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I have another stupid cold & fever atm so I hope I don't type anything too stupid. Please remember that the deadline for the IchiIshi fic contest is coming up. [Poll #1814964]

Expand your speculations as to what's up next in Bleach in the comments. I know you wanna. As for me, I'm still excited about all the neon lights the Arrancar got in last week's Jump.
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Oh, again, changes coming w/[livejournal.com profile] bleachness in February. Posting access, Dreamwidth move, that sort of thing. I'll be sure to make any new rules as clear as possible.
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Hello~ hope this is okay, but opening the fanworks weekend posting to pimp out a new Ulquihime community and a contest going on!

[livejournal.com profile] ulori_erotica is a mature UH community for mature works to be posted (members locked as well) and in start of it, there will be a Ulquihime pronzfest (read here for details UH pronzfest details)ending on October 31st, the prizes are Unmasked.

And there is a Drabble/art comm as well [livejournal.com profile] ulquihime100.

As well there is a new DA club for Orihime that is just for her, no pairings allowed if you just want Orihime art: Six-Flowers

and here is IR art from [livejournal.com profile] rusky_boz: IchiRuki: A Series of Misunderstandings
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Been so long since Bleach had a WSJ cover. Ichigo as usual. Tsukishima--is he being set up to be the villain or what? And... Ulquiorra!

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Scanned by Mz D at BleachAsylum Original Post

Images and translated script under cut

Edit: changed the part about "tsukanu" as a Japanese friend pointed it out to me.

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The Jump Shop, Tokyo Station renovation includes this Bleach scene on their new wall: http://twitpic.com/5344xp
(It's the only Bleach scene featured)

The novel in UnMasked will be about .... Yammi's dog! The novel, approved by Kubo and featuring his illustrations like previous Bleach novels, will be by Matsubara Makoto. It is separate from the new Bleach chapter in UnMasked which is art by Kubo-sensei about Ulquiorra and appears from the panels in the ad we've seen to cover Ulquiorra's backstory.  From this post at BA, czel's translation from the Chinese from spoilers in Japanese on 2ch by Ohana:

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As I wrote at BA about the Ulquiorra backstory and is he or isn't coming back in the manga stuff that people seem to be discussing again...

Meh, the way I'm looking at this backstory now is that it's as canon as chapters 00 which were introduced in the databooks instead of WSJ. They're chapters today that readers regard as THE manga, no more or less than Hitsugaya's backstory--they were given numbers even. I'll bet you this Ulquiorra chapter (it's being called a "CHAPTER" even) will be given a number, so it has to be considered part of the manga.

So, does Kubo telling Ulquiorra's backstory now mean Ulqui's done for? Could be. Or does Kubo telling Ulquiorra's backstory now mean he's setting the stage for more story? That could be too.

I happen to believe in the latter, but then I've always believed in Ulquiorra's return for reasons more than "he needs a backstory." I believe he's got a future in Bleach (one non-shipping reason: he needs to throw his lanza del Relampago successfully)


breaking news--
I was disappointed in the UnMasked cover to be honest--I thought it looked rather plain but now I hear that the ad says that there will be a "gimmick" to the cover. I wonder if it's a holograph.. or one of those things where if you tilt the cover in the light, you'll see Ulqui naked... LOL or at least unmasked.
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I really should be sitting on this news since I only have one source but it's a HIGHLY RELIABLE ONE. I couldn't contain myself.

Breaking news, credit to poppy_moon and as always, Annie:

The cover for Unmasked is ULQUIORRA. Sensei has drawn pictures of the Arrancar without their masks. There will be a spread, a BLEACH horoscope and a BLEACH quiz. The novel will be telling the continuation story of a character but we don't know which character.

Also, Ginjou is the cover for Volume 50

eta: TRANSLATION BY CEZARIA: According to the ad, there will be a never-before-published manga drawn by Kubo that tells the story of "What is it that Ulquiorra's looking at?"
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So late with this one but I started it then got siiiiiick for like a month. In response to the lovely UlquiHime Kink Meme here is a short fic. Sex. Rated R. UlquiHime of course. Some Ichigo mentions. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nehalenia  for the quick beta. Go peoples to the kink meme and revive it--it doesn't quit until you stop fulfilling requests.

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sexy beast

Mar. 11th, 2011 08:42 am
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I hope [info]_debbiechan_  don't mind if i post this info because i can't stop drooling them :P

Original info post from
keelerleah@BA :3
" These images being used by GE Animation for new Bleach body pillows. These images being used by GE Animation for new Bleach body pillows. "
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[x] Do not claim as your own
[x] Do not alter in any way
[x] For better quality, save as PNG

All scans (save manga) found on minitokyo.net.  Icons #9 and 11 were colored by me. (Not as if #11 had much to color). Enjoy!

