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Check 'em out! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

I really REALLY need a new pair and had my heart set on the red-framed Homura glasses from Madoka until I saw Ishida's! I know you can get these fitted with prescription lenses but are the frames one-size fits all? Can you order different sized frames? I hope I can get some Ishida glasses for Hanukah maybe.  Even if there's only one size averaged to the typical Asian face, my face is small so I think I'm probably good ordering a pair--gosh I really want Ishida glasses although haha, the Kenpachi ones look kinda cool too. As much as I love Rukia, her lavender glasses just aren't my style.

Oh! A tweet from Sensei translated by verduistering at the Ishida FC at  deathberry here

10h  久保 帯人 ‏@tite_kubo

おっ、これ発表になったのか。雨竜のやつ監修しました。原作でかけてる形です。RT @brwakame: @tite_kubo キクチメガネさんのHPで第二弾のメガネのデザインが出てましたvv かっこいいです! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

Oh, have they been announced? I supervised Uryuu’s design. It’s designed after the glasses he wears in the manga. RT @brwakame: @tite_kubo: On Kikuchi-Megane’s homepage the new glasses designs have been released. Cool! http://www.kikuchi-megane.co.jp/bleach_straat/index.html

Kubo's supervising these glasses makes them a must-have!!!
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First some recent goodies from Jump Bang, the Tokyo t.v. show that features Jump stuffs.  From baidu screencaps, posted gratis of Annie and Delicious at deathberry. Under the cut are the covers (in color now) of the new Bleach novels by Ryohgo Narita (unidentified new characters but possibly a previous Kenpachi and a lady person from Shunsui's past), the color cover for Bleach volume 55 (Bucky and some very large font), and Rebooted Souls (Ichigo).Also, a drawing of a very grown-up and badass Ichigo from Sensei.

The sketch from Sensei gives me all kinds of thrills. Kubo's art and Ichigo as a character have both grown so much in the past 10 yrs. Now the volume 55 cover. I don't know why Sensei was so excited about the style for this cover. I love Bucky and from this pic it looks like a nice scary portrait but nothing REALLY special--the huge freaking font annoys the FARK out of me, and while I see the double Quincy fives like two fists to the face, I get it already Sensei. I'd rather have art sometimes than his graphic posturing. This is the man who brings home his architecture magazines home and says he "purrs" over them but sometimes his style is too ... I don't know--at the expense of character? Like, I'd like to see a FACE rather than things?

Eh, I know he'll make up for it with the poem.  :lmao  I'll get my characterization there. But I really don't like the big ass letters. I'm wondering if they're going to be in every volume cover from now on.

Goodies under cut

Goodies Under Cut )

Second, I know that fandom is craving a translation in English of the fourth excerpt of the Bleach novel by Narita-san. There's one available at deathberry but it's being restricted to a closed subforum at the moment. I keep waiting for other translators to step up to the plate but so far its been days since the raw appeared and no one has translated anything but the summary. Apparently the DB fans who did so much of the work for fandom for years finding goodies and doing translations are truly the only ones who bother--despite recent claims to the contrary.

In fact, not long ago, deathberry translator [livejournal.com profile] pikeish (who previously provided for Bleach Asylum and all fandom with goodies via the IchiRuki FC before its break w/BA to form deathberry) stood accused of stealing a translation from Bleach Asylum despite hard evidence that her translation appeared days before BA's translation. Amazing fandom story. I know I've vowed to stick to source material and the Bleach MANGA in my posts but this fandom story is really too amazing not to mention. I've got such a personal stake in it too and it doesn't involve shipping pettiness but the fandom at large. What the story appeared to be at first was that some newbie translator had paraphrased [livejournal.com profile] pikeish's translation and reposted at BA to fanboi gratefulness and misunderstanding and much bitchiness towards the new forum who refused to share with BA. What eventually was revealed was that the administrator of BA, Velius, actually goaded this "translator" to go to to deathberry and take the translation, knowing full well that the translation posted at BA would not be authentic, original work. He then further goaded BA members to troll DB and suggest that [livejournal.com profile] pikeish took the translation from BA!

