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warning: shipping

The new CD cover for the ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D song for the anime ED that had IchiRuki fans heats a-thumping amuses me. It's a predictably IchiRuki cover alright buuuuut ... well, look:

what's Orihime doing thar? )

The ED was the talk of the fandom--shippy stuffs in Bleach usually are. ( #4 most discussed vid in film/animation Japan and other YouTube stats)

I do wonder if Hime's presence there isn't a deliberate ship tease. No doubt some parts of fandom may read that Ichigo may be looking at Rukia but his heart and the song belong to Orihime XD while the majority will read the cover to read like the famous 4chan post:

Friendzoned )

Meanwhile, Valentine's Day is coming up--think that Sensei will give it a nod? Last year we got that pretty spread of the boys and their chocolates. The year before last we got Rukia's dewy-eyed "beauty of the heart" color page. The official release date for the next chapter in Japan is Feb 14 and so far there's no announcement of a Bleach color page, only that a new manga will have the lead color page, but I'm so hoping for a glimpse of Orihime hard at work making chocolates for the customers in her shoppe! Or do you think we'll get a Riruka love page? XD

Finally, a couple days ago Sensei retweeted a very cute tweet in which a sixth grader (in an earlier post I'd mistakenly identified her as six yrs old) made put in a question to an advice columnist about how to confess. There was a long answer in whichshe was told that she should know what love is before she confesses. Her love was compared to the feeling she has toward favorite foods or the feeling of sunshine.

Anyway, I do think it's interesting that Sensei seems to be considering the nature of love lately. XD As a perennial shipper, it gives me hope for squee material. I found it interesting that Ichigo seemed to realize that he wasn't "in love" with his Shinigami badge, merely "fond" of it--while Riruka, given her girly penchant for LOOOOVING things (and wanting to be "crushed to death," lol, by them) made them into minatures. Surely Ichigo feels more seriously about his Shinigami identity than Riruka feels about his "hotness!" Maybe this is a commentary on how girls can discount and trivialize something as serious as love. If so... *looks at dolly collection and goes ouch* Maybe there's more to Riruka. After all there's more to me than my dolly collection! *glances at Ishida-lookalike hubby* XD

ETA: Shippiness continues. <3 More about the CD from the IR FC at BA. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] melodymix  from infos on the site:

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'Dの新曲は、初のラブソング。ただ一人の女性を守るために、もがき叫ぶ男の心境をストレートに表 現した感動の一曲に仕上がっている。 ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's new song is their first love song ever. The song has been completed into a very emotional piece about a man who is struggling and screaming his emotions out in a very straightforward manner, in order to protect one woman.
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Stop the presses! Now I've seen it all! I couldn't believe my eyes when the tweet passed before them a few minutes ago but Kubo-sensei watched last week's anime filler scene where Rukia ran past her brother Byakuya and had a moment with Ichigo before he entered the dangai with Captain Unohana, and ...he approved of it. He approved of the filler scene. He called it "beautiful." Color me gobsmacked. Sensei liked a bit of anime that I skimmed over as pure fanservice myself, and it was an IchiRuki eyesmex scene, lol!

Note that there is shippy squee beneath the cut.
First translation by [livejournal.com profile] nacchan_touya :
Kubo-sensei tweeted:  Watching the recorded BLEACH episode, this time the animation was done beautifully. In the anime original Rukia was the one who had the last word and I think the scene is very good, I'm glad because in the original work I haven't got the chance to touch Rukia

(deb's note--this is interesting because now we can all speculate about what it means for Sensei not to have "touched" upon Rukia yet)

eta: Pikeish's translation may explain the above--I hadn't speculated on this at all!


"I've watched the Bleach I telerecorded. This time, the drawing was really beautiful. Even though it was an anime original, I thought it was really nice that the last line was directed towards Rukia. Because in the original work, in relation to the (number of) pages, I didn't get a chance to touch on Rukia.

