD!FEST REGALO NEWS! Thanks to everyone who managed to post on bleachness for Chad's birthday even though LJ was being so wonky! The goal of the contest was just to get people to post comments. I happy to announce that the mods have chosen [livejournal.com profile] imlikat as the winner so she gets the Chad plushie and because we didn't get all that many entries (although all the entries we did have were so full of love), we have one other winner, [livejournal.com profile] enychan , and I'm proud to ship her Chad sticker and tattoo all the way to Mexico! Gals, PM me with your addresses!

One last thing--

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Don't know if you've heard yet, but there's gonna be a new OP starting from April 12th.
This time, it's ViViD with a song called "Blue".
I wasn't sure if the person who translated it in the band's community on LJ was right or not so I checked: the band's vocalist's blog confirms it right under the 'Media' section.
I'm not sure what to think but knowing the band's general sound, I bet the new OP's probably gonna be something very almost glittery poppy.
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warning: shipping

The new CD cover for the ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D song for the anime ED that had IchiRuki fans heats a-thumping amuses me. It's a predictably IchiRuki cover alright buuuuut ... well, look:

what's Orihime doing thar? )

The ED was the talk of the fandom--shippy stuffs in Bleach usually are. ( #4 most discussed vid in film/animation Japan and other YouTube stats)

I do wonder if Hime's presence there isn't a deliberate ship tease. No doubt some parts of fandom may read that Ichigo may be looking at Rukia but his heart and the song belong to Orihime XD while the majority will read the cover to read like the famous 4chan post:

Friendzoned )

Meanwhile, Valentine's Day is coming up--think that Sensei will give it a nod? Last year we got that pretty spread of the boys and their chocolates. The year before last we got Rukia's dewy-eyed "beauty of the heart" color page. The official release date for the next chapter in Japan is Feb 14 and so far there's no announcement of a Bleach color page, only that a new manga will have the lead color page, but I'm so hoping for a glimpse of Orihime hard at work making chocolates for the customers in her shoppe! Or do you think we'll get a Riruka love page? XD

Finally, a couple days ago Sensei retweeted a very cute tweet in which a sixth grader (in an earlier post I'd mistakenly identified her as six yrs old) made put in a question to an advice columnist about how to confess. There was a long answer in whichshe was told that she should know what love is before she confesses. Her love was compared to the feeling she has toward favorite foods or the feeling of sunshine.

Anyway, I do think it's interesting that Sensei seems to be considering the nature of love lately. XD As a perennial shipper, it gives me hope for squee material. I found it interesting that Ichigo seemed to realize that he wasn't "in love" with his Shinigami badge, merely "fond" of it--while Riruka, given her girly penchant for LOOOOVING things (and wanting to be "crushed to death," lol, by them) made them into minatures. Surely Ichigo feels more seriously about his Shinigami identity than Riruka feels about his "hotness!" Maybe this is a commentary on how girls can discount and trivialize something as serious as love. If so... *looks at dolly collection and goes ouch* Maybe there's more to Riruka. After all there's more to me than my dolly collection! *glances at Ishida-lookalike hubby* XD

ETA: Shippiness continues. <3 More about the CD from the IR FC at BA. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] melodymix  from infos on the site:

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'Dの新曲は、初のラブソング。ただ一人の女性を守るために、もがき叫ぶ男の心境をストレートに表 現した感動の一曲に仕上がっている。 ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's new song is their first love song ever. The song has been completed into a very emotional piece about a man who is struggling and screaming his emotions out in a very straightforward manner, in order to protect one woman.
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Bleach anime not ending apparently! Sorry to disappoint those of you who had hoped for a hiatus and a refresher! XD

I updated the original post on the matter but here's the basic info:

Rumors Denied. On Twitter, zack_mori (aka as Morita Yosuke, assistant recording director of the Bleach anime) wrote "The airing schedule has been fixed far in advance and it won't be ended soon." His tweet is here

and from [livejournal.com profile] melodymix  here
and ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's blog:

破面篇を読んだ感動そのままに、今回の僕達の曲がクライマックスにぴったりという気持ちを書い たつもりが、
「クール 」という言葉のせいで、誤解を招くような表現になってしまいました。
[Note: Rough Translation]
"After reading the Arrancar Arc I just wrote down my opinion: I intended to say, the climax of the Arc fits perfectly to our song, however due to the use of the word "Cool", it ended up becoming a huge misunderstood situation”
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I'm verklempt!

