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Happy Halloween, everyone! (even if it's early)

I drew some fanart for Halloween, even though it lacks any of its themes. I just felt I should draw something for the occasion. So I ended up drawing two of the freakiest Espada (and my favorite two), and I hope you guys like it!

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Awaiting translation of Kubo's appearance on JumpBang but I'm all excited because he mentioned something about Szayel (?) and the future of Bleach. My hopes are hopelessly up. I may have called Starrk's attacker wrong last week (no biggie, I said it was Gin but thought Shunsui was too obvious) but I've been calling for the Return of Szayel for a long time and insisting that our pretty feller isn't really dead--just lost to indefinite torture. Ah, I'll be disappointed if Kubo is just talking about his Szayel plushie and not the character.

ETA: translation from Pikeish is that Kubo said Isshin is going to play an important role in the future and that the two bodies hanging in Szayel's lab hold an important key to the story  (DRAT, NOT SZAYEL HIMSELF... but who knows?) Still, Isshin <333
Bodies. <3333 Weeeeeeee.

In other news.

I know the following drawing done by Kubo-sensei on JumpBang will make you happy. Thanks to Annie for finding it!

Drawn by Kubo's Mighty Hand )


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Doushiyo, doushiyo, doushiyo? D:

Orikasa Fumiko (Rukia) appear on Toriumi Kousuke (Szayel Aporro = Pink) anime-manga-music radio show that ran exactly 4 years straight before it ended early in 2009. This segment was from December 14, 2007 before he appear on Bleach on December 19, 2007 (5 Days apart) in Episode 153: "The Devilish Research! Szayel Aporro's Plan". Toriumi in one of the Bleach CM where they showed Rukia fighting Kaien, was Rukia being his first experiment, leewaying back to this Radio Show. One big joke on Toriumi himself.

Orikasa talks about her character Rukia from Bleach; also Urahara XD!, and character song. It moved his heart...

Download: Shukan! Anitama Kinyoubi Guest: Orikasa Fumiko

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I thought I share these...

Straight from BL-Land with Free Talk Session!

Toriumi Kousuke (Szayel Aporro) mentions his character name and his highest from BL Drama: Sentimental Sexualis with Yasumoto Hiroki (Chad Yasutora) can be heard in the background. Yasumoto Hiroki mentions his own character name from BL Drama: Niizuma Deka (New Wife Detective) with Toriumi Kousuke that was pretty recent.

Download 1: Toriumi Kousuke - Szayel Aporro Saikou
Download 2: Yasumoto Hiroki - Chad Chad Chad (w/ Toriumi Kousuke)

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First of all, THANK YOU EVERYBODY for your generous response to the contest!  That was fun.Last year and this one,  I loved watching the community spammed with all your talent and love for Ishida.  I was surprised there weren't more crack pairings in the art category or even IchiIshi arts (which I love) so I thank you all for pandering to my particular favorites (I've been all about IshiHime and RenIshi this past year, no matter how pansexual I can be with Ishida---Ishida x bag of skittles is great by me). So thank you, thank you for indulging my crazy way of celebrating my own birthday as well as Ishida's.

Voting still to come .... )


Chapter 333 Ash and Salamander right chere

Here's what I think... )

Okay, did you guys see the anime?  I'm watching it again because the fillers are over and I was looking forward to this episode 19 3 because of the RenIshi. WHAT HAPPENED?  Renji didn't take Ishida into his arms! He didn't flail around and worry about his being all right. Where was all that passionate concern.  He walked over to a freshly-molested Ishida who'd just been spit out of Szayel's tentacle grasp and said "Hay, you okay?"  Argh! I thought the anime loved yaoi fanservice! Or does it only fanservice IchiIshi and Kenpachi and Byakuya (remember the sparkes between that pair?)

And the censoring of Szayel continues, which I expected.  At least Ishida got to moan in protest a good bit while being molested and Perriot left in the "mmm good taste" remark" from Szayel and even played up the whole Imma goona poke you in the butt little dolly and freak out Renji scene right before the Ishida doll fell apart and it looked like some plushie sodomizing was going on... but then!  Ishida didn't vomit blood! Where was the blood!  He looked like he spit up! Szayel made him gag! The meanie!

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[profile] juunana  and [profile] spacexat  and I were all mad the other day over the censoring of our beloved Szayel's cannibalism in the anime and Juu was complaining about how people love Szayel because he's bishie but he should be loved because he's one crazy cannibal mofo, and I promised her a gory pic. I had an idea for a Szayel dressed up in meat slabs all fashionable-like, but it was Easter, sorry, and all I could come up with was this. For Juu:

Not Just Another Fluffy Jesus

Meanwhile, [profile] xilvrin along the same theme, took this idea and actually did real art with it. Here is her pic and her story. It's rated M on DeviantArt so if you can't see it, there's a link below to access.

Dead Mouse by Silvanoir

Dead Mouse (other link)
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I'm trying, okay?

Another Szayel for Spacey.

