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Bleach 475 is up at MangaReader.net.

MangaStream.com's version is also up.

Usual: Don't tweet to Kubo about the chapter or using pics from the chapter until Monday.

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According to Anime News Network, Viz announced at NY Comic Con that it is launching Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha on January 30, 2012. This will be a weekly digital release of the latest chapters of Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Toriko, Bakuman, and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan two weeks after their release in Japan.

As explained by ANN: "Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha will be available on VizManga.com and Viz Manga apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. An annual membership will cost US$25.99 for 48 weekly issues. (Weekly Shonen Jump takes a few weeks off during the year in Japan.) Single issues will cost US$0.99 for a four-week rental. Any issue on one device can be read on another device with the same user account via VizManga.com or the Viz Manga app."

As most North American fans know, Bleach in North America is ridiculously behind Japan in volumes. Volume 36 is the most recent North American release (Turn Back the Pendulum arc), while Volume 52 was just released in Japan. As such, Viz is also launching "Digital Warp":
"To prepare fans for the debut of WEEKLY SJ ALPHA, Viz Media is also offering the SHONEN JUMP DIGITAL WARP, a limited collection of digital graphic novel speed-ups that will bring North American readers up-to-date with Japanese releases. In some cases, the digital speed-ups will jump ahead of the print releases in North America. The SHONEN JUMP DIGITAL WARP will begin with NARUTO Volume 53 (available now) and BLEACH Volume 49 (coming soon)."

ANN says: "After Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha launches, Viz Media plans to stop publishing the print edition of its Shonen Jump magazine next March with the "farewell April 2012 issue." Viz has been publishing the monthly magazine since 2003."

So basically, Viz is going digital for Weekly Shonen Jump and will cease the print edition next year. New chapters for select WSJ titles will be released in North American digitally two weeks after their release in Japan, and Viz will catch up with the latest Bleach volumes in Japan by skipping Volumes 37-48 to release Volume 49+ digitally (they will still be printing the 37+ volumes physically, just the digital releases will be skipping them). (Volume 49 is the start of the Lost Shinigami Substitute arc.)

Manga fans have been asking for this sort of thing for years, so this is definitely a big step in the right direction. The price seems quite good as well. The only question is whether fans will be patient enough to wait for two weeks? Cynically, I have to wonder, especially since the current scanlations come out a few days before their release in Japan, so this is really like a 2 1/2 week wait. I think one week would've been much better, and two weeks may be pushing it. (This is also not addressing the issue of the quality of Viz's translations, which some find lacking.) Anyway, it seems Viz has finally recognized the importance of getting its releases out there on the Internet soon after the Japanese releases, in an attempt to thwart off the effect of scanlations. One also has to wonder how this will affect scanlations (if some groups will stop scanlating and if Viz will start to use more cease&desists on groups).
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Bleach 461 is at MangaReader. Take the general necessary precautions for the ads on the site (Adblock, etc.).

MangaStream's translation won't be up for another day or so. MangaStream's version is up.

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If you can see this post, you are one of the lucky few. (LJ is undergoing DDoS attacks.)

Bleach 458 is up at MangaStream.

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Bleach 456 is up at MangaReader.

The MangaStream version is up also.

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Note: As I was informed, the reason the Big Three are out earlier this week is because WSJ goes on sale in Japan this Saturday, rather than Sunday.
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This started out as a full analysis of the arc, but damned it if wasn't turning into a master's thesis and I knew that by the time I finished it, the next chapter would probably be out.  A big part of it was an outline of the reasons I think Tsukishima's almost definitely working with Xcution, but as I wrote, I noticed that one subject was overtaking everything else: hot damn Ginjou's some kind of wizard.

This being something that I'm absolutely sure about (as opposed to so-sure-I'd-bet-money-but-Kubo-may-yet-troll-me), I decided to focus on that, because it clearly wanted to be focused on and the "Tsukishima Shuukurou has a posse" theory hinges on it.  There's been a lot of talk about how dumb Ichigo's been acting this arc, and how it's not cool that he's not trusting his dad or Urahara, and as [livejournal.com profile] san_toki  pointed out in the 453 chapter post, it feels like Ichigo's done this to himself--letting his desire to get his powers back be exploited and make him blind to what's going on.  I think it's more than that, though.  If there's one thing this arc has reinforced mightily it's that Ichigo is still a kid, one who needs adults in his life and people he can lean on.  As much as he's the hero of the series and runs around getting into danger and doing the impossible, Ichigo's always eventually gotten help from adults, whether they're shinigami or Ikumi or Urahara and Isshin.  And what I see going on here is a kid who is entirely out of his depth when an adult for whom manipulation is like breathing draws him into his circle. 

Ichigo's used to dealing with people who are straightforward.  Even Aizen will explain his plot at the drop of a hat; his powers really do the manipulation, and he insists that people just see what they want to see.  Tsukishima's powers are a horror show, able to turn him into a beloved friend, family member, or authority figure at the cut of a blade, but most of the scare factor where he's concerned (for me at least) is the way he makes people vulnerable.  He's able to inspire all the feelings of a personal relationship with him, but there's no evidence that he feels anything in return, and that's fairly horrifying. 

Ginjou, though, is scary because what he's doing to Ichigo works just as well on real people, in real life, and he doesn't need any superpowers to do it.  He just has to be able to lie and exploit other people shamelessly, and here's a rundown of how he does it.

(All images are from the scanlations available at MangaFox and have been badly cropped for your convenience.)
Forget Tsukishima, Ginjou's the one making Aizen look bad. )
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Bleach 453 is out at MangaReader.net.

It's missing some pages at the end though. Missing pages were added.

I REALLY recommend using Adblock in Firefox or Chrome. I keep getting "BLOCKED EXPLOIT" notices in Norton, so the advertisements they use seem to be sketchy.

ETA: MangaStream's version is up as well.

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Bleach 451 is up at MangaStream.

** Do not tweet to Kubo about this chapter until Monday. **

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Bleach 448 is out.

HEY, KIDS! Remember to NOT TWEET KUBO ABOUT THIS CHAPTER until Monday! Thanks. Some wonderful folks already did; hope they were suitably blocked.

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Bleach 445 is out.

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Reminder: This week is a double issue, so we won't have Bleach next week.


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