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Some adorable Kubo blurbs published in WSJ over the years, found by spiderkiss, translated by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaioand posted here:


And awww, Sensei: I really love seeing my own characters drawn by other people.
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[livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio scanlated an adorable IshiHime (w/IchiRuki) comic excerpt by Soul Love (Rui on Pixiv) as a gift to [livejournal.com profile] la_kalaka
for becoming the new owner of the The IshiHime FanClub.

I'm happy to have founded the club and been owner for almost 8 versions but ENY WILL BE A GREAT NEW OWNER. IshiHime will always be my OTP <3

This comic is love.  (read Japanese style right to left)

Read more... )
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translations by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio 

Latest Bleach tweets from Sensei. He's recommending the anime to those who were shocked by the absence of IchiRuki's farewell scene from the anime, LOL. Apparently the "Bleach My Soul" scene meets with his approval?


"The check up of the scenario for the final episode of the Invading Army arc and for the first episode of the new arc is finished. It gives me a good feeling."

侵軍篇最終話は、侵軍篇から原作の破面篇最終話のラストシーンへとリンクする内容なんですが、これが良くで きてます。アニメを観て、一護とルキアの別れのシーンが無かった事にショックを受けた人、楽しみにしてて下 さい。納得のいく繋がり方になっているんじゃないかと思います。

"In the final episode of the Invading Army arc, we cut from that arc to content linked with the final scene of the last chapter in the original Arrancar arc... but it's done very well. Everyone who was shocked at the absence of Ichigo and Rukia's farewell scene, please watch the anime and enjoy yourself. I thought, well, weren't they tied together quite satisfactorily?"

最近、アニメ新章絡みの仕事が楽しいから、ツイートの内容が結構ちゃんと漫画家らしくなってる 気がする。

"Recently, since the work involved with the new arc in the anime is so fun, I feel like the contents of my tweets are becoming somewhat more proper and mangaka-like."

and earlier, because I thought this was adorable--Sensei tweeted about KiKi's Delivery Service, a movie I love, and while it may not be relevant at all to Ichigo's current situation, Sensei's thoughts about adults relationship to kids interested me:


I missed 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.


In 'Kiki's Delivery Service', my favourite scene is the one when that odious child says that he doesn't need his grandma's herring pie, because it's so awful... should I ever have children of my own, I'd like to show them this movie while they're little for that scene alone.

沢山の子に訊いてインパクトある20人を抽出したんだろうけど、それにしても面白い。 そして、子供の時分に「自分は愛されてる」と確信できてるってのは、とても幸せで、大切なことなんだなぁ、と再確認した。周りの大人がしっかり大人になっ ていないと、その確信もおかしなものになってしまうけど。

I guess they probably asked many kids, and then took a sample of 20 people with some impact... but still. It's interesting. Besides, when you're a child, being able to have confidence in the fact that you're loved is an important thing, it makes you happy... I can reconfirm that. But if the adults near you don't become reliable adults, that confidence also becomes an odd thing.


Somehow or other, even though I should have missed it, I'm dragging out the sentimentality of 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.

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[Poll #1753768]

And something else sort of interesting from Sensei's twitter that I was reluctant to post because he was rather vague and I thought there might be over-interpretation. What I gathered from the tweets was that Sensei was having ... uh .. a kinda artistic late night pondering and state of defiance over something. When questioned by fans "you're not talking about Bleach are you?" he claimed to be talking about music, lol, but said that his opinions about manga were the same. And he said that he's just trying to sort out his thoughts on Twitter and to read his thoughts with that in mind.

Kubo says )
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Feel better about the new arc yet? Have the pacing and storyline of the last two chapters won you over?

Looks to me like Sensei’s done his homework and pushed the pace like he said he would. Reader feedback and dire numbers and less than spectacular sales seem to be putting the pressure on to keep Bleach a success story.

WSJ rankings usually don’t get a lot of discussion but lately the Bleach Asylum thread for the WSJ rankings has been alive and kicking. People have been concerned about Bleach’s dropping popularity, and we discussed the matter here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  after I posted a new arc poll a couple weeks ago.