The attempted sabotage of deathberry by BA administration was all out in the open on BA visitor messages, screen-capped and exposed at deathberry. The thread was closed but you can read the whole dramaz HERE. The caps are rather shocking. (Velius: [administrator of BA]: "I'm good with code" and blackstrawberry [the "translator"]: "The one with the actual goodies happens to be someone other than me"). The thread itself features a surprise appearance from Velius who advises deathberry to lock down its forum 100% ... to keep people from stealing from it, I suppose.

Well, for the time being, deathberry is partially locked down. Unlike Bleach Asylum, it does not make any money off ad revenue and was never intended to be a biiiig forum. We were always a community of fans; we love what we do and never regarded ourselves as a public service either. Those of you who are blaming the people who run deathberry for keeping the bleach novel translation and other goodies from you, please don't blame us. We were sharing with the fandom at large. It was antics like the one the BA administration pulled that prompted the recent lock-down. People who work hard don't need wank and accusations. It's very unlikely that the new bleach novel will ever be (officially) translated into English--the previous ones were not. May this be a lesson to fandom. Entitlement and whining will get you nowhere. Want something very much? Do it for yourself.

ETA: Deathberry was considering releasing scanlations of novel to general public after some time so no further accusations of translation-theft etc could be made but decided to make only summaries public in a thread. See here
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Hold on, hold on! I know some of you will haaate the banner, because well, either you dislike Yuki and are wondering what he has to do with Bleach or you just don’t like the gloomy look of the graphic, but hear me out. I chose the banner. I love the banner. I entrusted [livejournal.com profile] yorleni and her wonderful talent to make this banner, and for me ---ahhh-- *kisses fingers*---the foreboding final arc of Bleach is all here. Ichigo, the mentor but his face in shadow and half-hollowed, and the new generation (yeah, that kid upon whose appearance audiences groaned “not ANOTHER new character) is wide-eyed and vulnerable. I’m scared—aren’t you? If the last arc was all emo Ichi (last banner ) then this one is the final bloodbath….

Any time now with that invasion of SS, Sensei. You promised a Seireitei in ruins and judging from the last stupid [livejournal.com profile] bleachness poll, many are on to your teasing ways and there are claims of Battered Reader Syndrome.

The readers literally want BLOOD.

But will they get it? The bloodbath, mean. This is the last arc and anything can happen, right?

Not really. This is a formula genre we’re in, and we’re talking Bleach—a manga whose style we’ve grown familiar with over 10 years now. I’d say it’s fair to expect SOME death but not too much—this is Kubo and it hurts him as much to kill off a character with real finality as it does to say no to a cupcake. As final as they were, Gin’s death, Ginjou’s death, even Sasakibe’s weren’t shockers. We’re past the days when Sensei can fool audiences into believing Rukia is lying dead in the ice…or are we? Maybe not if fandom was so quick to buy Ukitake as the final villain.

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From deathberry of course, your source for the latest and most accurate Bleachy stuffs lately.

From [livejournal.com profile] pikeish here:

Cute tweet from Kudo Masashi (animation director of now deceased Bleach anime) on what he thinks when drawing Rukia.

A fan has tweeted him about what his opinion on Orihime's chest is and he replied with "Big", then another fan tweeted him asking what he thought on Rukia's? This was his answer:



Small. I think it is more like I consider her body's general petiteness when drawing her. Like, in contrast to Ichigo. In the skating episode (342), I've struggled with the representation of the difference in the size of their hands.

Fans always did compare Rukia's height with Ichigo's, like how before the time-skip, it was exactly a foot difference. It's cute how Kudo's mind also went into comparing her height in contrast to Ichigo, and even for that detail with the size of their hands in the Date episode.