Post from the IchiRuki FC at BA and translation by Mai Tsukishiro 

Sensei tweets )

This tweet from Sensei strikes me as so significant because he's rarely commented on the anime before, never had an over positive thing to say about it (he's said he understands that it's "different" when many people are working on a project as opposed to one) and when there have been scenes added before such as the healing scene on the dome recently, he was silent on the matter. He's never commented on another scene before.
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I told [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_ I would make "I wish debbiechan were my mommy" icons and asked her for graphics ideas. She mentioned snails. I just so happened to have on hand a picture of a character based on baby!Ishida holding a garden snail. Et voilà~

2 versions:

Regarding use:
Please ask [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_, since I made these for her! Also please credit since the art is mine ^^

Beware my shippy tendencies. Cut out of consideration. FYI, I'm an Ishihime shipper beyond any hope of salvation, though some of my best friends are Ichihime/Ulquihime/various-rival-pairing supporters. )
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Johnny Bosch Young, Ichigo's American VA, and Morita-kun, Ichigo's Japanese seiyuu, were at a con in Hawaii and apparently both were asked a question regarding "Rukia or Orihime" (you can't see the question in the vid but it was from the audience and projected on the screen).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQfkhEK04jE (starts around 2:00)

Johnny gives his usual spiel about Rukia being a "dead chick" but Morita who has long had a reputation for being an IchiRuki gushing fanboy actually says (and this is confirmed by the panel translator) that "for Ichigo, it's Orihime" (let the translation skirmishes on this begin--yappari means "after all" so has MORITA JUMPED SHIP AND BEGUN MAKING PREDICTIONS ABOUT CANON?) Morita-kun goes on to say that for Ichigo, Rukia is part of him, which only begs the question of whether Bleach will end in a three way.

In other shipping news, remember PhD candidate [livejournal.com profile] lesleygallacher ? The article she submitted about shippers and canon in the Bleach fandom isn't out yet but she presented it today and she sent me her slides and notes not long ago, and I was really tickled to see all her lovely work. I think you'll be delighted when she shares it with you here.
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I did a grueling fandom duty last night and RE-TYPED the three essays I'd written in 2007 that recently had been borked, abbreviated, and discombobulated on LJ for who knows what reason (I blame a curse! The recent attempted sabatoge of my website aside, my own user error and some *&^% CURSE is what's behind most of my html mess-ups). I got pretty nostalgic typing up the essays--one, for the free time I used to have to be able to write, and two, for a time when some of these shippery observations were bright spanking new and it was actually fun to talk about them. Ship discussions have started to weary even me of late; it's the same old same old.

These essays were never beta-ed, so if anyone can find misspellings or significant (or even insignificant) errors in them, I'll try to fix them. Last night, I groaned in places where my arguments went off-track, I beamed in places where my predictions proved prophetic, and I wished for this current arc to hurry up and be done so I could look at the whole thing, analyze it and write a big ole THIS IS HUECO MUNDO essay. If anything, I realized that my patience for Orihime's character development must be superhuman. I've been waiting for her to get her groove back for LONGER than it's taken me to gestate and give birth to BOTH my children. In other words, it's been well over 18 months. I wrote the first essay with a certain measure of squirmy anticipation three years ago, and when I said something the other day about it taking longer to get back to the dome than it took to have a baby, [livejournal.com profile] riah_chan  laughed and wrote in a [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  comment that she got pregnant just a little bit after events on the dome and was due soon!

These are really poorly annotated essays. And guess what--links disappear after a few years. *note to self to make screencaps when writing another one of these fandom things*

My paranoid preamble looks like it was justified, though. Boy did writing shipping essays ever turn out to be an adventure in fandom insanity.



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Hi guys. First order of business, since the ever-popular Nick Simmons Plagarism Scandal Post has dropped of the first page of this community, I've put a link to it over on the sidebar. No, we haven't heard from Viz or anyone else lately, but when we last heard from Viz, they were encouraging us to continue to post side by side panel comparisons between Incarnate and other works and to make overlays. So those of you who are still interested in doing so, keep that up! Thanks everyone for informing us of places where the Simmons story appears. My son was tickled to hear his mom's fanblog mentioned on thatguywithglasses. I think I'm over my anxiety now of being sued, and I'm no longer having nightmares of being licked to death by Gene Simmons.

more )
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Reminder! There are FOUR MORE DAYS LEFT to enter your fics in the BLEACHNESS VALENTINE’S FIC CONTEST (groovy prizes, click link for rules)


I realize that fanartists and art-lovers got jipped this time around in our community contest so to make it up to you, I’m allowing members to spam this entry with their favorite Bleach pairing fanarts.