According to czeliate and others who follow 2ch, the Japanese have redubbed this arc "the lost agent arc" to be "the lost reader arc" (読者消失篇)--> meaning, an arc that losing the readers

The WSJ rankings, which are determined by reader feedback and editorial decision both, tell the story the most dramatically--ever since the current arc began, Bleach has had to struggle to win favor.

The link to that WSJ graph of the Big Three I posted weeks ago got lost, but I saved it when it was reposted at BA this time and uploaded it to my own LJ scrapbook. As you can see below, Bleach’s ratings have been ALL OVER. It hasn’t rated as high (2nd) since the end of the Arrancar Arc with the “Bleach My Soul” chapter. It rated low as 13th last week (for the Orihime vs Tsukishima face off) . The Valentine’s issue when Ichigo got his fullbring hubcab power was a healthy 5th place ranking.

Posted here by tatai who credits Tarouch for the graph:


Now, something of interest to those who follow Kubo-sensei's interviews and Twitter remarks and like to discuss his authorial intent and/or his responses to reader feedback and how audiences effect his work. A couple of his tweets this week interested me. [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio  translated. From the sound of things (and I realize I'm a fangirl), Sensei sounds endearingly insecure about feedback. Ah, if I only had a nickle for every artist I've sat up nights with talking about his or her perceived lack of talent. But from these vague statements, I also get the idea that idea that while Sensei doesn't like to hear judgements about his work, he's open to suggestions that include constructive criticism, that value judgements aren't worthwhile unless they include some help or encouragement on how to improve.

Anyway, judge for yourself:


When I talk about something and my tone doesn't imply the question 'Do you like it, do you hate it?', but instead something like 'Is it good, or is it bad?', hearing responses such as 'That's dull', or 'That's not pretty' - things that don't really present me with an alternate plan of the 'If it were me I'd do this' variety - makes me feel really dejected... even if those responses come from my friends. Like a certain writing style, or a certain design.


Since not immediately presenting me with an alternate plan in those moments is akin to saying 'I have no talent, but so what?'... well, you know. Inside myself I get dejected at that kind of attitude. Obviously.


Well, it's not as if I like the idea of talking about something with a tone of 'Is it good, or is it bad?' in the first place.
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First, a belated birthday present from [livejournal.com profile] enychan  that warms my heart. She was going to save this to post on the weekend fanworks post but I couldn't wait to share it here ... BECAUSE I CAN. XD.  Behold my IshiHime present:

IshiHime EGA by *kala-k on deviantART

Also, the most marvelous plushie maker in the universe, http://pheleon.deviantart.com has completed two more Ishida and Orihime plush dolls commissioned by me  AND YESTERDAY THE POSTMAN BROUGHT THEM TO MY DOOR. They're my cutest Bleach plushies yet! Only 10 inches tall (like my lil Ulquiorra). I'm so in love. A picspam below the cut. Lots of images. SILLY.

warning for cuteness below cut )

OH! One more thing! [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio  sent me caaaaaaake all the way from Italy the other day and one of the cool things she does is illustrate her letters to me. These IshiHime drawings were too precious not to share.

cute by mezzo )
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Kubo-sensei tweeted the cutest stuff about being at a cocktail party the other day and mentioned how he doesn't know how he comes up with his characters. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :

新人さんの居る飲み会に行くと必ず「どうやってキャラを作ってるんですか?」と訊かれるんだけど、上手く答 えられた試しが無い。自分でもどうやって作ってるかよく分かってないからだ。ていうか、話を聞くとパターン にハメてキャラを作ってる人が多くて驚く。そんな器用なこと俺にはできん。

Whenever I go to a drinking party and meet some new faces, without fail I'm asked "How do you create your characters?"... but there hasn't been a single instance where I was able to answer that question skillfully. That's because I myself don't understand exactly how I create them. I mean, I've heard stories... and I'm surprised that there are so many people who fall right into a pattern while creating their characters. I can't do things that skillfully.