Also Kudo-san did give a brief response about Riruka's breasts.

Earlier in the week, Kubo-sensei himself had tweeted something funny in response to a fan questioning if Rukia was a boy. Here is the tweet translated by nacchan here:

Fan : Rukia is a girl isn't she?
Kubo : You need to ask? / What are you trying to confirm?

The tweet was a while ago but I'm still laughing--probably because I've heard so many Ruka=Hanatarou, Rukia=androgynous, Rukia=man comments in fandom lately. Usually Sensei takes the high road and doesn't address the crap he gets on a daily basis but I'm amused he chose to answer this dumbass tweet.
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Well hey Sensei, you surprised me!  For the cover of volume 54, it's Rukia with the title of "Goodbye to Our Xcution." I thought we'd get Jackie for sure with that title--to make for a full set of the fullbringers. Now all I can think of is omg, a RUKIA POEM.

The cover is wonderful--the first shinigami to show in the arc in a crouching pose.  I guess Rukia's appearance in the manga really did spell the end for Ginjou and the fullbringer arc.  I'm so eager for the poem. Will it be an answer to Ichigo's that opened the arc? Will it cover the idea that while Rukia didn't defeat Riruka with the sword, hers was a victory of the heart over Riruka? Rukia's defining moment in the volume was her speech about Ichigo and how he changed everyone--will the poem echo that?

Also, Jump Bang aired with a drawing from Kubo--Rukia playing guitar as one of the girls from Scandal! Cuuuuute! Screencap by [livejournal.com profile] melodymix and pic of Vol 54 below cut. (eta: Other souce credits Annie and Nacchan @deathberry and broken_coda on twitter).

looky! )

eta: part of Kubo's interview from Jump Bang, translated by at the Rukia FC at BA HERE
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1) New glorious compilation post by Spiderkiss in deathberry, this time of Kubo's official Bleach art: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=82.msg1509#msg1509   (her previous compilation post of Kubo's rare illustrations continues to be updated here: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=80.msg1491#msg1491)

2) Good article by Deb Aoki: http://manga.about.com/od/bookreviews/a/Mangastream-Vs-Shonen-Jump-Alpha.htm
I'll take issue w/what she says about "leaked scans" being the source of early scanlations. Some issues of Shonen Jump are legally sold in certain areas in Japan before the "official" release date on Monday and these are purchased and given to scanlators. The illegal activity is the giving of the magazines to scanlators for illegal use, not the purchase of the magazines before the official release date. In the US and elsewhere, magazines are often sold before the official release date-- it you're a home subscriber, you're aware of this because you get your magazine before it hits the newstands.

I subscribe to VIZ ALPHA and have been a longtime supporter of VIZ despite my unhappiness with many aspects of their censorship and catering to a kiddie audience. More of my comments in the BA thread here.

3) Something pretty and fun. Our dear dear [livejournal.com profile] pikeish drew an IchiRuki IshiHime drawing for
Ishikawa Tomomi, the Bleach animator who is no longer going to be drawing for Bleach because she's gone on to bigger projects. Not only did Tomomi-san put Pike-chan's drawing in a frame on her desk, she also drew a pic back, one of Rukia (Pike's favorite character) waving goodbye. *cue tears* Here it is--so lovely!

Note watermark. Please do not re-post anywhere else, modify or use for your own graphics.

<3 )

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Thank you Estella May for image.

Riruka for the Year of the Dragon
looky )
She looks great. I would've preferred Uryuu or Ryuuken or even Tatsuki who have dragons in their names but eh, I like Riruka a lot too.
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Some adorable Kubo blurbs published in WSJ over the years, found by spiderkiss, translated by [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaioand posted here:


And awww, Sensei: I really love seeing my own characters drawn by other people.
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Oh this is so cute. Syn found it. Source is deathberry post here 

People wanted to be in the 11th squad most of all? SCARY SCARY, JAPAN. I assume it's because of the brotherhood and not for the fighty fighty. And to feed Yachiru konpeito.  Adorable that Kubo worries about the popularity of a squad he hasn't written yet. I reminded of his concern for Hisagi's popularity before the character was developed. He doesn't seem to like audiences' imaginations running away with them before he has some say!