At my journal
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Oh , I just finished to watch episode 272...and all I can think is "I still love Ulquiorra Schiffer, best character ♥" .
So , I coloured a manga panel and did some icons. Hope you like them.

here @ veralya
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Yeah, so late for the party, well at least I saved myself from a Zero Obscuras x_D

But here is my little take about Ulquiorra. As always I throw symbolism into the picture, he gives me room for that since his character has that melancholic traits that are so loved for me x3 Well, my first serious attend to draw Ulquiorra *^^*

Follow the fake cut~

(La Luz que me ilumina)

Like an extra, a Chibi Ulqui Segunda Etapa inspired by an awesome fic "Reading between Lines" by Vesperh *_* (I post this in my other account xP)

(Chibi Ulqui likes Marlboro xD)

Btw you can read the fic here, Ulquiorra appears and it's so much fun to read *_*


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The world is but a canvas to our imagination. It is the air of the mind. You can create a world and do everything you want with creative imagination. You can make strange, unique or utterly bizzare things. You've got the whole world in the palm of your hands and feel free to twist and turn it the way you want to. The mind is an interesting place and you may surprised at what you can think off if you Color the Imagination.

Color the Imagination is a set of three wallpapers that I totally came up with that was inspired by the fireworks I've watched last 2 weeks ago. It's amazing how fireworks lit up the night sky, bringing wonderful and amazing colors. It wasn't my first time watching fireworks, but it gave me the sense of creativity at that point. Seeing those fireworks up there made me think that the sky is one big canvass. So, I had the urge to create wallpapers.

Click on it to be redirected to the bigger version... ^_^
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Title: "The Man, The Emperor, The God"
Artist: Me
Spoiler warning: Resurreccion form.

Micron inks, pencil shading and color for the eyes, I hate my scanner!


Deviantart link again because the fullsize image is huge (click download).

Picture is based on my impressions from seeing Ulquiorra's three forms the first time and impressions based on the evolution of his character.

I do have another experimental painting WIP but I can't guarantee I will get it done.

*raises palm* I solemnly swear, I will try my hardest NOT to Rule34 this.
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Title: Rewind
Character(s): Ulquiorra/Orihime
Genre: Angst/Romance
Status: Complete (one-shot collection)
Rated: T
Summary: The sun has finally come, ending his midnight now and forever. Happy Birthday, Ulquiorra!!

Our life is a midnight cabaret, our faces opera masks.


Dec. 1st, 2010 11:54 am
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For Ulquiorra's birthday bash!
Fanart :3 ) Cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] ulqui_hime and [livejournal.com profile] ulquiorra_fc
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Oh happy first official birthday Ulquiorra (forgot to say that earlier today--don't cero me! D:)

from Ichiruki1 at BA, a t.v. special about Hellverse. Some movie footage we've seen from the CMs--Morita-kun (he so sexy), Yuki Tsubaki Ayana (never seen her look more some chick who LOOKs kinda like Orihime--she's wearing thigh highs, has died her hair and has a Orihime flower in it) and the TM Revolution guy. Messages from Sensei in the third part--the reactions are cute.


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Hello there fellow Bleach fans and especially Ulquiorra fans.

Now that we know our beloved Ulquiorra's birthday, it is only right that we celebrate in style. So, I am holding the first annual "Ulquiorra's Birthday Bash Giveaway" - a week long celebration starting on December 1st. It will also be merged with the [livejournal.com profile] ulqui_hime community here on LJ and the Ulquihime FC on Bleach Asylum, for the shippers. (Shipping fanart will be posted on the last day of the celebration).

The rules can be found on BA, here: http://bleachasylum.com/threads/14721-Real-Men-Drink-Tea-Ulquiorra-Cifer-FC-%28v9%29?p=2612869&viewfull=1#post2612869.

If you are not a member of BA or any Ulquihime/Ulquiorra comms on LJ, feel free to post any fan stuff you have here on Bleachness and if you allow it, I will cross post it in the Ulquiorra FC.

If you have further questions, ask here or PM me through LJ.
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He's seen the whole thing! And Kubo-sensei tweeted about it today! A treat for the fanboys it seems! And I'm so looking forward to the animation! (Ishida!Ishida!Ishida in a mooooovie! *spazzes*)

Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :


“I’ve retuuuurned! The movie was amazing! To be brief, it was aaaaaaal action!”