キャラは「なんか知らないけど、いつのまにかできてる」ってのが1番正確な表現だと思うんだけど、それ言っ ても大体「??」みたいな顔をされるので、なんかそれっぽい、納得できそうな、漫画家っぽいことを言って、 毎度言い逃れてる。すまん、みんな。

On the subject of characters... I think the most accurate representation would be if I answered "I don't really understand it myself... but before I know it, they've been created". However, even with an answer like that I get "??" faces as a response. So I say something similar to that, something that would be more understandable - you know, some sort of mangaka answer. And each time, I say that and run away. Sorry, everyone.
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Yes folks, as I type this it is already Chad's birthday in Japan and we here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  will be celebrating until it is no longer his birthday in any part of the world. You are invited to post your offerings to our big wonderful muchacho in comments here. Please be patient with LJ as it site struggles with its DDoS issues and if your comment doesn't post, wait a while and it will post ... eventually. XD

FANWORKS NEW OR OLD, CONGRATS IN GLITTER TEXT, DOODLES, GRAPHICS, PIE, LOVE IN ALL FORMS WELCOME IN THE COMMENTS. Please use discretion and warn for all not-safe-for-work offerings and put them behind links.

CONTEST! Post a manga panel (manga only, not anime) in which Chad appears and write a comment about why Chad rocks your world in this panel. How to post an image in a Live Journal Comment. If all else fails in posting your panel, describe the moment in the manga vividly along with your comment. [livejournal.com profile] bleachness mods will choose 3 winners later on and you guys will get some groovy regalos (I have a cutie plush, an Amore e Morte tat, and a widdle Sado-kun sticker). I'll start with the first offering.

This Chad!Fest is dedicated to a dear friend who has been campaigning for a Chad arc for years now. She may never get to see her guy in a white dress but at least she can get the following--a special art from
[info]imlikat ! [info]mezzo_marinaio  was absent from fandom for a few months but she's back now and here ya go, honey--

with love )

I'll say more about the birthday boy later. Gah, I love you Sado Yasutora.
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More thingies for you all. First, Annie IMed me early this morning with scans of the new butler maid gum cards and said "don't ask me for HQs--I don't have them yet!" LOL. I was happy because we weren't expecting these to be released until the 30th. Just look at Ishida here pouring the tea like Sebastian! Renji is carrying a tray (are there seaweed ambassador cookies under the lid? Taiyaki?) and we have maid!Rukia at last.

low quality scan )

I'd been waiting patiently for Ishida fans to blog and review Hellverse since from first reports most  reviews I'd been hearing had been going on about shipping stuffs and naked!Rukia. XD  [livejournal.com profile] pony_rocks posted links in the Ishida FC this morning to blogs from Ishida fans. She's a professional translator so I didn't think to bother her, but mezzo was kind enough to translate! Ishida gushing from blog under cut. Movie spoilers of course (but yeah movie spoilers are all over this community--I'm not really hiding them well).

Ishida!Ishida!Ishida! )

LOL, Ishida, also Nii-sama. I swear, Nii-sama's scene with Ichigo may be one of the scenes I'm most looking forward to in the movie. Apparently many reviewers have said that it's powerful. There's a good summary in English at animesuki from Langus who went to see the movie HERE (I like that place, even though it often posts stuffs from here w/o credit to Mezz et al) and with all due respect to Langus, I don't think he got Bya's character right in that scene.

read more and spoilers )

more amazing mezzo translations about final battle HERE

eta: higher quality scans of gum cards found by 12domba of IshiHime FC at BA

higher quality scans )
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He's seen the whole thing! And Kubo-sensei tweeted about it today! A treat for the fanboys it seems! And I'm so looking forward to the animation! (Ishida!Ishida!Ishida in a mooooovie! *spazzes*)

Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :


“I’ve retuuuurned! The movie was amazing! To be brief, it was aaaaaaal action!”

全編アクションって言っても、大抵のアクション映画ってアクション部分て半分くらいだったりするけど、今回の映画はまじでアクションじゃないシー ンが10分とか15分くらいしかありません。しかもアクションのクオリティが高い高い。アニメスタッフさんの苦労は尋常じゃなかったと思います。

“Though action movies are generally labelled like that, the action parts usually span about half of the movie… in this movie, though, the scenes that couldn’t be labelled ‘action’ must have been about 10-15 minutes at the most. Furthermore, the action quality was high, high. I think that the anime staff must have had some unusual trouble for this one.”