Oh, the songs cover tidbit that Syn refers to in her comment is from a tweet of Kubo's about Buricon 2. Nacchan's post about the tweet is here. "He said that he likes how at the end the flow of the songs are Kaien --> Rukia --> Ichigo."
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Ah, some of this news isn't exactly hot off the presses in that it's a few days old but I've been busy all week. But  I know many of you aren't Bleach fanatics like me & don't get up every morning and look all over the net for Bleach stuffs but still appreciate a round-up of info. Maybe you haven't seen some of this stuff yet.

*   From ANN:  http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2011-12-02/bleach-kubo-congratulates-gorillaz-on-10th-anniversary
Cuuute drawing. The band guys are in shinigami garb.

*  Volume 53 came out. Surprise no Rukia on the cover but Kubo continues with his high contrast Western-style comic style drawings of Fullbringers. Yukio is in a gorgeous pose. High Quality cover of Volume 53 from Zangetsu01 HERE. I really like Yukio, and I'm wondering if Jackie will be the next cover (Giriko's not important enough--he was zapped by Zaraki so fast) or if it indeed it will be Rukia this time. Or Bya or Ichi? Seems like it's Rukia's turn, but I'm desperately rooting for a Jackie resurrection.

Doodles/Endpages and Info pages from Nyaro~n HERE. Apparently the characters are all commenting attributes of their new appearances. Kenpachi can't remember why he wore bells in his hair. lol. Rukia is smiling about some secret regarding her VC badge (ARGH, Sensei, why so many secrets about Rukia). The doodle about Orihime is really creepy and shows blood over the pic of Sora/Tsuki and little Hime following the "Why Me Sad" chapter. The text is "Sometimes a Past is Poisonous." I'm already villified for my opinions about Orihime so I may as well wonder aloud if the text doesn't refer to her real past with her brother or her real feelings for Ichigo rather than the inserted Tsukishima past. You know how Kubo loves his puns. That chapter was so sad--the weight of Orihime's sadness seems to be in a history of personal pain; Tsukishima's violation of her and others will be fixed with manga magic but whatever Orihime has to overcome in order to grow as a character seems deeper and preceding him. Speaking of growing, Hime didn't get to grow any in her stat page. No fair. Ichigo and the boys got growth spurts. Hime's breasts got larger but she's still 157 cm. Oh well. That's my height and I stopped growing around that age too.

Translation of Yukio's poem w/ comment by tenshi no hane from BA here :

The fact that I am so very young
And inexperienced
Seems to be unforgivable
To those decrepit
And perfect adults

I like it. It shows the envy of adults towards children for their youth. Nice contrasts as well: young vs decrepit and inexperienced vs perfect.

I like it too--it shows the ironies Kubo's poetry is famous for, as well as states Yukio's case--the "is he or isn't he guilty?" that makes him so controversial around fans. Unforgivable inexperience is a fascinating concept. He's quite adept at what he does--but does that make him innocent?

*   The new rock Bleach musical came out on DVD and caused a sensation with the closing scene of act 2 where Rukia dies and Ichigo takes a face dive into her boobs mourning her while the cast sings. I haven't watched the whole thing yet--I have a real affection for the musicals but they always take warming up to for me. The clips I've seen are fun--Ukitake is a twirling dancing BEAST of loveliness and the lead villain has a great voice. The singing is better than ever. The new Ichigo is a little youngish and not that attractive to me but the production seems fun and high quality for the most part.

