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Hold on, hold on! I know some of you will haaate the banner, because well, either you dislike Yuki and are wondering what he has to do with Bleach or you just don’t like the gloomy look of the graphic, but hear me out. I chose the banner. I love the banner. I entrusted [livejournal.com profile] yorleni and her wonderful talent to make this banner, and for me ---ahhh-- *kisses fingers*---the foreboding final arc of Bleach is all here. Ichigo, the mentor but his face in shadow and half-hollowed, and the new generation (yeah, that kid upon whose appearance audiences groaned “not ANOTHER new character) is wide-eyed and vulnerable. I’m scared—aren’t you? If the last arc was all emo Ichi (last banner ) then this one is the final bloodbath….

Any time now with that invasion of SS, Sensei. You promised a Seireitei in ruins and judging from the last stupid [livejournal.com profile] bleachness poll, many are on to your teasing ways and there are claims of Battered Reader Syndrome.

The readers literally want BLOOD.

But will they get it? The bloodbath, mean. This is the last arc and anything can happen, right?

Not really. This is a formula genre we’re in, and we’re talking Bleach—a manga whose style we’ve grown familiar with over 10 years now. I’d say it’s fair to expect SOME death but not too much—this is Kubo and it hurts him as much to kill off a character with real finality as it does to say no to a cupcake. As final as they were, Gin’s death, Ginjou’s death, even Sasakibe’s weren’t shockers. We’re past the days when Sensei can fool audiences into believing Rukia is lying dead in the ice…or are we? Maybe not if fandom was so quick to buy Ukitake as the final villain.

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I drew stuffs!   A holiday Orihime (I like timeskip!Orihime in the manga but her hairpins are there in this pic because Orihime without her hairpins makes me nervous. She's happier with them I think. I want them back in her hair again! ) and an shoujo IchiRuki (for Annie and the current IR FC Christmas Wedding challenge).

Holiday Hime DA link

Wedding Night for annie

Big images under the cuts (bc I took the full size from DA and am too tired from drawing to resize at the moment)

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More Mezzo translations! We had Oririn comment about Rukia a couple entries ago and this time [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio translated Yuki's words about Orihime's role in the movie. Frankly, I was happy with what I'd heard about Orihime's role but Yuki's words made me wince a little, but then again, I've never really liked her take on Orihime. At least one person on 2ch said Yuki made Orihime look bad.

Yuki speaks ) eta: more viewer reviews of movie from nacchan at the IchiRuki FC (naturally with an IchiRuki bent) and a photo from poppy_moon's blog of really cute cut-outs promoting movie during tour of Ichigo and Rukia HERE


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