That’s right—just comment to this entry with an image or two of your favorite pairing in a romantic, friendly or kawaii scene. WORKSAFE/KID FRIENDLY/G-RATED ART ONLY (I can not emphasize this enough—implied sexual situations are okay but no outright nudity because these pics may be loading in front of who knows who). You may post AMVs (so long as the AMVs contain mostly original fanart), fanarts or fan-colored graphics. Try to keep the width of your images under 600 pixels so as not to spread the page too much. You may also post links in comments (to post a link in a comment merely type the url and it will become a link—please keep links G-rated too).

Credit the artist and maker of each of art you post. Please do not post any fanart that you can not credit.

In the spirit of the approaching holiday, maybe Bleach will take a break from its usual fighting and make love, not war? Naaaaah. In any event, Kubo-sensei is on a break himself at the moment from his job so who knows what he is cooking up for fans. Maybe something to tease, please, and annoy shippers.

A message for Kubo-sensei )

I just know that the UlquiHime shippers are going to rock this party so in anticipation, I’m starting off with one of my favorite IshiHime pairing arts.

An AMV by [livejournal.com profile] fanartist She drew the arts for this vid.

ETA: party still going on... I'll close the thread around 9 pm CST tonight, Thursday 2/11... Want to see more rare pairings. Ah, we IshiHime peeps are slacking. I have some awesome Hirako/Hiyori somewhere... *in love with arts*

ETA2: Can you please try to credit artists? I'm going to go back through the thread later and send people notices when I don't see credited art. I've got a bad cold today and am woozy and w/o mods and I'll leave this stuff up for a while but I'll eventually delete uncredited art. Shoujo-ai and shouen-ai are fine but please note that a lot of yaoi/BL/shounen ai/yuri-ish art isn't exactly G-rated--if you can find some not explicit arts that's great. Thanks.
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I really hardly ever look at the userinfo page but TODAY I DID AND this community is at 999 members, none of whom are bots, some of whom may be socks, and all of whom are certifiable, so here have a useless poll to celebrate:

[Poll #1520494]

In other news,

more )
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For those of you who follow that sort of the thing, you know how spanky wanky and weird fandom was this past weekend and for those of you who don't ... eh, don't ask. *Throws holy water on you and blesses you with ignorance,* I'm just glad that Real Life kept me away from my Beloved Cyberlife with caregiver interviews (we found the perfect nanny for my daughter!), a search for a lost cat (she came back!) and a broken washing machine (the husband fixed it, broke it and fixed it again! Hallelujah!). I was too busy to find time to read all the fandom goings-on and, better yet, too scattered to find words to comment. If I'd made a comment, I invariably would have said something I would've regretted and then I would've had to apologize and ... hello? Has anyone seen my high horse? Oh that's right, I don't own one although whenever I make a fool of myself in public you'll see me riding atop this pony.

more... )
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hey there everyone, Annie and I were talking ships the other day and counting up the goodies for the major ships in Bleach insofar as bragging rights go, and she came up with the following list for IchiOri, UlquiHime, and IchiRuki. I thought it might be fun if some of us who followed Bleach in 2009 with shipping goggles for other less popular, less contested ships might want to add our own lists or amend Annie's (I'm going to take issue with her saying that IshiHime didn't have much beyond Ishida being grand in the Lust arc in a comment later and show her what the IshiHime shippers saw--and I KNOW IchiIshi shippers can boast CANON PENETRATION!)

I also tried to find some images for Annie but couldn't find them this morning--like the Ulquiorra calendar chibi (I only have colored versions of him!) that was on the back of the Orihime December month on the 2010 manga calendar. So if folks want to contribute shippy images to this entry, feel free.

Ship Goodies )
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Hey guys, remember THE essay by [livejournal.com profile] karenai  that caused so much controversy and was reported to mods when linked in forum signatures and the whole bruhaha eventually was reported by these same helpful elves to fandom_wank? It just went international. It was translated into Chinese, with permission of the author, here: hi.baidu.com/0603blackwings

I'm as proud as a Jewish mama gets. While I've had some fic translated into other languages I've never had a fandom essay translated, and I'm tickled that this community doing its little bit to elucidate and entertain fandom this way. Even though I didn't agree with every point in the essay (most notably that Orihime doesn't love Ichigo--in my view she does, per my definition of love), the essay does such a great job at reading Kubo-sensei's themes and imagery and presenting an organized thesis that I don't regret for one second the hate mail and grief the essay brought my inbox. It was a pleasure to host it for Ky.

