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Since most of the RenIshi fans I know are here, I figure I might as well post this.  Let's just say I got a little carried away with Renji's faboo new filler outfit.  xD

Title: Arabian Nights (I'm lazy, I know.)

Author: [livejournal.com profile] nendo_chan

Characters/Pairings: Renji, Uryuu, IshiRen (!!)

Rating: Soft M?

Warnings: Renji in the gayest outfit ever, Uryuu being a seductive little bastard, and implied boysex

In which Uryuu extracts his revenge for a tour of Soul Society gone wrong.

Here @ [livejournal.com profile] thelovelyfool  and here @ [community profile] maboroshi

x-posted to far too many places.  Dx
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Those of you who follow Kubo-sensei on Twitter know that he rarely gives out much Bleach info (although the occasional wild claim has been made here and there that Kubo is someone's Twitter chum and has told him/her which pairings are going to be canon ... yes, I've delved into such forum depths and seen such things with my own eyes). Sensei is worth following for his daily musings about chopsticks, banana holders, and Lady Gaga. Remember the time he gave diet advice by telling a reader to use a placemat picture of an old man's buttocks? Not long ago, he was tweeting about hot dogs and someone told him "eat the hot dog between my legs" (yeah, people tweet the wildest things to Sensei) and Kubo responded something to the effect of he never knew that this person was a guy because his icon pic looked female. Zing!

There was a Bleach tweet today that made me happy for no particular reason except it validated something some of us had always claimed about Kubo's characters and their colors (reposted from the IchiRuki FC at BA so there's a little shippy squee under the cut)

tweet )

Oh and happy Mother's day to me because I know my friend [livejournal.com profile] karenai bought some SMUT doujin for me on her trip to Japan. She posted some pix of all her loot for her pals the other day, and did you know there are RENISHI PENS in this world? Guess who's getting one?

images of merchandise )
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I don't expect to win, I just want to share~  FFN reviews are love~

Title: Between Fall and Winter

Author: Me~

Characters/Pairing: Ishida Uryuu, Abarai Renji; RenIshi

Rating: G

Warning: Just lots of fluff!

Also on [livejournal.com profile] thelovelyfool , as always.

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I have some goodies to pass the time while we wait for the inevitable fake spoilers that are going to raise their misshapen heads within the next few hours to try to spook us. I love fake spoilers. They're an art form of their own. I hate being gotten but I love good fakes and I love the game.

Below the cut, you'll find two Renji and Ishi voodoo dolls (that are supposedly official Bleach merchandise) that came from Hong Kong to my mailbox yesterday (and were quickly appropriated by my daughter!), a pic of what I think is amazingly groovy IchiRuki wrapping paper, a new Bleach Nintendo game, a funny fanart, a couple thought-provoking links and my own predictions, for the record, of what's going to go down in Bleach. *Hunches down low while opinions fly*


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You asked for it, you got it. Romantic RenIshi. Me and my BL. Ha. This one is for [livejournal.com profile] nehalenia . A great thank-you to [livejournal.com profile] vayshti for beta and feedback.

I Want To Touch His Hair That Way, RenIshi, R )
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[livejournal.com profile] bananakaya drew this, Children of Angels, for my birthday.  Work-safe. Ishida and Orihime

thank you kaya, I love you )

Oh and I hope you guys didn't miss my SPESHUL bday fic that [livejournal.com profile] vayshti  hid in the comments yesterday. It's hilarious. PG13ish--R rated  Seeing Eye Dog (RenIshi)
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It's time to vote in the Bleachness Birthdays Contest.[Poll #1293675][Poll #1293675]Read more... )

Special entries that didn't qualify for the competition but are yours to enjoy and ARE DEAREST TO MY HEART BECAUSE OMG, NEHA WROTE HET FOR ME, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, SHE DESERVES A SPECIAL BIGGEST PRIZE I HAVE FOR JUST THAT! (I'll think of something, heh heh heh)

Orihime Explains It All, 2 by nehalania
Orihime Explains It All, 3 by nehalania
Orihime Explains It All, 4 by nehalania
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Title: Three’s Company

Author: [livejournal.com profile] annieroo2  


Pairings/Characters: Ishida Uryuu/ Inoue Orihime, Abarai Renji

Spoilers: none

Warnings: het sex, mentions of mansex

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 6,003

Prompt: Ishida, Orihime, Renji, sex

Written for: Ishida’s birthday contest at  [info]bleachness 

Description: “Uryuu, I think there’s something missing from our sex life.”