“At the beginning of the movie, there is a battle scene between Ichigo and Ulquiorra – which is basically a remake of their canon battle; it’s just a few minutes long, but I think those few minutes reached a level of perfection. The people who have even just a little interest in either Ichigo or Ulquiorra should definitely watch it.”

@norider1965 とんでもない!今回の映画は絵の力がものすごく大きいです!自分のやれたことなんてごくわずか。本当に、スタッフさん一人一人にお礼を言いたいくらいです。

“No way! This time, the movie had earth-shatteringly beautiful drawings! There is little to any difference with my own drawings. I’d really like to thank the movie staff one by one.”


“And then, what particularly impressed me this time was that they drew Ichigo – who is very hard to draw – very well, and made him cool-looking for the entire time. I was really happy about that. All the more because this time, Ichigo was set firmly at the centre of the story.”

ストーリー的には、これまでのBLEACHの映画って、BLEACHらしさはあるけど正直ジャンプっぽさは薄かったと思うんです。それが今回は BLEACH らしさをしっかり持ちつつも、いかにもジャンプ映画らしいストーリーと演出で、子供の頃にジャンプ映画を観た時のような気持ちになれました。

“Story-wise, I think that the Bleach movies up until now gave off a Bleach-like feeling, but their Jump-like essence was very sparse. This time, however – while the movie is firmly grounded in the spirit of Bleach – the story produced really gives off a feeling of being a typical Jump movie… so I was able to return to the emotions I felt when I saw Jump movies in my childhood.”

On another note, the merchandising for this movie is out of this world. I've found myself lusting for cork coasters and buttons and mousepads like never before, but ohhh I really really REALLY WANT THIS.

And don't forget:

THE DAY TO POST ENTRIES IN THE ISHIDA AND ORIHIME FANWORKS CONTEST IS TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 19.  See HERE for the original post. Please remember to put as the subject heading for your post THE TITLE OF WORK and its CATEGORY (FANART OR FANFIC). Please remember to tag your post ISHIHIME BIRTHDAY CONTEST.

You can start posting entries at Midnight CST, I suppose--I'm not strict. I do hope we get some entries even though some of you have said you're behind and will post later. Last night my daughter found my stash of pumpkin Pocky I was saving to send out with prizes this year and ATE IT ALL, LOL but I managed to deep-hide the Japanese milk caramels! In any event, I hope the new Bleach arc will inspire more fanworks all year long, not just for this contest, and that you won't need candies for incentives! I just like to throw candies into the air on my bday is all!

Oh wow, next week will be such a Thanksgiving treat--two Bleach chapters, a color page, the special freaky filler anime episode with kinky!maid Rukia and movie costume designer!Ishida and then news of the movie! Can 2011 be even better?!!
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Sensei does tweet about things other than food and breasts--sometimes he tweets about Bleach. Just today (and I swear if I didn't know better I would guess that someone cued him in on the fact that a certain insistent part of American fandom was identifying Rukia as "a geisha" and Orihime as a "samurai's wife" in the new 2011 anime B calendar ) Sensei tweeted that he loved the calendar featuring "historical figures," that it was his favorite but being ignorant of history, he could tell who everyone but Rukia and Orihime were.


ただ、俺が歴史に疎いせいか、ルキアと織姫の元ネタだけが誰だか分かりません。 about 3 hours ago via Echofon

来年のアニメ版カレンダーが届いたんだけど、これ凄くいい!!今までで一番好きかも。歴史上の人物に扮したキャラが筆のような筆致で描かれてて、みんなすげーかっこ良い! about 3 hours ago via Echofon

Several fans (mostly Japanese) wrote back to identify Rukia as princess AtsuHime (not a fancy prostitute) amd Orihime as Murasaki Shikibu, author of The Tale of Genji THE WORLD'S FIRST NOVEL (not an anonymous Samurai's wife). Of course those fans identifying the girls as such also claim to be doing such things in order to annoy the IchiRuki fandom. Mature, ne?

