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Check 'em out! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

I really REALLY need a new pair and had my heart set on the red-framed Homura glasses from Madoka until I saw Ishida's! I know you can get these fitted with prescription lenses but are the frames one-size fits all? Can you order different sized frames? I hope I can get some Ishida glasses for Hanukah maybe.  Even if there's only one size averaged to the typical Asian face, my face is small so I think I'm probably good ordering a pair--gosh I really want Ishida glasses although haha, the Kenpachi ones look kinda cool too. As much as I love Rukia, her lavender glasses just aren't my style.

Oh! A tweet from Sensei translated by verduistering at the Ishida FC at  deathberry here

10h  久保 帯人 ‏@tite_kubo

おっ、これ発表になったのか。雨竜のやつ監修しました。原作でかけてる形です。RT @brwakame: @tite_kubo キクチメガネさんのHPで第二弾のメガネのデザインが出てましたvv かっこいいです! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

Oh, have they been announced? I supervised Uryuu’s design. It’s designed after the glasses he wears in the manga. RT @brwakame: @tite_kubo: On Kikuchi-Megane’s homepage the new glasses designs have been released. Cool! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

Kubo's supervising these glasses makes them a must-have!!!
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From deathberry of course, your source for the latest and most accurate Bleachy stuffs lately.

From [livejournal.com profile] pikeish here:

Cute tweet from Kudo Masashi (animation director of now deceased Bleach anime) on what he thinks when drawing Rukia.

A fan has tweeted him about what his opinion on Orihime's chest is and he replied with "Big", then another fan tweeted him asking what he thought on Rukia's? This was his answer:



Small. I think it is more like I consider her body's general petiteness when drawing her. Like, in contrast to Ichigo. In the skating episode (342), I've struggled with the representation of the difference in the size of their hands.

Fans always did compare Rukia's height with Ichigo's, like how before the time-skip, it was exactly a foot difference. It's cute how Kudo's mind also went into comparing her height in contrast to Ichigo, and even for that detail with the size of their hands in the Date episode.

Also Kudo-san did give a brief response about Riruka's breasts.

Earlier in the week, Kubo-sensei himself had tweeted something funny in response to a fan questioning if Rukia was a boy. Here is the tweet translated by nacchan here:

Fan : Rukia is a girl isn't she?
Kubo : You need to ask? / What are you trying to confirm?

The tweet was a while ago but I'm still laughing--probably because I've heard so many Ruka=Hanatarou, Rukia=androgynous, Rukia=man comments in fandom lately. Usually Sensei takes the high road and doesn't address the crap he gets on a daily basis but I'm amused he chose to answer this dumbass tweet.
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It's officially Ishida Uryuu's birthday, Tokyo time and nightfall where I am so I'll be opening up the Birthday Contest 2011 (DETAILS FOR ENTERING HERE) soon with some entries that were forwarded to me by people who wouldn't be able to post for themselves.

First, I wanted to show you what Kubo tweeted today! Marley tweeted him in English first and he responded in kind (he's doing that more lately--so polite--and his English is really very good!)

La_IV Marley
@tite_kubo Oh! Happy birthday to Ishida! You must be proud of all your children ♥

and Sensei replied:

tite_kubo 久保 帯人
@La_IV Thank you! I always proud of my children and all my fans.

And I think that Ishida getting a new bow constitutes a birthday present
since that chapter was released for his birthday week--it came out on
Monday Oct 31 and was for the whole week through this Monday including Uryuu's birthday!

I do hope we see Ishida in the next chapter though--in any event, we'll see him soon enough!

Happy Birthday Ishida Uryuu! What a big boy you've grown to be! So handsome and accomplished! We're ALL so proud of you!
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GOOD MORNING! I've got goodies.  Cel scans from the anime, a (small) Kubo drawing of Ichigo, an IchiRuki tweet from zack_mori. Thanks to Jordi for the first goodie and to Annie, Nacchan, Ku and Mel for the second and third goodies.

Read more... )
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Credits to Poppy_Moon for scans (looooove to you Ku) and Annie and the IchiRuki FC at BA who continues to lead the fandom in providing infos. You will find the scans to this adorable Karaburi in which Ichigo forgives Rukia for being missing for so long and Rukia teases "さあ!助けに来い!一護!」 ---> "NAO SAVE ME ICHIGO!" *smug face* HERE

[livejournal.com profile] pikeish translation for the pages is this:

Rukia "Bleach's recap book is coming out!? I see!"

Rukia "So.. what is a recap book?"

Ichigo "To make it easier for the people who haven't read it yet, it is something that recaps the stories told till now, also adding some omakes, which are compiled as a book!" (Go say "I see!" once you understand)

Ichigo "You see it being sold in convenience stores right?"
Rukia "What! Recapping the stories up to this point!?"

