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Right after I posted, Deb suggested that what we really needed was a "What Do You FEAR Renji's Time Skip Hair Will Look Like?" What can I say? She's right. Alas, LJ won't let me add another poll to the first one so you'll just have to do two of them.

I tried to cover all the bases here but this is Renji we're talking about and LJ only gives you so many blanks, so if you don't see your specific follicular nightmare listed here, make a comment and let us know. As always, art, graphics, & photos are welcome. Just remember you can't use an lj-cut in comments so no NSFW stuff please. Or anything that might cause sudden heart attacks, okay?

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It's going to be a long two weeks before we see another Bleach chapter. Fortunately, Kubo gave us a lot to squee about and chew on in 459. Rukia's new do elicited a lot of commentary, mostly on the positive side, it seems, and since all the other Nakama got new styles, it's time for us to tackle the big question weighing on every Bleach fan's mind:

What Is Renji Gonna Look Like When We Finally See Him?

Some things are no-brainers. He'll probably have a new pair of shades. He'll probably have some more tatts. But the hair? Considering that Kubo likes to torment Renji (not as much as the animation staff does, but still, remember all the ugly hats?), the possibilities boggle the mind. I've listed only a few of these, so if you have an opinion not represented here, be sure to comment and let us know.

Have at it, me hearties!

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[Poll #1666485]

Finally, from nacchan here at IchiRuki FC at BA, the final numbers on Hellverse are in. According to zack_mori (twitter name for Bleach anime soundman) today is the last day for the movie to play in the theatres). Hellverse didn't make as much money in its closing sums as Memories of Nobody, Diamond Dust Rebellion, or Fade to Black.

The best movie of the bunch rakes in the least money? Annie remembers that I predicted that it wouldn't do as well as FTB because of repeat business. I'm sad for Kubo-sensei to be right. After reading summaries of Hellverse I do believe it to be a well-made movie with lots of devotion to the authenticity of the characters, great fights and a little something for everyone... I don't believe that the absence of the Shinigami OR the presence of Orihime were that much a deciding factor in the movie's relative failure compared to DDR and FTB. I do believe that the repeat success of DDR and FTB had to do with the fervor of their respective fandoms (Hitsugaya and IchiRuki).
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[Poll #1665054]

Next, like everyone else, I've been contemplating ten more years of Bleach. I've been amused by how many young-uns have been wondering if they will still be reading manga and watching anime in a decade. Haha, I know the idea that shounen fighting manga are just for 12-year-olds is easy enough to topple, but the notion of how loooong ten years really is seems relevant to how many years have passed for you yourself. Older people seem to think of decades as shorter (who can remember getting older?), and younger people see only the vast evolution from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and the forever it takes (if you're a parent, it's a blink of an eye, trust me).

Back to Bleach--so why are so many people in fandom so upset about another decade of it? Is there honestly that much concern for the integrity of the plot and for another favorite jumping the shark? When I think back to beloved series I've followed for over a decade (I can't think of a manga since I haven't read any that long--so far my beloved manga have all ended on happy notes--Nodame Cantible most recently), yes there was that sense of er, stick a fork in it, it's done, but I kept watching. Yes, Friends kept on being funny and X-files never stopped being full of pop-culture allusions, mythological stuffs and conspiracy puzzles like sudoku for nerdmos, but I got a little bored. I think it was the shipping parts that bored me. Even though I shipped Ross/Rachel and Mulder/Scully (X-files was the fandom that invented the word "shipping"--I found the Internet just in time to discover that!), I got bored with my ships about a season before they inevitably, predictably, oh so predictably became canon with babies.

Ha, wonder if that may happen with me and IchiRuki and Bleach before the next decade is up?

Maybe--if I were reading Bleach for only this ship or that one, but I suspect that Kubo-sensei will find something to keep my interest. After all, even during the Arrancar arc that was a yawner for so many people, I was laughing my ass off over the gorgeous horror that was Szayel Aporro (the chapter called "The Bad Joke" was ultimately filler even though it had its moments--"The Bad Joke" should've become the byword for what Kubo pulled on his audience back then instead of "the Kubo Troll').

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eta: also, paging [livejournal.com profile] nendo_chan . Please contact me--I can't PM youuuu~~
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Happy Ghoul's Day to those who celebrate.[Poll #1638840]

Other news: WSJ announced the line-up for this year's Jump Festa:

Basically it says that Jump Festa Bleach will be held on Dec. 18th and 19th. The scheduled guests are Kubo sensei, Morita (Ichigo), Orikasa (Rukia), Nakai (Kokutou's seiyuu), Furuya (Syuren's seiyuu). This is the first time movie OCs are showing up for the festival. I'm disappointed other Bleach seiyuu like Ishida's and Orihime's aren't there. I expected the nakama there. I guess these OCs are expected to be popular? Soul Plates and everything--well... they're bishie for sure.

Also, I need to clear up a rumor regarding a misunderstood/mistranslated tweet that's been circulating. It's being said that Kubo-sensei requested hentai of Yoruichi, Neliel, and Rangiku and implied that he wanted to see some of Orihime. That's just not true. Not saying that Sensei can't be a perv sometime but what he was referring to were the new Bleach mousepads that have recently been merchandised. The mousepads are, erm, "erotic" and feature 3-D boobs of said characters. Kubo simply hadn't seen the merchandise and wanted to see them. Also, Seika Oda (Yuki, Orihime's seiyuu) asked Kubo why Orihime wasn't featured on one of the mousepads and Kubo responded that it was because Orihime was still in high school. Du'uh. Anyway, just clearing that up because nothing irritates me more than misinformation. This is how those "there's going to be a TURN BACK THE PENDULUM ARC ABOUT THE ESPADA" rumors get started. 

