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Sensei rarely RARELY answers Bleach questions on Twitter but [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio  was kind enough to translate the last couple times he did answer a couple. Yesterday and a few weeks ago he answered questions regarding whether he checks the Quincy Encyclopaedia part of the anime and whether he's the one who comes up with the characters' birthdates. Comments after the tweets by Mezz. XD :

Tweet #1
@suffre: "@tite_kubo, about the Ishida house and its tsundere parent and child... (won't you check on them/are they to be checked/are they checked)? Because at the beginning, when I first saw Ryuuken-san in the Quincy encyclopedia, it was really a shock!"

@tite_kubo: "Ah, things like the big shinigami illustrated encyclopedia or the
Quincy encyclopedia, they're left unchecked by me. Since they're parts meant for playing, I'd like for you to do as you wish."

P.S. I love how he doesn't deny the tsundere part, lol. XDDD

Tweet #2
RT @twittdog_jp: "@tite_kubo, sorry to trouble you with such a silly question, but who decides the characters' birthdays?"
@tite_kubo: "I'm the one that decides all of them. Though I write a memo and then immediately forget them, eh."

Lol, okay, so now I'm imagining his house full of sticky notes with characters' birthdays written on them. XD

Heh, personally (this is Deb speaking now) I get the feeling from Sensei's response to the first tweet that he's saying "interpret as you wish" which was part of his playful answer to the question at Jump Festa last December when he was asked if Ulquiorra was really dead. I know that a lot of people were surprised at Ryuuken's "tsundere" response to his son being impaled by Ichigo, but I wasn't! I never doubted that Ryuuken cared about his son. Ha, for me it's canon that he does. Kubo wrote a long-ago scene where widdle Uryuu asks his grandfather what does Ryuuken want to protect--is it money? And Souken gives Uryuu a telling look. So I'm surprised whenever people whenever people tell me that they think Ryuuken is some kind of Monster!Daddy.
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Author: visualcomplex
Title: His heart is a desert
Rating: M, I think
Pairing: Ryuuken/Uryuu
Warnings: masturbation. incest
Summary: -

I wrote part of this one on the train from Tokyo to Osaka on two torn out pieces of paper stuffed in my wallet. It is dedicated to my f-list. But mostly to [livejournal.com profile] darktower6 (I know it's not your fav pairing but deal with it :P) who traveled with me and put up with me throughout my wonderful Japanese adventure.


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I'm spamming my own comm today but looky!  [info]luminous85 answered one of my dearest little fandom hopes and drew an IshiHime based on the recent Halloween spread. It's got Ryuuken too. <3

So cute I had to share! )

Ishida has an angsty face (as befits The Count) in Kubo's original spread but I'm so heartened by the little adorable blob that is Hime in the far background of that spread. Even if she's only a pumpkin ghost she's wearing her goofiest smile and I hope we haven't seen the last of that happy Hime in the manga.

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I usually make doujin posts [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  members only but here's a very short gag Ishida doujin from 2006 I think a lot of people would like. Anyone care to translate? A friend sent it to me recently and I don't think you can find it around easily even in Japan anymore.

The Ishida 2 by SakuraFubuki
Rated G
Uryuu and Ryuuken Gag Doujin
one page illustration of Orihime and Ichigo

link for download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0dmv3o

And here's an Orihime fanart I did the other day for my friend Mar:

And just to make my art look especially bad here's a realistic Orihime I faved on DA the other day.
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hi guys, I'm back from feverland (I didn't dream about Bleach--even though I try, my lurid technicolor dreamscapes are rarely inhabited by my favorite manga and anime characters). As soon as I regain full consciousness, I'll reupload some doujin for members and edit the Love & Food fanart booklet I'm sending to Kubo-sensei (I'd like to get it off to him before WSJ offices close for Golden Week in August!)[Poll #1431946][Poll #1431946] ,[livejournal.com profile] liralen , and [livejournal.com profile] sophiap ) called WINTER WAR. Check it out.

I should've made a note of Obon and Ichigo's birthday last week when I was sick. Sorry, Ichigo. Here's a daaaaaaaaaw fanart for the occasion made by [personal profile] hidden_gems . You can fave at DA here

Daddy's Boy )

Oh, and there's been another play by a Japanese fanartist on the recent Ishida color page. Again, Orihime surprising Uryuu in the rain. This time by Bypass. Their site is here.