Rukia "This is terrible! This can't go on like this!!"
Ichigo "Ah?"
Rukia "Nii sama! Nii sama---------!!"

Rukia "So with this reason, please apprehend me once more!"
Byakuya "Okay"

Renji "ICHIGOH! We're enemies again from today!! I even got the old goggles/sunglasses! Even though it's just a rental!"

(Speech bubble riot XD)
Ishida "If it's about a rival, it is me before you!"
Renji "Don't butt in white glasses!"
Ishida "Glasses aren't white! Correct yourself/get your facts straight!"
Inoue "I have to go borrow the old room again"
Urahara "Hm, it's bothersome to train once again"
"Who is going to do Grand Fisher and such!?"
"Let's ask Komamura Taichou to wear a headgear and do it!"
"Who's going to ask!! I don't mind doing it!!"
Yuzu "So many guests in Brother's room!"
Kenpachi "ICHIGO!! Is it true we can have another go?"
Kanonji "Wha- wha- what are YOU doing!?"

Rukia "Now. Come and save me, Ichigo!"

Ichigo "It's gonna begin..."

HERE'S A LINK to a crunchyroll article where you can see the cover of the first anthology and get some infos. There's been a misconception in fandom that there are going to be reprints of Colorful Bleach the fandom has seen before in these volumes but that's... not the case. There's going to be new stuff plus the pull out poster of the Jump spines.

Nacchan on Ichigo and Rukia character profile pages and double-meanings

Sensei's message (translation by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish from here): Sensei's message for this chapter (460) says he's accomplished to be able to do this chapter for the anniversary issue. So much for fanservice.

"10th year (anniversary). In the commemorative issue, I was able to place a commemorative chapter. Please look out for Ichigo and the gang a little while longer"
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[livejournal.com profile] melodymix  spied an interesting tweet from Sensei yesterday that I couldn't help get excited about. It seems that Kubo showed an upcoming chapter to a higher-up who was "captivated."

From here, Mel says: Kubo just tweeted on his twitter account


Got a reply from my Tantou (A term referring to a person in charge) who I sent the name (rough draft of the up-coming chapter) to saying "I was captivated!".

Hell, it could be anything right? Some eyesmex between Ginjou and Tsukishima? I expect some exposition from Urahara. Also, Ichigo and Rukia haven't exchanged words yet....

Quoth a friend, “My dictionary also renders うっとり as 'to be transported', 'entranced', and 'spellbound'. This is apparently one hell of a chapter. XD”

There's more from Annie about the Harajuku Event. Follow this LINK and you'll see more of what was on display there as well as some scans of the really cute comic featuring chibi Ichigo and Rukia that was featured in Saikyou Jump. (Thank you for the scan to poppy_moon) Apparently, one of Rukia's arts gets to be featured in a gallery display!

You can find larger pics of some Harajuku Ichigo pics from maxcora at BA HERE

Minerva has some LINKS to blogs w/more pics from the event, including some rather uninspiring t-shirts (imv) that were on sale, a nice pic of IchiThing going RAWR and the sketchy recent color page of Chad from this year’s arc on display.  It must have been a real thrill to see the art close-up. I'm so envious. I can make my own Kon curry but I will never get a chance to see Kubo's copic strokes that close. *sob*

Now that all the flailing about the recent chapter has quieted a bit (well, except for fanbois and shippers who run on RAEG), I offer my humble synopsis of The Lost Agent Arc. It's not over, no, by no means, but looking back over early blog entries (as have others--this week I've been getting comments to entries I made when this arc started) I see I predicted some stuff dead wrong but got 1) Ginjou is bad guy and 2) Ichigo's powers will return with Rukia.

That's what the arc was about--Mugetsu, the absence of the moon. Ichigo's powers being hidden and Rukia, whose absence was made tangible by so many teases from Sensei (the dream, Ichigo's denying he missed her, the cryptic voice from the badge, the hidden face in the colored mysterygami panels) and how those powers, almost embodied as a kind of esoteric knowledge, come and go with one person in this story. Kubo begins the new 10 years the way he started the first 10 years--with a human boy being pierced with a supernatural power by a tiny death goddess.

For all the criticism about how the nakama got nerfed in this arc, I say their stories are wide open. We have yet to see Chad's fullbring and what it LOOKS like let alone what it can do; we were only given a hint of how Orihime can use her fairies in combinations, and we didn't even see Ishida FIGHT (we saw him fall, prettily, alas, my fellow Ishida fans, but the boy has more panel time a-comin' I swear to you). This arc may have lingered on the nakama somewhat but it was a training arc after all.