The essay itself was partially responsible for a clarification in Bleach Asylum Forum Rules so that shipping essays like it (ones that argued in an reasonable way and weren't hateful paragraphs of bashing) were again allowed to be linked in signatures. The verbatim BA change was this one:

* No harsh character/pairing bashing in posts/sig’s/av’s. You may discuss characters flaws but please try and do it in a sensible way.


Ichigo sucks, I’m sick to hell of his lame ass plot kai abilities. (NO)

I’m getting tired of Ichigo’s constant ability to win fights even though he hasn’t trained or anything since before the Hueco Mundo arc. (OK)

Seriously, just use common sense.

While prompting a lot of mad defenses of a fictional character (Orihime) in response to the essay's perceived bashing of her, the essay itself was, I suppose, partially responsible for the very real bashing of some fandom people (it's okay--me, Kylara, Spacecat and others took it like men and fandom veterans). The essay got me to finally adding extra mods for this community. The essay moved a clever fan to request that another shipping essay (a pro-IchiOri one this time) be hosted here, and while comments to this essay reflected this community's own shipping orientation and there was a little bit of the expected shakiness when people strongly disagree, politeness and snazzy discourse and clarity triumphed over nyah nyah. I still hope, with the big pearly-eyed hope of a manga girl who believes in fairies in her barrettes, that one day "shipper" won't be a bad word in fandom.
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This French sentence is highly connoted; it's used in law courts, asking the jurors their conviction about the innocence or culpability of a man. It's meant to ask what is your own opinion, that you have deep inside of you, about this story. This is also something I have in my signature in BA, for more than a year now.

Facts as they are )
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Wow, everyone’s behaving all nice and friendly-like in that last entry about shipping. Sometimes I think this community has developed a nice atmosphere. Or maybe people are just dipping into the egg nog early. I’ve got Hanukah soon--I promise I’ll scan a new IshiHime doujin for [livejournal.com profile] bleachness members as a gift. Wish I could send you all tangerines from my backyard tree or transport some of my latkes to you (on second thought, no, you don’t want those--I’m not the world’s best latke fryer…. but if you’ve read my fic you know that I’m not embarrassed by much so every year I bravely burn pound after pound of potatoes for the sake of tradition). Alas, the RL demands that took me away from fic-writing last year are still here, but MAYBE I’ll get that two year old bday fic I promised for [livejournal.com profile] jaina up before the New Year. I feel conflicted about this site no longer being my fanworks site--I’m thrilled everyone’s having a good time here, but damn, I want to play too! (Stop looking at me like that--I know better than to take prompts! Maybe when the next contest event rolls around....)

more blah blah )


[Poll #1495040]
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Haha, my first legitimate post here that isn't related to fic. But I couldn't resist talking about the newest opening/ending songs in Bleach and what happened.

Once again, the title is quite misleading. )
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It feels good to be proved right. One of the simple joys of following a serialized story is getting that “I called it” feeling. Sometimes, in the case of a predictable genre, you and everybody’s baby sister is calling it, and sometimes, in the case of Bleach, you and everybody’s baby sister called it three freaking years ago, and every once in a Las Noches moon, you’re among a special few (high-fives LB7-sensei) who gets to predict something awesomely special like Ulquiorra’s demon release.

Most of the time in Bleach, though, despite Kubo’s reputation for plot twisty surprises like Aizen being revealed as A BADDIE or Isshin being revealed as a SHINIGAMI, there’s a flow to the plot that runs slowly but surely in one direction.

It’s like we’ve been on a raft on a narrow river on this arc for years and now the waters are finally opening up to the big shining sea. No more winding every which way—the big conclusion is in sight.

read more )

ETA, the week of November 22, 2009, after stirrings in fandom that Rukia didn't "fix" Ichigo the way she was supposed to during her golden opportunity in this very chapter, 379, and that now that Unohana is spending some time with Ichigo in the garganta well yayz it looks like someone else other than Rukia can "fix" Ichigo, I wrote the following post at Bleach Asylum: Warning for brief suggestion that certain unnamed Bleach fans may be suggestible to manipulation by the AntiChrist )
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I encourage fan essays, don't I?