Beta: [livejournal.com profile] 2metaldog


Happy Birthday Ishida... ) 
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MY PLUSHIES ARE FINISHED! (oh and yeah, the new Bleach chapter was released today by OneManga).

I am ODing on teh cute )

Oh, and the new chapter is out, a Sleepy Fans speed scan right here. Lots of people were impatient to get to the IchiUlqui fight but....!

Chapter 329, Raging Rampage )

ETA: I just got trinkets in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] aizome! Where did you find these? These are too adorable! I've never seen these images. Keychains of my other Bleach OTP!

Thank you so much for the cuteness, Aizome! )
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So jonesing for manga that for a few minutes I was taken in by a very poor pastiche of a fakey spoiler page that showed Grimmjow arriving on the the scene of the Ulquiorra and Ichigo fight. Damn. That would've been cool. Fake spoilers are fun, though. Do they annoy you? I see them as a form of fanfic/fan culture. They're good for thrills when they're well-done and good for laughs when they're bad.

Oh, I'm getting prizes for the next bleachness contest!

I will love Spacecat for five lifetimes and more! )

A couple Bleach drawings I did while my tablet was broken and I was able to steal colored pencils from my seven year old:

I want to hump your leg A Komamura drawing for Kaya's happy birthday

DEBBIE'S TABLET BROKE My first drawing. I just think this one is funny.

And the wonderful Pheleon is no longer taking commissions or exchanges (her last project will be an Ishida and an Orihime for me! I can't wait to show them to you) but get a load of her recent posable THE Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Some of her plushies are still for sale, though so you can contact her about those.

Maybe it's a good thing Phel is taking a break from plushies--I was actually thinking of commissioning her to make a Kubo Tite plushie. *blush*
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Remember that last year for my birthday and Uryuu's I held a contest that was quite a success? I want to do it again! I have a total personal selfish vested interest in the outcome--more fanworks for my fave character/pairings and I'll provide the prizes! I'd like to hear from you guys too, though, and see what you'll be willing to play with. I know I could be using this forum to promote more much needed Ikkaku/Yumi art or something but let's face it, I'm going with my personal faves.

[Poll #1237821]

Oh yeah--and Neha found two RenIshi sites!

Ginger Bar

First Candy

Can anyone who reads Japanese tell me if doujinshi are available from these artists?
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I’m a terrible LJ tagger. I keep trying to clean up my tags, though, and recently restored some RenIshi fics under their rightful tag. (Anyone looking for RenIshi fics should visit [livejournal.com profile] renishi  )

Here’s my latest contribution to the RenIshi fic world. Sorry for the wait on this one. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] vayshti  for the beta and for the patience with my too-poetic style. Don’t understand why the pairing isn’t exploding with popularity, but I’m happy more people are writing and drawing it. It’s my current yaoi fave in Bleach. This one-shot can be read as a sequel to "Satisfaction" and "Unravel Me".

Anyone who wants to strangle me for writing pretentiousness at the expense of sex scenes is invited to please, PLEASE write some RenIshi smuts because I want to read them too. Anyone who wants a glimpse of five yummy pages of the only RenIshi doujin I know of in existence should just be a little patient because [livejournal.com profile] nehalenia recently shared some with me and I love to spread the RenIshi inspiration around!

Rule Breaker, Deal Maker, Renji/Ishida NC17 )

Oh and I was a-drawing the boys too. DA link here: Renji and Ishida by debbiechan
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I can't be the only fanfic writer whose tongue curls up and whose every neurotic neuron goes totally  WAAAH, so much for that fic fitting into the canon timeline whenever Kubo reveals a little detail that conflicts with one of my stories? Of course I have tolerance for the dissonant alternate universes of Bleaches, even within my own fic---in this one, Ishida loves Orihime, in that one Ichigo, la la la, I am AUTHOR and I do as I please--but lately the flashback chapters have been bombing the hell out of lots of "How Hisagi Got his 69 Tattoo" and other such theories. The stories aren't invalidated of course--good writing stands as good writing, and fanon doesn't have to fit (or even make sense) with Kubo's paradigms in order to be authentic bleachness.