Not Done Dancing

My writing brain has died--I haven't posted a story in three whole weeks, and today someone wrote me to ask WHY HAVEN'T YOU POSTED IN SO LONG? Oh I'm already late with my [profile] bleach_flashfic and ugh. T_______T But I'm trying to draw. The great and mighty and very silly manga-ka [profile] bananakaya is my mentor! Do you draw? Join this project if you want to be merry and gay:


Alas, I haven't been keeping up with this project either.
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Adam, who pretends to be an ass but is really a sweetie, wrote me an IshiHime, and he's a damn fine writer so you people better leave him reviews because he doesn't ever get many and his stuff kicks the tar out of everything else on

Impurification by [profile] adam_epp 

and his description: Story flirts a bit between T and M Rating, but I chose T; please let me know if you disagree.
Probably one-sided IshiHime, definitely one-sided IchiOri, and light IchiRuki. IshiChad from neither side but I'm sure there is an unintendedl subtext that yaoi fangirls can use to put words in my mouth. Yeah, that's what people want to read in a note like this or a summary, amirite?

Moving right along..... The magnificent, beneficent, owner of Bleach Asylum requested a Szayel drawing of little ole me and I did this ASAP, even though I think I was a little trippy when doing this but that's okay--trippy is GOOD when you're drawing MR. PINK, who is, by the way, NOT DEAD (I don't know why everyone keeps saying he is). Anyway, one of the things going through my unwell mind when doing this was that Space suffers being too nice to people sometimes and Szayel ... well, Szayel doesn't have that problem at all! But at the moment Szayel is suffering a millennia of torment just now but not to worry--he will RISE AGAIN. Here's my pic:

A Thousand Years is Not Forever

For those of you who may not know, Space is AizenSousuke on Deviant Art and does lovely stuff like this <---an Ulquiorra Valentine by [profile] spacexat

Also Space's sister Juunana also does the most amazing emotional fanarts and really neat cosplays like this


Raise your hand if you can't sleep because you're waiting for the Szayel Aporro Bleach Beat Collection to be released today!!!!!!!!!
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I love "Perfect is Not GOod." My favorite Bleach chapter in a while. Dualism to the hilt. Poetry and humor and disturbing imagery. Subtle characterizations and not-so-subtle ones. All the things that made me love my manga-ka in the first place.

The husband teaches comparative religions in philosophy and I've been trying to rope him into reading manga for a while (even Death Note, with its stylish and cerebral plays on the Problem of Evil didn't move him). Maybe these two Bleach chapter covers for 305 and 306 might pique his interest.

To another topic. It's come to my attention that the internet is a nasty place. I used to mod a fan forum in my naive youth and I'd rather take a stroll through Mayuri's lab than do that again. The fun part, though, was always posting rules. Yesterday I came up with not rules but a few guidelines to avoid angst.

1. DON'T ASSUME THAT PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE TO READ YAOI/BL ARE "HOMOPHOBIC." Some of my friends who just don't read the stuff totally support gay-lesbian-bi-transgendered rights.

2. CREDIT ARTISTS. Seriously, you can't go around right-clicking everything and uploading the arts on photobucket without the artists getting upset. Link and credit! Japanese sites are closing down because of this! See:

3. Don't swim after you've eaten. Don't post after you had one too many beers.

That is all.

Man, I really need to fix the tags on this community. They're out of control. This numbering the manga episodes is going to blow my tag limit soon. I need to direct all my fiction into one spot---ARGH!
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The best Bleach pairing art coming out of Japan right now is (arguably) UlquiHime stuffs. Here's something g-g-g-g-gorgeous by an American artist who doesn't draw like everyone else who does anime fanart. I'm crazy for her style, the depth in her tones, the little stories in her pictures. Oh look at this! Look at this!

The Bribe by lookingback7

And I'm on vacation so I was late to get the news but pardon me while I spaz with joy:

SZAYEL WILL SING!. The next Bleach superstar! Bleach Beat Collection 3rd Session: Szayel Aporro Granz Vol. 06 due out March 5, 2008!

Now, to a more somber subject. Is it just me? Or is every other cranky fan shaking his or her head and going "there goes the neighborhood?" Did fandom cynicism hit me later than most? I've been in the Bleach fandom around 5 yrs now, so I think it's my perpetual naivete being whomped on the head every now and then. I must have reoccurring amnesia. I should've learned my lessons from my previous fandoms or from my tippy-toeings on Naruto boards

... or from freshman year in union cafeteria.... (warning: long obsessive rant ahead)

Oh, and because I still think the whole Nemu-rape topic is still worthy, here's a link to a friend's post on the subject:

Not Tonight Dear, I'm Disgusted
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There's a Basement Scans 305 out over at Mangahelpers here.