Cuuute )

Speaking of rainy Ishidas,here's one of Uryuu with an umbrella and his dad (I know Uryuu is Rain Dragon in kanji--what is Ryuuken again? Dragon of what sort?) [livejournal.com profile] eneada is quickly becoming my favorite artist drawing Ishida after Kubo-sensei himself. You can fave the work here.

Read more... )
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title: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice..
author: Dungeonwriter
genre:  Fluff
rating: PG
time line: In the future
pairing: Ishihime
word count: 2100


Ishida Ryuuken was used to a more disciplined life )


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click here for my entry... Uryuu doing what he does best, protecting his town by slaying hollows with arrows. )

Rated: PG.
Pairings: NONE.
Characters: Uryuu and Ryuuken Ishida, a random hollow, random oblivious townspeople
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Argh. I wrote it. I don't know what to say except I know I cheated but I let the fic take me where it wanted to take me. I know its less sexy that what you were expecting.

As always, I appreciate typo catches, misspellings, any feedback. Neither my beta nor I went over this thing.

And here's something else, a drawing for [profile] no_utopia  . She wanted a nearly naked Tousen for her birthday and here he is:

Tousen for Pia
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Part One is in the previous post here.

Description: PG13. Ryuuken’s wife has a story to tell about lies and promises.

Warnings: None really. A totally heterosexual Ryuuken? This story is something of a tearjerker if you don’t like that sort of thing.

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[profile] neko_in_blue requested this one and I wrote in first person for the first time in the Bleach fandom. Not sure how this worked because my narrator's voice is so close to mine, but eh, I tried.

Description: PG13. Ryuuken’s wife has a story to tell about lies and promises.
Warnings: None really. A totally heterosexual Ryuuken? This story is something of a tearjerker if you don’t like that sort of thing.

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I think I'm in sitcom mode this week. I'm too damn cheery for myself.

Not exactly an IshiHime but you can call it that.  There's IshiHime stuff.

No warnings, unless you're afraid of WAFF or the subject of child predators bothers you.

As always, I'd love it if you pointed out typos, dropped words, etc. Feedback cherished.

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Well looky here.

Zen in the Art of Archery

Written by a German philosopher, Eugene Herrigel, who studied with kyudo master Awa Kenzo in Tokyo in the 1920's and came away with a hodge-podge of Buddhisms that inspired the most widely read philosophy book ever

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence

which I was reminded of when I watched the little philosophy anime series

Kino's Journey

And now I want to go out for bubble tea with Ryuuken to talk about how the seele schneider is not the seele schneider but the act of seele shneidering and how  there is no such person as a fangurl but only the fangurling as it occurs outside of time and space.

No offense meant to Buddhists. I don't know Buddhism. The philosophy husband doesn't either.
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All 24 pages of 270 aren't out yet but this is looking to be a  stirring chapter. The cover art  and color preads are by far two of the the prettiest I can remember Kubo drawing and I don't dare interpret.... BUT......

Irrelevant of nothing, here's a scribble pic I lifted [profile] firstmidnight from that features the daddies in the latest volume:

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I'm learning how to draw Ryuuken (CHIN CHIN CHIN!) but still haven't got cel-shading.
Anyway,this is an illustration for the fic (also for lotusie) After You Died and Even Before That

Oh the dysfunctional Ishidas, I love them so. We'll Talk About That Later

It's kinda funny to me how the stories I like aren't always the ones other people like. I thought "Invisible Writing" was frothy and fun but no big whoop, and it was adored. I still think my best fics are "Your Enemy's Name" and "Quincy Legacies" but those got fewer hits than so many others. You would think that the sex stories are the most popular, right? Wrong. Of my sexy little IchiIshi trilogy, the non-sex third part, this Ryuuken piece, went over bigtime. I guess the peoples loves the melodrama.

I want to give the people what they want. I just don't know what that is.
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Happy Birthday Lotusie.
I'll have the illustration for this soon, I imagine.

After You Died and Even Before That

Description: A father-son reunion. A third part to my stories “Real Sex” and “Pretend Love,” although it can stand alone.

Warnings: Angst. Ryuuken may be OOC but given these particular circumstances he may not be. If mentions of prostitutes require a warning, then yes, this fic mentions prostitutes. Otherwise it’s very gen and PG.

There. Done. Writing the Ishidas always wears me out. There's enough dysfunctional stuff there for several novels, though.
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I don't know what's the matter with me. This is the second story I've written in two weeks in which corpses play a significant role.

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I couldn't decide who to dedicate this for, specifically. It fit [profile] thenakedcat and so many other lovers of the Ishidas. So just consider this story a little lagniappe from my holiday brain (where it is snowing, where the halls are decked).


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