Among rumors that the Bleach anime was ending or at the very least going hiatus, ROOKiEZisPUNK‘D premiered new music today for a Bleach ED that plays fan nostalgia for all its worth. "Song for..." was billed in a television ad as "a love song for a special woman," but then when the ED premiered it was a Bleach retrospective told from Rukia's point of view. Rukia doesn't appear in the ending--she's a Hell butterfly flitting over a montage of the nakama and mostly Ichigo.

The scene where Ichigo pops Rukia lightly on the forehead KILLED ME DEAD and apparently others watching as well because there was fanart in cyberspace right after the airing.

Scene where he pops her on the forehead:

this really touched me--ouch Ichigo! )

The current OP is my favorite, and while "Echoes" was my favorite of the EDs (the one with the war-weary nakama gathering after the Arrancar battles), this one surpasses it by far. It makes me remember why I love Bleach, and like the chapter "Farewell Swords" now renamed "Bleach My Soul" in the volume, it's a fitting marker for an anniversary.

It's also overwhelmingly IchiRuki. Like I wrote in the IR FC at BA this morning,the montage of images are so wonderful, not only because they are so nostalgic Bleach-wise but because they are from Rukia's POV--and in a wonderful parallel the song and scenes also show us Ichigo's feelings for Rukia. There are three key expressions featured before the gates close: 1) the look on Ichigo's face as he lies helpless on the ground the first time Rukia is taken by Byakuya and Renji to Soul Society 2) the look on Ichigo's face when he stands before the great bird of fire in his most heroic moment in the whole bleach manga to rescue Rukia--a man and no longer a boy and 3) that wistful look of longing and gratitude on his face as Rukia disappears in the last chapter--that moment that marks a relationship's vector point--there's a quiet epiphany here. The anime adds a blush on Ichigo's face in the ED and I'm not that impressed with it--blushes don't equal romance in my book (Renji blushed over Orihime's words in the last anime episode) and peoples' faces get red in cold weather. For me what is more important are the expressions in the characters' eyes when Kubo draws them, and in the case of this ED, the juxtaposition of romantic lyrics, nostalgic scenes, and two characters POVs.

I don't know how anyone can watch this ending and not see a love story, but then again people can read the last panels of "Bleach my Soul" and go okay, okay, move along, nothing to see here, they're just friends, just friends, just GOOD GOOD GOOD CLOSE FRIENDS.

Keep telling yourself that.

Whatever it is to you, in this ED the beauty of the Ichigo and Rukia relationship shines bright as a tear.

Oh and the crack!ep was awesome. So much Ishida goodness. He was an anemic vampire, rotflmao. And I got some IchiIshi love <3 and RenIshi to boot tooooooo! <3

eta: translation by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish  of heartbreaking description (oh dear lord I'm beyond verklempt now--I'm all a fan googly mess!) of the song by ROOKiEZisPUNK‘D (Thanks Syn for infos):

"In (the album) "Complication", dedicated to a girl that has always been by his side, supporting the guy that has been struggling to shine, could be, so to speak a piece of work that was done with all might, as a continuation of "Complication". Is the important thing from this on forth for the both of our lives, to continue this relationship? Or to say goodbye! It is no doubt that in the final season, this will resonate across many couples who are drawing near to this ultimate choice. Warmth and hopelessness, a spectacle and devastation, hope and despair, put together in this work"

This was the band description for "Song for..." here.

ETA:  SGKK translated the lyrics in their subs
You can find them
here. The lyrics include, curiously, Kubo's quote about Rukia's meaning to Ichigo:

I'll pull down the single
ray of light

What's more curious is that it's an old song, never released but only performed at concerts yet it was so fitting.
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From animenewsnetwork: Band blogs About Bleach's Last Season, Deletes Mention.