A training arc for sure but in reverse. Instead of a hero gaining powers bit by bit, it showed a hero losing trust bit by bit. And losing his friends. Ichigo did learn a lesson, though. The idea that he put forth in the VERY beginning of the manga, what he told us the audience that all he wanted was to not see spirits and to live a normal human life NO LONGER HELD.

Or, going by chapters 00, it was a lie. Ichigo has always wanted the power to protect. And this arc proved to him that he wanted to be a shinigami. Hmm, what other lie did Ichigo tell in this arc? He told Keigo that he didn't miss Rukia. I wonder if he'll get around to that he doesn't miss her--and I wonder how he'll do that. :fu

See ya next time. I'm really REALLY hoping the color page coming is nakama-centered but my heart is telling me it's going to be IchiRuki. I want nakama. As long as its not another one featuring the fullbringers (I love Riruka and Yukio amd especially my lanky friend Tsukishima but enough, I miss those nakama spreads)


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translations by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio 

Latest Bleach tweets from Sensei. He's recommending the anime to those who were shocked by the absence of IchiRuki's farewell scene from the anime, LOL. Apparently the "Bleach My Soul" scene meets with his approval?


"The check up of the scenario for the final episode of the Invading Army arc and for the first episode of the new arc is finished. It gives me a good feeling."

侵軍篇最終話は、侵軍篇から原作の破面篇最終話のラストシーンへとリンクする内容なんですが、これが良くで きてます。アニメを観て、一護とルキアの別れのシーンが無かった事にショックを受けた人、楽しみにしてて下 さい。納得のいく繋がり方になっているんじゃないかと思います。

"In the final episode of the Invading Army arc, we cut from that arc to content linked with the final scene of the last chapter in the original Arrancar arc... but it's done very well. Everyone who was shocked at the absence of Ichigo and Rukia's farewell scene, please watch the anime and enjoy yourself. I thought, well, weren't they tied together quite satisfactorily?"

最近、アニメ新章絡みの仕事が楽しいから、ツイートの内容が結構ちゃんと漫画家らしくなってる 気がする。

"Recently, since the work involved with the new arc in the anime is so fun, I feel like the contents of my tweets are becoming somewhat more proper and mangaka-like."

and earlier, because I thought this was adorable--Sensei tweeted about KiKi's Delivery Service, a movie I love, and while it may not be relevant at all to Ichigo's current situation, Sensei's thoughts about adults relationship to kids interested me:


I missed 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.


In 'Kiki's Delivery Service', my favourite scene is the one when that odious child says that he doesn't need his grandma's herring pie, because it's so awful... should I ever have children of my own, I'd like to show them this movie while they're little for that scene alone.

沢山の子に訊いてインパクトある20人を抽出したんだろうけど、それにしても面白い。 そして、子供の時分に「自分は愛されてる」と確信できてるってのは、とても幸せで、大切なことなんだなぁ、と再確認した。周りの大人がしっかり大人になっ ていないと、その確信もおかしなものになってしまうけど。

I guess they probably asked many kids, and then took a sample of 20 people with some impact... but still. It's interesting. Besides, when you're a child, being able to have confidence in the fact that you're loved is an important thing, it makes you happy... I can reconfirm that. But if the adults near you don't become reliable adults, that confidence also becomes an odd thing.


Somehow or other, even though I should have missed it, I'm dragging out the sentimentality of 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.

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[Poll #1753768]

And something else sort of interesting from Sensei's twitter that I was reluctant to post because he was rather vague and I thought there might be over-interpretation. What I gathered from the tweets was that Sensei was having ... uh .. a kinda artistic late night pondering and state of defiance over something. When questioned by fans "you're not talking about Bleach are you?" he claimed to be talking about music, lol, but said that his opinions about manga were the same. And he said that he's just trying to sort out his thoughts on Twitter and to read his thoughts with that in mind.

Kubo says )
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Feel better about the new arc yet? Have the pacing and storyline of the last two chapters won you over?

Looks to me like Sensei’s done his homework and pushed the pace like he said he would. Reader feedback and dire numbers and less than spectacular sales seem to be putting the pressure on to keep Bleach a success story.

WSJ rankings usually don’t get a lot of discussion but lately the Bleach Asylum thread for the WSJ rankings has been alive and kicking. People have been concerned about Bleach’s dropping popularity, and we discussed the matter here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  after I posted a new arc poll a couple weeks ago.

According to czeliate and others who follow 2ch, the Japanese have redubbed this arc "the lost agent arc" to be "the lost reader arc" (読者消失篇)--> meaning, an arc that losing the readers

The WSJ rankings, which are determined by reader feedback and editorial decision both, tell the story the most dramatically--ever since the current arc began, Bleach has had to struggle to win favor.