Also, remember when Sensei tweeted that he was drawing panties for the first time in his life and he got us all curious as to WHOSE panties they could be? (He said he wanted to make them flesh-colored!   )

Alas, he wasn't talking about Bleach. Translation by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio :

Sensei: @hekky3 確かに子供用の水着って困りますよね。やちるの水着姿描いた時も困りました。そういや俺こないだ生まれて初 めてパンチラ描きましたよ。BLEACHじゃないですが(笑)。

To hekky3: "I definitely have some trouble with child swimsuits. I had some trouble when I drew Yachiru's swimsuit as well. By the way, the other day I drew someone showing their underwear for the first time in my life. Ah, but I'm not talking about Bleach." (laugh)

(Mezz: Awwwww, looks like he wasn't drawing IchiRuki pantsu after all. XD

I wonder what he was talking about, then...?

Lol, maybe he really IS starting a Kubo underwear line! XDDD)
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Well, I appear to be a little late for Orihime's birthday... but in the end, no Orihime fanart is bad fanart, right? :3

So, a happy late birthday, Orihime! XD )
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Well, I'm still in the process of translating Ishida's pages - though for now they don't seem to be particularly interesting, just a brief recap. *sighs*

In the meantime, here, have some more of Kubo's interview! :D )


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Just for the record, there’s been some confusion about Sensei’s tweets today regarding Orihime and some fan criticism of her. No, Sensei was not addressing Orihime hate in general in Bleach fandom. For some days now a tweeter claiming to be a Rukia fan has been sending Kubo-sensei, Kudo-san and Morita-kun tweets saying horrible things about the character of Orihime and calling for Orihime’s death among other things. A recent tweet said that if Orihime had a large part in the movie this tweeter would not go to the movie. The tweeter linked Kubo-sensei to the Orihime 2ch hate thread. Sensei mildly warned the tweeter not long ago and sent private notes to fans concerned about the messages telling them not to worry. When the messages started up again with more verocity, I tweeted him last night:

read more )

I just don't want people to get the idea that these tweets from Kubo have anything to do with the ohmygawdOrihimeisFAILbecauseshedoesn't useTsubaki! criticism! one may see in fandom and that in fact it was [livejournal.com profile] bleachness members such as Annie and Syn and Amy and myself and others who wrote Sensei appalled by this tweeter's hatred of Orihime.

ETA: mezzo's direct translation of Kubo's tweet (not summary like Ku's--although thank you very much Ku). The first translation made me LOL with its particular colorfulness. <3


Talentless people who don’t make any personal effort and yet complain about the things that they are given – when they can’t drag other, hard-working people to follow their lead – shut their eyes tightly and end up somewhere in a corner, just barely managing to survive by opening their mouth and eating nothing but rain and dust.


So it’s like that, eh? I might have been warned about it before.


Before, when this kind of thing happened by accident, I got some terribly worried letters and replies… but there is no reason to get especially angry or shocked – it’s okay, don’t worry.


In this kind of situation, when every week people from all around the world read your words, no one among the ones who’ve been writing manga every week for almost ten years would be so hasty. Because the timing was just right, I was led to speak a manifestation of my intentions.


And then, after seeing that child’s tweet, normal Rukia fans (the child was the ‘I like Rukia, I hate Orihime’ type) probably were shocked – but that won’t damage the impression of Rukia fans I hold inside me – so please, don’t worry.


I’m truly sorry, for the Orihime fans who had to see such foul language in one of my RT and for all BLEACH readers who enjoy the manga at their comfort. But since there is zero chance that my writing style will change because of other people’s comments, please don’t worry about it.


Be it just in one part or in the entire thing, currying favor with the readers while writing a manga means pushing the blame on the readers. Making other people pay money for something I don’t find interesting from the bottom of my heart would be a fraud.


About that idea, I don’t feel like discussing it. Naturally, it’s great that there are differing thoughts. If someone keeps making something for five, ten years and there are many opinions, that is that person’s way of life as a creator. I’m not denying that. If I read that tweet and it makes me think something, in that moment the tweet’s significance is satisfied completely.


No less. In that situation, I’d return the manuscript!


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