全編アクションって言っても、大抵のアクション映画ってアクション部分て半分くらいだったりするけど、今回の映画はまじでアクションじゃないシー ンが10分とか15分くらいしかありません。しかもアクションのクオリティが高い高い。アニメスタッフさんの苦労は尋常じゃなかったと思います。

“Though action movies are generally labelled like that, the action parts usually span about half of the movie… in this movie, though, the scenes that couldn’t be labelled ‘action’ must have been about 10-15 minutes at the most. Furthermore, the action quality was high, high. I think that the anime staff must have had some unusual trouble for this one.”


“At the beginning of the movie, there is a battle scene between Ichigo and Ulquiorra – which is basically a remake of their canon battle; it’s just a few minutes long, but I think those few minutes reached a level of perfection. The people who have even just a little interest in either Ichigo or Ulquiorra should definitely watch it.”

@norider1965 とんでもない!今回の映画は絵の力がものすごく大きいです!自分のやれたことなんてごくわずか。本当に、スタッフさん一人一人にお礼を言いたいくらいです。

“No way! This time, the movie had earth-shatteringly beautiful drawings! There is little to any difference with my own drawings. I’d really like to thank the movie staff one by one.”


“And then, what particularly impressed me this time was that they drew Ichigo – who is very hard to draw – very well, and made him cool-looking for the entire time. I was really happy about that. All the more because this time, Ichigo was set firmly at the centre of the story.”

ストーリー的には、これまでのBLEACHの映画って、BLEACHらしさはあるけど正直ジャンプっぽさは薄かったと思うんです。それが今回は BLEACH らしさをしっかり持ちつつも、いかにもジャンプ映画らしいストーリーと演出で、子供の頃にジャンプ映画を観た時のような気持ちになれました。

“Story-wise, I think that the Bleach movies up until now gave off a Bleach-like feeling, but their Jump-like essence was very sparse. This time, however – while the movie is firmly grounded in the spirit of Bleach – the story produced really gives off a feeling of being a typical Jump movie… so I was able to return to the emotions I felt when I saw Jump movies in my childhood.”

On another note, the merchandising for this movie is out of this world. I've found myself lusting for cork coasters and buttons and mousepads like never before, but ohhh I really really REALLY WANT THIS.

And don't forget:

THE DAY TO POST ENTRIES IN THE ISHIDA AND ORIHIME FANWORKS CONTEST IS TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 19.  See HERE for the original post. Please remember to put as the subject heading for your post THE TITLE OF WORK and its CATEGORY (FANART OR FANFIC). Please remember to tag your post ISHIHIME BIRTHDAY CONTEST.

You can start posting entries at Midnight CST, I suppose--I'm not strict. I do hope we get some entries even though some of you have said you're behind and will post later. Last night my daughter found my stash of pumpkin Pocky I was saving to send out with prizes this year and ATE IT ALL, LOL but I managed to deep-hide the Japanese milk caramels! In any event, I hope the new Bleach arc will inspire more fanworks all year long, not just for this contest, and that you won't need candies for incentives! I just like to throw candies into the air on my bday is all!

Oh wow, next week will be such a Thanksgiving treat--two Bleach chapters, a color page, the special freaky filler anime episode with kinky!maid Rukia and movie costume designer!Ishida and then news of the movie! Can 2011 be even better?!!
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A few things in this post but first a reminder--

THE DAY TO POST ENTRIES IN THE ISHIDA AND ORIHIME FANWORKS CONTEST IS THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19.  See HERE for the original post. Please remember to put as the subject heading for your post THE TITLE OF WORK and its CATEGORY (FANART OR FANFIC). Please remember to tag your post ISHIHIME BIRTHDAY CONTEST.

contest banner with infos )

Thank you all who participate and who indulge my Ishida (and IshiHime) love this time of year. I'm so excited about the pair being back in the manga and hoping for more interaction between them.

Oh, here's a little treat. The BLEACH CONCEPT COVERS cd is out (the one where Bleach seiyuu sing Bleach OPs--oh my!)and there are chibis! (thanks to Annie for finding)

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Some of you were wondering about the Bleach spine drawings and I know I missed posting a couple here. The more recent ones are compiled here in this post at BA by Zangetsu.

Have you gotten your hot Bleach mens calendar yet? It's the one I didn't order (I got the historical figures anime calendar and the honeymoon spread comic calendar). [livejournal.com profile] pirottesse  sent me a PM with pics of some of the guys you may not have seen. Niiii-sama <3 I'm not a big GJ fan but he is looking pretty hawt there:

anime calendar pin up boys )
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Hi! I come bearing gifts I'd like to share, a painting I did of Ulquiorra and Orihime.
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