The link to that WSJ graph of the Big Three I posted weeks ago got lost, but I saved it when it was reposted at BA this time and uploaded it to my own LJ scrapbook. As you can see below, Bleach’s ratings have been ALL OVER. It hasn’t rated as high (2nd) since the end of the Arrancar Arc with the “Bleach My Soul” chapter. It rated low as 13th last week (for the Orihime vs Tsukishima face off) . The Valentine’s issue when Ichigo got his fullbring hubcab power was a healthy 5th place ranking.

Posted here by tatai who credits Tarouch for the graph:


Now, something of interest to those who follow Kubo-sensei's interviews and Twitter remarks and like to discuss his authorial intent and/or his responses to reader feedback and how audiences effect his work. A couple of his tweets this week interested me. [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio  translated. From the sound of things (and I realize I'm a fangirl), Sensei sounds endearingly insecure about feedback. Ah, if I only had a nickle for every artist I've sat up nights with talking about his or her perceived lack of talent. But from these vague statements, I also get the idea that idea that while Sensei doesn't like to hear judgements about his work, he's open to suggestions that include constructive criticism, that value judgements aren't worthwhile unless they include some help or encouragement on how to improve.

Anyway, judge for yourself:


When I talk about something and my tone doesn't imply the question 'Do you like it, do you hate it?', but instead something like 'Is it good, or is it bad?', hearing responses such as 'That's dull', or 'That's not pretty' - things that don't really present me with an alternate plan of the 'If it were me I'd do this' variety - makes me feel really dejected... even if those responses come from my friends. Like a certain writing style, or a certain design.


Since not immediately presenting me with an alternate plan in those moments is akin to saying 'I have no talent, but so what?'... well, you know. Inside myself I get dejected at that kind of attitude. Obviously.


Well, it's not as if I like the idea of talking about something with a tone of 'Is it good, or is it bad?' in the first place.
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Kubo-sensei tweeted the cutest stuff about being at a cocktail party the other day and mentioned how he doesn't know how he comes up with his characters. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :

新人さんの居る飲み会に行くと必ず「どうやってキャラを作ってるんですか?」と訊かれるんだけど、上手く答 えられた試しが無い。自分でもどうやって作ってるかよく分かってないからだ。ていうか、話を聞くとパターン にハメてキャラを作ってる人が多くて驚く。そんな器用なこと俺にはできん。

Whenever I go to a drinking party and meet some new faces, without fail I'm asked "How do you create your characters?"... but there hasn't been a single instance where I was able to answer that question skillfully. That's because I myself don't understand exactly how I create them. I mean, I've heard stories... and I'm surprised that there are so many people who fall right into a pattern while creating their characters. I can't do things that skillfully.

キャラは「なんか知らないけど、いつのまにかできてる」ってのが1番正確な表現だと思うんだけど、それ言っ ても大体「??」みたいな顔をされるので、なんかそれっぽい、納得できそうな、漫画家っぽいことを言って、 毎度言い逃れてる。すまん、みんな。

On the subject of characters... I think the most accurate representation would be if I answered "I don't really understand it myself... but before I know it, they've been created". However, even with an answer like that I get "??" faces as a response. So I say something similar to that, something that would be more understandable - you know, some sort of mangaka answer. And each time, I say that and run away. Sorry, everyone.
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Studio Perriot and I are re-evaluating our relationship. It has always been a shallow one but it lasted so many years and holds so many memories. I hereby announce that reconciliation papers have been drawn. SP's conciliatory gestures (i.e. fanservice) had been met with suspicion in the past but a new filler arc began and my curiosity could not be checked--

I have to say I'm not holding out a lot of hope to see much of my fave character Ishida or a strong nakama presence in this arc but the IshiIchi ED totally won me over (was Ichigo Ishida's "ray of light" there or WHAT? My IchiIshi friends and I are still replaying that ED over and over and over) and surprise! I actually enjoyed the episode! If the animation quality stays good, I'm looking forward to the fights (my Koma-chan! <3) and maybe I can coast with this filler like I did with the zanpakutou arc, which was an inoffensive enough diversion for me.