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[Poll #1608599]

Also, I thought there would be a slew of GinRan arts on DA these days but haven't found too many. Maybe everyone is still in shock. Here are a couple gorgeous ones. The prettiest ever by Kara-lija:http://kara-lija.deviantart.com/art/Leave-Me-With-My-Sins-176057819 and this one by Pan-Pan made me wibble-wibble: http://pan-pan.deviantart.com/#/d2wt0ki I'm sort of dreading any further GinRan images from Kubo-sensei himself next week but I imagine we'll get a lot of talky-talk from Aizenfly before the Ichigo battle and maybe be spared any more heart-wrenching art. But knowing how sadistic Sensei is... waaah.
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[Poll #1590970]Recs: I just read a luminous short piece about Orihime thinking about Ulquiorra's death by the ever brilliant [livejournal.com profile] incandescens --it's PG and just a lovely vignette. "I shall not fail that rendezvous." There's a 30 days fandom meme going around and one of the best Bleach writers doing it is [livejournal.com profile] karenai . Just check out her Character You'd Like to Go Shopping With and other entries. They're so entertaining. Oh, and if you happen to be a member of y!gal and an Ishida fan who happens to like the yaoi and who doesn't mind the Quincest ... or even if you do, you MAY BE CONVERTED BY a new animation art by the stunning Eneada. Seriously, you don't want to miss this if you're an Ishida perv like me.

Hey, informal poll. I'm still terrified that Gin is gonna die. I don't even want to vote. Anyone care to reassure me that he's not?
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In lieu of a Bleach chapter this week why not do some fanfic reading? We had such a nice, high-quality turn-out for this Valentine's fic event that I'm really happy and proud. It was a rough fandom week--someone tried to hack into my website (which reminds me that I haven't updated that thing in forever), I just found out that LJ ate the entire first sixteen pages of my authorial intent essays when I updated the entry weeks ago (I'll have to re-do the whole entry but when? I have a life, believe it or not. In the meantime I linked to a PDF file in my probably soon-to-be satotoged and hacked old website), and one of the cats ran off with my favorite Ishida figurine and I'm sure I'm going to find poor little Uryuu chewed up somewhere. :(

But sharing fanworks with wonderful people like you and fun contests like this one make such things forgettable so thanks to all who participated. The poll will be open for about a week or so (stay tuned for announcement of closing--probably when spoilers show up for the next chapter). The secret panel is in process of judging the fics and will announce winners when they're done enumerating criteria and debating fine points and having their fun.

You may vote for as many fics as you like in this poll. Anyone who is a member of this community may vote. The winner or winners will receive a prize for Most Popular Valentine's Fic 2010 and get a kiss from Renji or Neliel or both.

A list of links to the fics can be found here or do a search for the "Valentine's fic contest" tag.

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I really hardly ever look at the userinfo page but TODAY I DID AND this community is at 999 members, none of whom are bots, some of whom may be socks, and all of whom are certifiable, so here have a useless poll to celebrate:

[Poll #1520494]

In other news,

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Wow, everyone’s behaving all nice and friendly-like in that last entry about shipping. Sometimes I think this community has developed a nice atmosphere. Or maybe people are just dipping into the egg nog early. I’ve got Hanukah soon--I promise I’ll scan a new IshiHime doujin for [livejournal.com profile] bleachness members as a gift. Wish I could send you all tangerines from my backyard tree or transport some of my latkes to you (on second thought, no, you don’t want those--I’m not the world’s best latke fryer…. but if you’ve read my fic you know that I’m not embarrassed by much so every year I bravely burn pound after pound of potatoes for the sake of tradition). Alas, the RL demands that took me away from fic-writing last year are still here, but MAYBE I’ll get that two year old bday fic I promised for [livejournal.com profile] jaina up before the New Year. I feel conflicted about this site no longer being my fanworks site--I’m thrilled everyone’s having a good time here, but damn, I want to play too! (Stop looking at me like that--I know better than to take prompts! Maybe when the next contest event rolls around....)

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I'm still waiting for Dattebayo's English sub of Fade to Black. I haven't even watched the raw of the movie although my copy came in days ago. It's been a busy week but now I'm free and a tad impatient (breathes in, breathes out, huff, huff, huff) for the grand subtitled experience...so here's some stuffs to pass the time.

Choose as many options as you like in the next useless poll:

[Poll #1466065]

For those interested in participating in the continuing ship polls, a message from the moderator.

THIS Round 4 poll featuring Ulquiorra and Orihime will be open at 10 PM EST tonight and remain open until 10 PM EST Wednesday, October 7th.

Attention Bleach feminists! Bleach: Teatime by silvanoir is one of the most wonderfully sick fanarts I've seen in a while. I love it and imagine it was a blast to draw. Aizen lovers need not click the link.

From ImprafiatBlue, a fanartist in Japan, this little commentary on the FTB advertising cracked me up:

Don't look Ichigo! )
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We're really sloooooow about our predictions coming true over here at [Poll #1451983][Poll #1451983]

ETA2: Another round featuring the OT3 of Rukia/Renji/Ichigo and the pairing of Ishida/Orihime <3 is up now here
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I was cruising forums and found this by Shercko on Bleach Portal and laughed my ass off:

Ulquiorra's Last ) [Poll #1375021][Poll #1375021]
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I'm rushing out to go to lunch with a friend while fangasming over the Bleach latest Manga spoilers just like the rest of you, but fear not! To try and deter you from overly-crazy-spoiled filled thoughts,   [Poll #1371848]I'd use an LJ cut, but I think seeing the poll right away would get more users to actually participate =P[Poll #1371848]


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