The ratings were down. There hadn't been talk of a filler and the series was really catching up with the manga. It seems to follow. Maybe this is a break? I was never a big fan of the anime as much as I love Morita-kun and Non-tan and other seiyuu and so many other things about the anime and as much as I'm looking forward to tomorrow's crack!ep about the Halloween spread. Probably too early too mourn and the band just made a mistake but ... hey, it's not unlikely. *prepares self and clutches manga volumes* This happens. Could be temporary. The anime could resume after a hiatus.

ETA: Rumors Denied. On Twitter, zack_mori (aka as Morita Yosuke, assistant recording director of the Bleach anime) wrote "The airing schedule has been fixed far in advance and it won't be ended soon." His tweet is here
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Found by IchiRuki1 at BA.

I got a real kick out of this one. The new scenes look cool. Ichigo walking slowly in the battle in torn clothes looks cool. The animation looks cool. The actual hell gates being the doors to the movie theatre look awesome and the emotional fangirls--lol. I've been all excited since Mezz translated some of the latest spoilers from the early showings of the movie and the discussions of the movie at the IR FC at BA have been lively. Can't wait for the official release and more the wider audience to see and give details. The movie sounds REALLY exciting plot wise.

Also, in this week's anime (the one that ties into the movie), the omake is super cute and relevant to my interests. Artist!Rukia strikes again. XD

For latest spoiler translations
[info]mezzo_marinaio continues to provide at the IR FC at BA. I think I'm going to spazz and cry over the Byakuya goodness of her last post here
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We have new scenes from the Bleach movie Hellverse in this week's anime OP and ED. Wow, the fighting animation looks out of this world from the new sequences we have. I just wow--flipped OUT all over the place from the Ulqui and Ichigo fight. A little disappointed in Hell--it looks gray and mostly smoke, sort of banal but I guess that apropos and easier to landscape in a film.

The OP:

The ED:

Omake (See Rukia make IchiThing appear! ROTFLMAO)

Oh and this screencap from the anime episode is for you, Brad. Thanks to ANNIE. <3

eta: omg, the crack ep: http://www.bleachget.com/watch/504-bleach-episode-298-english-subbed/  I watched the first minute and died--Rukia is in a movie and calls Ichigo "Kurosaki-kun!" ROTFLMAO.
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In the absence of a chapter this week... here is the new Bleach OP. I hope no one minds, and that this is allowed. xD

ETA: And here's the ED, Last Moment by SPYAIR.
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Haha, I've just watched it. Lolarious. It's a dream remake of the Soul Society arc and gave me all sorts of mushy nostalgic feelings. Also ... the ending was clever as hell.

spoiler image )
eta: Ah ha, Sensei is tweeting about how he liked Rukia's costume in the episode--and Urahara's hat! Ah, I love this episode! The animation isn't great, but the concept beats everything and the IshiHime shipper in me just noticed on the third watch that Urio and OrI Mei call one another by their first names and that Ori Mei calls Chigo "Chigo-kun" ROTFLMAO.  Oh there are some really cute gifs by Maskonna from BA here. Please pause the vid in the Urahara's treasure room--HAHAHA, there are some interesting treasures there!

eta2: BWAHAHAHAHAHA, Sensei not responsible for Renji costume travesty! Nacchan translation: "living world members+Yoruichi's outfits were based on my spread, I get to check others too except for Renji's modification" 現世組+夜一は、俺が描いたポスターの衣装を着てるから、デザインっちゃーデザイン。その他は恋次に手直しした以外は殆どチェックのみだよ。 (excuse me while I lol forEVER)
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Stop the presses! Now I've seen it all! I couldn't believe my eyes when the tweet passed before them a few minutes ago but Kubo-sensei watched last week's anime filler scene where Rukia ran past her brother Byakuya and had a moment with Ichigo before he entered the dangai with Captain Unohana, and ...he approved of it. He approved of the filler scene. He called it "beautiful." Color me gobsmacked. Sensei liked a bit of anime that I skimmed over as pure fanservice myself, and it was an IchiRuki eyesmex scene, lol!