I'm already dreading the IchiRuki fanservice, to be honest (I love Kubo's wistful, subtle IchiRuki--SP's seems heavy-handed in comparison) but I have to approach the anime like fanfic--with a measure of suspension of disbelief and separation from Kubo's reality. The stand-alone eps  leading to this filler arc, from what I gathered (I peeked at one and saw screencaps of others) were just awful, but hey I'm game for an actual story and SP has as fair a track record as any fic writer I know plus lots of shinies and background music. Spoilers for upcoming eps under cut.

spoilers )

Some translations from Kubo's twitter yesterday regarding the airing of the first ep of new arc. Translations by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio 

おっ、宣伝ありがと!ちゃんと自分のことも書いとかないとね(笑)。 RT @HitterNumber8: @tite_kubo 先生お休みなさいですー。明日はアニメBLEACH新章スタート、OP&EDも楽しみですv

@HitterNumber8: "Goodnight, sensei... I'm looking forward to the start of a new Bleach chapter in the anime, and to the opening and ending as well."
@tite_kubo: "Ooh, thank you for the publicity! I should make sure to write about my own work too, right?" (laugh)

原稿が一段落して、やっと今日のアニメBLEACH観れた!すげぇっ!!オープニングはバトルしっ放しだし 本編も工藤さん作監ですげークオリティだし!ストーリーも個人的には今までのアニメオリジナルシリーズの中 で1番ワクワクしてる。ぴえろさんお疲れ様でした!!

@tite_kubo: "I took a break from my work so I could finally watch today's episode of Bleach! Fantastic...!! In the opening they just kept battling, and since Kudou-san was the animation director of the original story the quality was amazing! As for the story, for me it's the most exciting among the anime original series they made until now. Thank you very much, Pierrot-san!!"

@tite_kubo: 俺にもそう見えたから、多分そうじゃないかな。しかしよく観てるね! RT @Saki10SS: @tite_kubo もの凄い集中して観てたんで、今日のアニメに出てきたおばちゃん、あれは織姫のご近所の新村さんだったんでは…?とか凄い細部にまで喰いついてしまいまし た(笑)

@Saki10SS: "I was paying an incredible amount of attention while watching the anime today... wasn't the woman who appeared in this episode Niimura-san, Orihime's neighbour...? Things like that, you know, I really nibbled on the smallest details." (laugh)
@tite_kubo: "It seemed that way to me too, so I wouldn't say that. Still, you really do pay a lot of attention!"

CHAD!FEST REGALO NEWS! Thanks to everyone who managed to post on bleachness for Chad's birthday even though LJ was being so wonky! The goal of the contest was just to get people to post comments. I happy to announce that the mods have chosen [livejournal.com profile] imlikat as the winner so she gets the Chad plushie and because we didn't get all that many entries (although all the entries we did have were so full of love), we have one other winner, [livejournal.com profile] enychan , and I'm proud to ship her Chad sticker and tattoo all the way to Mexico! Gals, PM me with your addresses!

One last thing--

tsundere!Ishida )
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warning: shipping

The new CD cover for the ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D song for the anime ED that had IchiRuki fans heats a-thumping amuses me. It's a predictably IchiRuki cover alright buuuuut ... well, look:

what's Orihime doing thar? )

The ED was the talk of the fandom--shippy stuffs in Bleach usually are. ( #4 most discussed vid in film/animation Japan and other YouTube stats)

I do wonder if Hime's presence there isn't a deliberate ship tease. No doubt some parts of fandom may read that Ichigo may be looking at Rukia but his heart and the song belong to Orihime XD while the majority will read the cover to read like the famous 4chan post:

Friendzoned )

Meanwhile, Valentine's Day is coming up--think that Sensei will give it a nod? Last year we got that pretty spread of the boys and their chocolates. The year before last we got Rukia's dewy-eyed "beauty of the heart" color page. The official release date for the next chapter in Japan is Feb 14 and so far there's no announcement of a Bleach color page, only that a new manga will have the lead color page, but I'm so hoping for a glimpse of Orihime hard at work making chocolates for the customers in her shoppe! Or do you think we'll get a Riruka love page? XD

Finally, a couple days ago Sensei retweeted a very cute tweet in which a sixth grader (in an earlier post I'd mistakenly identified her as six yrs old) made put in a question to an advice columnist about how to confess. There was a long answer in whichshe was told that she should know what love is before she confesses. Her love was compared to the feeling she has toward favorite foods or the feeling of sunshine.