This one appears to be an answer to the "close reading" of a specific part of Bleach that argues against the Ichigo/Orihime ship ( Karenai's essay here) by proposing an "in toto" reading of Bleach and the Ichigo/Orihime relationship. It's got Freud and Joseph Campbell in there!
I thank the author for sending it to me and asking me to post it here. She wants feedback and specifically requested that IchiHime shippers not respond to the essay here (presumably they can respond to it elsewhere--although I have no problems with their responding here as well; my only guess is that Perennial Lurker was hoping to avoid side-battles about the inevitable extraneous shippy stuffs and wanted to keep comments to specifically addressing the points in the essay)

I'm trusting this community to respond to this essay with the kindness and respect it deserves. I know a lot of you will disagree with it--disagree with it without bashing, excessive sarcasm or shipping ugliness. Prove to the fan community that shippers can debate without the fur flying and the neighbors having to call the SPCA.

What follows is an essay posted by permission of the author, PerennialLurker of Bleach Asylum )
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Vote for your Bleach OTPs and/or OT3s!

New ship_manifesto polls! UraYoru goes up in this one.

NnoiNel and UlquiHime are in the race (not against each other!) in this do-over round

IshiHime goes AGAINST the OT3 IchiRukiRen in
this one!

Here are some fanworks I've loved this week. The first is a lovely IchiRuki fanart in Kubo-sensei's style by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish called "Let's Play":
Let's Play )

I love DaRkCoUnTeSsB's Orihime. This one is all about the boobs while being artful, not ecchi, and isn't Hime just a vessel of love? :

[livejournal.com profile] cacodaemonia is one of my fave Bleach artists and she finally drew Ishida! I love the expression on his face here. And the pic has such a twinkle-twinkle in the eyes and soul first date mood. I'm all shiny eyes over it myself:
Ishida and OC

I read some good stuff this week too.Daaaaaark fics by the talented [livejournal.com profile] visualcomplex at [livejournal.com profile] bleachedblackk .
The prompts are scary (Neha, quoting T.S. ELIOT, requested IchiThing doing Ishida while reluctant Orihime watched :o) but the results are living poems.

Read the pretty darkness here

Going to a more traditional sort of story-telling, here's promising new serial by the ever-entertaining [profile] adam_epp —the first chapter HAS me by the soul chain. HAVE to read this. I rec highly.

The first chapter of Adam's fic is here

(Adam's description:
Title: Long Way to Goodbye
Rating: The much beloved T, where characters may swear and possess sexuality, but not so much that I will be banned for posting this.
Summary: Rukia and Ichigo disappeared and, although she tries, Karin has no idea what happened to them. Did Ichigo abandon everyone or did he and Rukia die?
Genre: I wouldn't peg any single genre on this. It has a mix of mystery, drama, comedy and (very) minor romance).

In short, my Bleach week can be summarized by saying the anime production values went down but my love for Renji was at full tilt (I loves the RenRuki), the manga has me frightened because I don't want Starrk's puppies in peril and if Kubo-sensei hurts those puppies, I will cry. I don't want to see Love and Rose torn limb from limb either but ... KUBO, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME THIS WAY? Because I love it so.

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Although I am probably one of the most un-romantic people around, I love reading shoujo - albeit, most are comedic, but still. And I've read a number of shoujo you guys probably don't want to know.
I'm someone who grew up with anime, read a lot of mangas before beginning to read Bleach. At that time, I didn't try to analyze the panels I had under my eyes; the tropes that the writers used, I didn't bother to analyze them, although I did get them, because this is definitely part of the things I learned while growing up with those around.

It's only when I started to truly analyze Bleach for shipping reasons - making points, etc - that I began to notice them in my shoujo. Some people believe that there is nothing going on between Ichigo and Rukia and that Ichigo and Inoue are the 'romantic pair'. I beg to differ. Kubo used a lot of tropes to disprove that.
Now that I've read way more shoujo than you can imagine, I decided to show those tropes. Some are romantic, some are not but are still meaningful. The pic are very numerous and large, so bear with me :/

Edit: I realize that because it was late, I forgot to add the biggest trop of all XD So, I just added it _o/

This is really long.. >__> )

Well, did anyone survive this? XD Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to reply! Just so you know, I only used a few examples: more can be found whithin Bleach. I simply think that Kubo uses tropes that are literally a cultural thing, and since I read so many shoujo, that are often more open about those tropes, it's easier to spot them like that.
PS: I apologize for the possible typing mistakes, but I began to write it on a whim and now it's really, really late XD


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