Note that there is shippy squee beneath the cut.
First translation by [livejournal.com profile] nacchan_touya :
Kubo-sensei tweeted:  Watching the recorded BLEACH episode, this time the animation was done beautifully. In the anime original Rukia was the one who had the last word and I think the scene is very good, I'm glad because in the original work I haven't got the chance to touch Rukia

(deb's note--this is interesting because now we can all speculate about what it means for Sensei not to have "touched" upon Rukia yet)

eta: Pikeish's translation may explain the above--I hadn't speculated on this at all!


"I've watched the Bleach I telerecorded. This time, the drawing was really beautiful. Even though it was an anime original, I thought it was really nice that the last line was directed towards Rukia. Because in the original work, in relation to the (number of) pages, I didn't get a chance to touch on Rukia.

Post from the IchiRuki FC at BA and translation by Mai Tsukishiro 

Sensei tweets )

This tweet from Sensei strikes me as so significant because he's rarely commented on the anime before, never had an over positive thing to say about it (he's said he understands that it's "different" when many people are working on a project as opposed to one) and when there have been scenes added before such as the healing scene on the dome recently, he was silent on the matter. He's never commented on another scene before.
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I can't help it. I'm so excited about this filler episode based on Kubo-sensei's Arabian spread. It looks like a hoot. It airs next week. Screencaps thanks to Annie and gif thanks to Amy Core. YES IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL INDEED HAVE SHIRTLESS CHAD! <3

Images )
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Thanks to Annie for this pic, a general Bleach ad that shows a bit of a spoiler from the upcoming episode that animates Kubo's Arabian spread. It seems that Renji DID NOT get the outfit he was wearing in the original spread. He got ... um ... something altogether different. Upper left.

Oh dear, does Perriot really hate Renji )
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Some of you may have heard that the next batch of anime filler is going to be based on Kubo-sensei's manga color spreads. The first one up is the Arabian spread. A summary is already out--it's an Aladdin's Lamp theme, and I was laughing all day at comments about the episode in fandom but I really lost when I read Mezzo's post a while ago and had to share it with you. It's got all the vital information about the episode in the post so here ya go:

A whole anime episode with shirtless Chad!
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I have been waiting for someone to post on this episode...or maybe I got over eager. My first entry here and do forgive ignorance on certain things. Hope Deb won't mind...

After the fiasco of the previous episode with Ishida's hand intact, I was quite apprehensive about Ulquiorra's final episode but aarrrggghh, talk about gut wrenching. I love this espada and its sad that he is now gone from the anime too...*wails*
I nearly cried in the manga...and I can't speak about my current reaction. But good job Morita and Daisuke...
Loved it? Hated it? Cried over it? What did you think?

PS: will edit later
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I'm surprised no one's made a post yet. I've had a lot of reactions, outraged and delighted, in the past couple weeks, but from the streaming raws this morning I'm just weary and disappointed once and for all.  Ulquiorra's transformations were what I was looking forward to for a whole year and they're over, and while we have Daisuke Namikawa reciting the Lust poem in this week's preview (sexy, sexy--I guess that clarifies that he was the speaker of his own volume poem for any hold-outs who were still arguing to the contrary), I don't think I can watch next week's episode. My Ishida wasn't probably mutilated, you see. *cries*  Studio Perriot did get his hand dirty, though. A Quincy with a dirty hand is going to look so noble in his lunge to catch a monster-reiatsu-blown Orihime and in stopping that beast with his UNdirty hand while making a quiet plea for his nakama's humanity.

They got Ishida's hand dirty )

Eh, I'm not going to get into the plot variations. Loly was OOC and this week's episode took perilous gambles with the manga sequence of events. Animation has been spotty throughout, ranging as usual in Bleach from bad to great, but the Ulquiorra bits have been good for the most part so as an Ulquiorra fan I've been about mostly happy. As a hardcore Ishida fan, I'm a very unhappy camper this morning.

Your opinions?


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