Anyway, I do think it's interesting that Sensei seems to be considering the nature of love lately. XD As a perennial shipper, it gives me hope for squee material. I found it interesting that Ichigo seemed to realize that he wasn't "in love" with his Shinigami badge, merely "fond" of it--while Riruka, given her girly penchant for LOOOOVING things (and wanting to be "crushed to death," lol, by them) made them into minatures. Surely Ichigo feels more seriously about his Shinigami identity than Riruka feels about his "hotness!" Maybe this is a commentary on how girls can discount and trivialize something as serious as love. If so... *looks at dolly collection and goes ouch* Maybe there's more to Riruka. After all there's more to me than my dolly collection! *glances at Ishida-lookalike hubby* XD

ETA: Shippiness continues. <3 More about the CD from the IR FC at BA. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] melodymix  from infos on the site:

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'Dの新曲は、初のラブソング。ただ一人の女性を守るために、もがき叫ぶ男の心境をストレートに表 現した感動の一曲に仕上がっている。 ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's new song is their first love song ever. The song has been completed into a very emotional piece about a man who is struggling and screaming his emotions out in a very straightforward manner, in order to protect one woman.
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(via Sensei's tweeting) Chappy parfait and Kon curry! Oh my!

コンのカレー。すげー美味かった。 http://plixi.com/p/71405566

剣八の肉まんもジューシーで美味かった。 http://plixi.com/p/71405692

一護の仮面ピザ。これも美味かった。特に黒い方。 http://plixi.com/p/71405851


かじられてラーメンマンみたいになった雨竜。 http://plixi.com/p/71406126

担当、服部一押しのグリムジョーのアイス。 http://plixi.com/p/71406272

ぎゃー。 http://plixi.com/p/71406350

担当、小野寺一押しのコンのパンプキンムース。 http://plixi.com/p/71406431

ぎゃー。 http://plixi.com/p/71406480

チャッピーの苺のムース。かわいい。 http://plixi.com/p/71406614

ぎゃー。 http://plixi.com/p/71406657

狛村のかき氷。たまらんかわいさ。 http://plixi.com/p/71406785

ぎゃー。 http://plixi.com/p/71406843

わかめ大使のソフトクリーム。デザート系で1番の美味しさ。 http://plixi.com/p/71407004

ぎゃー。 http://plixi.com/p/71407137

浦原商店パフェ。夜一がかわいい。 http://plixi.com/p/71407304

ハラショー。 http://plixi.com/p/71407371
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This is too adorable. Sensei had new orange Twitter icon of Kon for Chappy New Year and just posted these adorable doodles on citrus a couple hours ago (scowling Renji is my fave):

みかんBLEACH。 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

喜助と夜一。 http://plixi.com/p/67611337 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

ルキアとコン。 http://plixi.com/p/67611421 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

ルキアと六番隊。 http://plixi.com/p/67611464 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

現世組。 http://plixi.com/p/67611526 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

勢揃い。 http://plixi.com/p/67611590 about 1 hour ago via Echofon

全員でタワー。 http://plixi.com/p/67612575 about 1 hour ago via Echofon
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Haha, I knew it wouldn't be long. Sensei just tweeted Morita that it was a cute idea:

Chappy New Year )

Happy Year of the Rabbit, Everyone!

*needs a nap bad*
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Apparently it's getting around that Kubo has responded to Orihime haters by saying he's going to draw her more the more hate tweets he gets.

Well, he did say that, but context is king. Do you really believe Sensei is that spiteful? Some people have taken his tweet as a sign (I'm not kidding) that if people criticize Orihime then Kubo will make IchiOri, RenRuki, and IshiNemu canon (wtf). Anyway, for those who were curious, Kubo did respond with his usual sense of humor about Orihime to one reader (who didn't hate on her overtly--but yes, from what I've seen at least one spammer has been consistently sending Kubo Orihime hate spam) and when readers said that they were going to bombard him with hate tweets about their own favorite characters so that he will draw these OTHER characters more, Kubo went along with the joke.

Geez fandom, get a grip.

Translations of tweets by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio 

あれ?まだ気付いてねえの?俺ひねくれてるから、こういうリプあると織姫の出番増えるんだぜー(笑)。 RT @iririitai: @tite_kubo 井上のお笑いアピールしすぎ。つーか最近井上しゃしゃりすぎ

Iririitai: “Inoue’s comical attitude is so appealing. That said, recently Inoue does butt in a little too much, eh…”
Kubo: “Ah? You still haven’t noticed? Since I’m feeling uncooperative, if there are such replies I will increase Orihime’s appearances!” (laugh)

大丈夫だよ(笑)。うちの読者はみんな賢いから。 RT @soutendo: @tite_kubo せんせー!そんな事聞いたら、大好きなキャラをわざと詰る人続出かもしれませんよΣ(・Д・;)私は好きすぎて無理ですが!!

Soutendo: “Sensei! After saying such things, you’ll have a flood of people who will rebuke their own favourite characters purposefully! Though it would be impossible for me, I love them too much…!”
Kubo: “It’s alright. (laugh) My readers are all wise.”