[profile] laurie_bunter  is a wonderful, smart and funny writer who doesn't post her stuff around that much so here I am to pimp her latest. Twas I who prompted her to write it, and I am thrilled I did so because the Bleach fandom needs more Shunsui/Nanao:

Boxing Day, T/M, by laurie_bunter

Oh, and in case you don't know,
[personal profile] jaina  finished her wildly entertaining IchiRuki not long ago and you can find complete links here:

Setting Sun, Rising Moon, PG by jaina

[personal profile] jaina also just made a super-list of 2007 Bleach "Must Read" fics and there were a few lovely fics on her list I'd missed! I considered making my own fic rec list  for the end of the year, but I'm lazy and depressed just now, so I'm going to rec her list instead---not just because three stories of mine are on it (I think she's got very good taste XD and I thank her for reminding me I can write actual stories without any smut by listing them) but because all the stories are this list are WORTHWHILE READS:

Jaina's (mostly Bleach fanfic) 2007 Must Read List

If someone's got some spectacular Bleach fic enjoyed in the past year to rec, please link the fic in a comment to this thread
. It was a fairly stellar year--the fandom exploded in size and writers got busy. Just for a quick pimp--a stroll through the archives of   [profile] bleach_flashfic   will turn up lots of gems.
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If you haven't heard the news by now; in brief this is the "shocker" spoiler for 304 and it just crowned Szayel Queen of Hueco Mundo and initiated the season of Szayelmas across the Bleach fandom far and wide.

I had a delightful time on the forums today. From the comparisons of Szayel and powers to the Holy Trinity and/or Gaia/Shiva/Krishna to people making fun of Mayuri's one line ("ho") by comparing him to Santa Claus (my beloved Guildenstern said he was just badmouthing Nemu) to all sorts of speculation about Kubo's mental state (I swear, I swear--he and Kishimoto are smoking the same stuff together and giggling like schoolgirls---that's why there was a pregnant Orihime look-alike last week in Naruto)

This has been my favorite fan comment so far:

on another note... what the hell is KT on???
I'm really pissed off, the special chapter last week proved that he is capable of writing a good story.... its like he is doing this on purpose....

I want that on an icon. Or maybe I should make myself a t-shirt that says "I am married to Kubo Tite's authorial intent."

Also, in less Szayelistic news, there's a new interview from Kubo that came out with the latest movie promo and in it he says that Unohana won't be fighting soon because he's already got her fight planned for the next arc. The tidbit is over in the Kubo interviews thread at BA here
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I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday season so far. I sure am. Every morning I wake up to all sorts of adorable fandom gems.

I will miss him so when he either slithers off or dies.
Remember The Rocky Horror Quincy Show? Check this out for a big smile:

Comic by Inonibird

check out this new sexy Ishida fanart by [personal profile] hidden_gems:
Strawberry Muffin

and don't miss this lovely little piece by [personal profile] schweinsty
Waking (IshiHime, IchiRuki, Kira, ShuuRan, Ukitake)
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Such an enjoyable chapter. Well, not for Ishida but for me.

These SO need to be marketed:

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Argh. I wrote it. I don't know what to say except I know I cheated but I let the fic take me where it wanted to take me. I know its less sexy that what you were expecting.

As always, I appreciate typo catches, misspellings, any feedback. Neither my beta nor I went over this thing.

And here's something else, a drawing for [profile] no_utopia  . She wanted a nearly naked Tousen for her birthday and here he is:

Tousen for Pia
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Szayel's zanpakutou is named... are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY? And the picture is even more terrifying.

I must admit, I adore this man.  Szayel, I am so taking you home.
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I tell ya, people. He's a Quincy hybrid or Uryuu's uncle! XD

I swear that in the icon above he's make a Quincy cross there on his collar! (and yes, if you must know, I was running fever last night so these speculations may be running out of hand... still...besides that being the international sign for "chops my head off," just look at that collar).


Szayel. So mysterious. No hole. Where's his tat (now that Noitra's has been revealed in a peculiar place, I'm imagining all sorts of locations for future Espada markings). When he draws his zanpakutou, he doesn't transform (remember when he deflected Renji's attack with it?). He's SO mysterious. And he looks like Ryuuken. AND he had a quincygasm when he found out who Uryuu was (although he didn't recognize the bow? What's up with that? I thought he got all this info from Thunder Brunhilde the S&M queen) And now this:

Another art. IchiIshi. Skintones again. I will be drawing more nekkid couples before I draw clothed characters. I'm just in that mood. Tousen nekkid next and I've got some old Ikkaku sketches I might color. Lots of skin on that head there. Maybe a Szayel speculation pic with his nekkidness revealing his true Quincy identity (and how would that be revealed exactly? Hmmmmm.....)

Anyway, here's the IchiIshi fanart. Worksafe. Just kissy poo.


Besides the Tousen pic, I forgot that I have to do a Hollow!Hanatarou for [profile] edge_chanand then there's this forty foot long Why Recent Chapters Did Not Mean IchiOri that I'm about to spew.  First I have to get over this stomach virus from the hell that is South America and then I'll get to fandom things.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! One last thing.   [personal profile] gallo_de_pelea did a commission for me---pen and ink of Ishida and Orihime in their Arrancar clothes and I love it to bunches. There's something so ... EGALITARIAN about the two in the pic. And the windy winds. I really love windy art. Lines just there and around. I'm so happy with this.


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