But who else out there is going nuts as your "what if" stories and pre-canon timeline stories are smashed to dust? Writers are compulsive creatures so there's that urge to go back and tweak details---then again, one of the things that makes the canon bombings tolerable is the absolute authority with which Kubo kills your backstory. I've yet to read a fic that was in the canon timeline that was better than Kubo's story. I remember writing the scene where Ryuuken gives Uryuu his powers back simply because I was tired of waiting for it and thinking damn, this is pretty good, I wonder if Kubo can do something this good, and of course, he does leagues better.

Pimping Time. [personal profile] nehalenia  wrote a fic based on my drawing of Ishida with the fireflies: Whatever You Want (IchiIshi, yaoi, NC17). It's ... guh ... gah. And because I didn't properly pimp the fic last time, she also wrote a really delish steaming spring and sweaty bodies fic not long ago called Sword Brothers (RenIshi, yaoi, NC17)

Take heed, Neha's fic isn't for everyone--those of you who won't like it know who you are. But if you want scrumptious, literate, goooood smut, she's your gal.

I'm still trying to learn how to write smut like that. In case you missed it, I'm still interested in responses to The Pr0n Ficcer's Meme. I caught some people filling out the meme in private LJs but it would be cool if you could answer in comments to the original post itself. Thanks.
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 Title: Someone
Characters: Renji, Ishida
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters of Bleach belong to the author and his publishers.
Summary: It's nice to have someone looking out for you.

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Speaking of RenIshi bondage. <.< ( My fanboi readers can either skip this rec or just THROW UP NOW and hurry up and comment on 314 below) I bring you yet another fic rec from [personal profile] nehalenia a yaoi writer who can give you the hard sex along with canon characterization and omg plot. And while she wrote this for White Day, it was New Year's, Xmas, Hannukah, and Fourth of July all wrapped up in one for me because it was RENISHI. I can retire! (not that I will!) But holy hell, someone's writing RenIshi like this, woo!

Lucky Shinigami (Yaoi, NC17, Renji and Ishida)
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YES, yes, I know some of you are still waiting for the het doujin to be completely scanned  *glares at hubby who put doujin in booksack and forgot about it* and I SWEAR I'll have it and two other non-hentai IshiHimes available very soon. You must be a member of to access the download link.

YEY!  The presents Annie bought me in Japan came in!  I must share. Some manga spoilers for Szayel battle.

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ATTENTION WRITERS: if you don't belong to [profile] bleach_flashfic  yet, SIGN UP. And you too can get awesome fic on demand like I did yesterday.
*FLAILS* [personal profile] aviss   wrote this RenIshi for me and it's simply lovely. Smutty but lovely. So much tenderness:

Backwards (NC17)

And now for my own RenIshi smut I promised. It's a comical counterpart to the above loveliness, I suppose. And it's based on Orin's drawing here as well as dedicated to the lovely Irish lass:

And lastly, a holiday card made for me last year that I found when getting out my Hanukah stuffs. I never got around to scanning it! A winter Orihime drawn by
[personal profile] asmaria 

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Thank you,  Jean Paul, for the birthday chocolates from Japan that came in little silver wrappers and looked like condoms. Kids didn't know why Max and I were laughing when we were eating them.

Another Birthday Present for Ishida )
Alright, they've asked me to turn off the camera! I think Ishida wants to stabby stab it with his little needle there.

Okay, the real reason for this post. I've had a couple suggestions for another contest. Of course I was all for holding a RenIshi fic contest (really there's not enough fic!) but [livejournal.com profile] evergrnterrace had this idea that we could have a sign-up---one person posts a drabble (maybe to a theme, of any ole Bleach character and pairing) and then artists post doodles/full blown illustrations to the piece of writing. Whatcha think? Any ideas? Something to get the artists to come out and play. There will be mad prizes, of course.
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This isn't for the contest, since even the faintest hint of IshiHime has pretty much disappeared. But I thought I would share since it's a continuation of the story I posted earlier.

Title: Don Ishida de la Quincy – Part 2
Rating: T – because I chickened out, and I couldn't write anything explicit, unless the sheer implication of boys being interested in each other warrants a higher rating

I like to think of this as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" side story. If you want to make the windmills disappear and send Renji and Uryuu on their way, then stick with the first version. If you want the hollows to turn back into windmills, leaving Renji and Uryuu stuck in Don Quixote-land, read on.

If this isn't an appropriate posting, please let me know.


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