ザエルアポロはもう出ねーぞ。 RT @hebiten: @tite_kubo ザエルアポロまじしゃしゃりすぎ!(*´ω`*)ワクワク

Hebiten: “Szayel Apollo really does butt in a little too much!” (thrilled)
Kubo: “Szayel Apollo won’t appear anymore.”

おいおい!大好きなの知ってんだぜ!! RT @ayanatsubaki: おっ、織姫なんか大嫌いなんだからねっ!w RT @tite_kubo: あれ?まだ気付いてねえの?俺ひねくれてるから、こういうリプあると織姫の出番増えるんだぜー(笑)。 RT @iririitai

Kubo: “Ah? You still haven’t noticed? Since I’m feeling uncooperative, if there are such replies I will increase Orihime’s appearances!” (laugh)
Ayanatsubaki: “Well, it’s because I really hate characters like Orihime…!”
Kubo: “Oi, oi! I know you love her!” :

In the last tweet, it was an Orihime fan saying she hated Orihime in an attempt to get Kubo to draw more Orihime! I do believe myself that Sensei was straight up about Szayel not appearing anymore, though, and that makes me sad. :(

eta: from  [livejournal.com profile] stray_mikeneko in a comment below, Kubo-sensei also tweeted this in the context of the convo:
ンの人、真に受けてたらごめんよー。 9:55 AM Dec 10th

“When I said that Szayelaporro wouldn’t appear anymore, maybe the joke was a little harsh. Szayelaporro fans, I’m sorry if you took it seriously.” :-P


*cries the tears of a fool*

So maybe those people who think Sensei is REALLY going to draw Orihime the more hate tweets he gets should be crying the bitter tears of fools too, ne? XD XD
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The tidal wave of Bleachness stuffs continues this week! Besides a regular chapter there will be a movie-tie in chapter from Kubo. WSJ advertised the chapter this way:

Next week a special chapter will appear in JUMP relating to the movie, in the chapter an arrancar arc character will appear. Who could this mystery figure be?

Here's the pic--some people are guessing it's Charlotte in Hell although I'm leaning with people who say the outline of the mystery figure resembles Grimmjow's released form.

pic )

The Whole Hog of merchandising continues!
My wish list now includes the IchiRuki Eternity Ring, the Ulquiorra shirt, and NOW this (ridiculous but so cute) New Year's Spread Fan and the Ishida metallic poster (at least I think it's a metallic poster)

Merchandising )

Some pics from the movie that Annie found! Orihime in another set of clothes besides her school uniform and HM outfit! (This gives me hope that she'll be in the movie for more than a tiny bit, even if she doesn't follow the gang to Hell like in the summary)

movie ads )

Thanks to Lazy Mew here for image of HUGE POSTER that she got in the mail along with the Jump Festa DVD. It's the Mr & Mrs Smith pic of Ichigo and Rukia on one side (for the Memories in the Rain OVA re-release) and Hitsugaya, Renji and Hanatarou on the left side (for the Diamond Dust Rebellion):
POSTER (click to Enlarge)

Finally, with thanks to translator Nacchan who posted in the Rukia FC at BA here, we have a tweet from Sensei about Rukia's breasts!

Happy Thanksgiving week to those who celebrate! Looks like we're getting Bleach goodies galore with our feast! I'll get the voting polls for the IshiHime Birthday contest up soon!.
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He's seen the whole thing! And Kubo-sensei tweeted about it today! A treat for the fanboys it seems! And I'm so looking forward to the animation! (Ishida!Ishida!Ishida in a mooooovie! *spazzes*)

Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :


“I’ve retuuuurned! The movie was amazing! To be brief, it was aaaaaaal action!”

全編アクションって言っても、大抵のアクション映画ってアクション部分て半分くらいだったりするけど、今回の映画はまじでアクションじゃないシー ンが10分とか15分くらいしかありません。しかもアクションのクオリティが高い高い。アニメスタッフさんの苦労は尋常じゃなかったと思います。

“Though action movies are generally labelled like that, the action parts usually span about half of the movie… in this movie, though, the scenes that couldn’t be labelled ‘action’ must have been about 10-15 minutes at the most. Furthermore, the action quality was high, high. I think that the anime staff must have had some unusual trouble for this one.”


“At the beginning of the movie, there is a battle scene between Ichigo and Ulquiorra – which is basically a remake of their canon battle; it’s just a few minutes long, but I think those few minutes reached a level of perfection. The people who have even just a little interest in either Ichigo or Ulquiorra should definitely watch it.”

@norider1965 とんでもない!今回の映画は絵の力がものすごく大きいです!自分のやれたことなんてごくわずか。本当に、スタッフさん一人一人にお礼を言いたいくらいです。

“No way! This time, the movie had earth-shatteringly beautiful drawings! There is little to any difference with my own drawings. I’d really like to thank the movie staff one by one.”


“And then, what particularly impressed me this time was that they drew Ichigo – who is very hard to draw – very well, and made him cool-looking for the entire time. I was really happy about that. All the more because this time, Ichigo was set firmly at the centre of the story.”

ストーリー的には、これまでのBLEACHの映画って、BLEACHらしさはあるけど正直ジャンプっぽさは薄かったと思うんです。それが今回は BLEACH らしさをしっかり持ちつつも、いかにもジャンプ映画らしいストーリーと演出で、子供の頃にジャンプ映画を観た時のような気持ちになれました。

“Story-wise, I think that the Bleach movies up until now gave off a Bleach-like feeling, but their Jump-like essence was very sparse. This time, however – while the movie is firmly grounded in the spirit of Bleach – the story produced really gives off a feeling of being a typical Jump movie… so I was able to return to the emotions I felt when I saw Jump movies in my childhood.”

On another note, the merchandising for this movie is out of this world. I've found myself lusting for cork coasters and buttons and mousepads like never before, but ohhh I really really REALLY WANT THIS.

And don't forget:

THE DAY TO POST ENTRIES IN THE ISHIDA AND ORIHIME FANWORKS CONTEST IS TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 19.  See HERE for the original post. Please remember to put as the subject heading for your post THE TITLE OF WORK and its CATEGORY (FANART OR FANFIC). Please remember to tag your post ISHIHIME BIRTHDAY CONTEST.

You can start posting entries at Midnight CST, I suppose--I'm not strict. I do hope we get some entries even though some of you have said you're behind and will post later. Last night my daughter found my stash of pumpkin Pocky I was saving to send out with prizes this year and ATE IT ALL, LOL but I managed to deep-hide the Japanese milk caramels! In any event, I hope the new Bleach arc will inspire more fanworks all year long, not just for this contest, and that you won't need candies for incentives! I just like to throw candies into the air on my bday is all!

Oh wow, next week will be such a Thanksgiving treat--two Bleach chapters, a color page, the special freaky filler anime episode with kinky!maid Rukia and movie costume designer!Ishida and then news of the movie! Can 2011 be even better?!!
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Since I know you people want to hear it, here's another quote from Sensei about the IchiRuki calendar spread.  From here (and [livejournal.com profile] quirky ):

Annie noticed this recent tweet from Kubo:

A fan thanked Kubo for the calendar spread, then asked if Rukia's clothes were original (i.e., if they were his own idea and not based on any brands). The fan also said she wanted Rukia's outfit and that Rukia's accessories were very cute, too. Kubo replied that "those resort clothes" were original and were all his idea. Yes, Kubo called them "resort clothes." Annie said: "just say honeymoon outfits, sensei"

Who was the one who called "resort clothes?" in this comm? I know I echoed it. XD
And if you didn't like Ichigo's looooong legs in the original, maybe you'll appreciate his widdle chibi-ness in this fanart by saki:

chibi honeymoon! )

eta: A clever way a fan is hanging the calendar. Kubo enjoyed this and said it was well displayed. His is currently being hung vertically.
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Happy Ghoul's Day to those who celebrate.[Poll #1638840]

Other news: WSJ announced the line-up for this year's Jump Festa:

Basically it says that Jump Festa Bleach will be held on Dec. 18th and 19th. The scheduled guests are Kubo sensei, Morita (Ichigo), Orikasa (Rukia), Nakai (Kokutou's seiyuu), Furuya (Syuren's seiyuu). This is the first time movie OCs are showing up for the festival. I'm disappointed other Bleach seiyuu like Ishida's and Orihime's aren't there. I expected the nakama there. I guess these OCs are expected to be popular? Soul Plates and everything--well... they're bishie for sure.

Also, I need to clear up a rumor regarding a misunderstood/mistranslated tweet that's been circulating. It's being said that Kubo-sensei requested hentai of Yoruichi, Neliel, and Rangiku and implied that he wanted to see some of Orihime. That's just not true. Not saying that Sensei can't be a perv sometime but what he was referring to were the new Bleach mousepads that have recently been merchandised. The mousepads are, erm, "erotic" and feature 3-D boobs of said characters. Kubo simply hadn't seen the merchandise and wanted to see them. Also, Seika Oda (Yuki, Orihime's seiyuu) asked Kubo why Orihime wasn't featured on one of the mousepads and Kubo responded that it was because Orihime was still in high school. Du'uh. Anyway, just clearing that up because nothing irritates me more than misinformation. This is how those "there's going to be a TURN BACK THE PENDULUM ARC ABOUT THE ESPADA" rumors get started. 


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