Kubo-sensei really digs these musicals. If they're good enough for him, I can't complain about them. XD

long clip:

Lyrics plus translation of boob dive scene by Nacchan from BA IchiRuki FC HERE
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On the heels of scooping a brief new Kubo interview for fandom, deathberry has some other little treats for you. As usual we can thank poppy_moon and Annie for these offerings. Translators credited below.

* Wow, I'm dying over this new omake by Kubo in Resurrected Souls 4. It's ... it's.... NEW INFO ABOUT KEN-CHAN... I don't know what possessed Sensei to draw this--maybe he was perusing unusual Bleach fanart or... hahaha, I don't know. I can't stop laughing. Please go here for the scans. Thank you Ku and Annie. The translation is by Nacchan.

* Next, we have the 4komas not by Kubo-sensei but Official Jump and by Ooba Atsushi. There's a new one with Kenpachi. Translator is Pikish this time. Thank youuuu: here

* Ads from RS 5 here with scans by Ku and trans by Nacchan.

I'll have details for the IchiIshi fic contest up soon. Still rousing from holiday hibernation and family time.
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It's officially Ishida Uryuu's birthday, Tokyo time and nightfall where I am so I'll be opening up the Birthday Contest 2011 (DETAILS FOR ENTERING HERE) soon with some entries that were forwarded to me by people who wouldn't be able to post for themselves.

First, I wanted to show you what Kubo tweeted today! Marley tweeted him in English first and he responded in kind (he's doing that more lately--so polite--and his English is really very good!)

La_IV Marley
@tite_kubo Oh! Happy birthday to Ishida! You must be proud of all your children ♥

and Sensei replied:

tite_kubo 久保 帯人
@La_IV Thank you! I always proud of my children and all my fans.

And I think that Ishida getting a new bow constitutes a birthday present
since that chapter was released for his birthday week--it came out on
Monday Oct 31 and was for the whole week through this Monday including Uryuu's birthday!

I do hope we see Ishida in the next chapter though--in any event, we'll see him soon enough!

Happy Birthday Ishida Uryuu! What a big boy you've grown to be! So handsome and accomplished! We're ALL so proud of you!
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Some stuffs I've been sitting on for a few days. Dawn hasn't broken yet but I have time to post. First, hahahaha, Jackie, Annie has been bothering you enough about this but I won't let it end. THERE'S BEEN A FIGURINE MADE OF ICHIGO'S KAMEN RIDER FULLBRINGER OUTFIT!

Below cut--those guy bracelets are so pricey but they're still more attractive to me than the figurine.

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Next, Resurrected Souls 3 is out with Renji on the cover and poppy_moon scanned the omake just for me because it featured Renji and Ishida and yes, my squees could be heard all over the land.

Estella May posted a translation (from the Chinese) HERE

Read more... )

And this is cool. From Annie. One of the autographs won by a lucky participant in the 10th anniversary festival at Harjuku. It's a drawing of Ichigo with Sensei's sig!

Read more... )

FINALLY, indulge me. As some of you know, I have some Ishida and Orihime custom dolls made for me by a special friend. They came in hand-sewn Hueco Mundo arc clothes but I dress them up from time to time. They're all dolled up, haha, for Halloween.

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I know some of you like to make Bleach Jack O lanterns for Halloween so please feel free to post them here!  Have fun this Oct 31! (Also Happy Barnaby Brooks Birthday :3 )
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GOOD MORNING! I've got goodies.  Cel scans from the anime, a (small) Kubo drawing of Ichigo, an IchiRuki tweet from zack_mori. Thanks to Jordi for the first goodie and to Annie, Nacchan, Ku and Mel for the second and third goodies.

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Kubo-sensei wanted his name removed as Executive Producer on the Hellverse DVD according to his message in the pamphlet included with the DVD. Translation by nacchan (credit was being given to Mel all over BA so I got it wrong at first, sorry) . I'm fairly shocked.



In this movie I was credited as "Executive Director"
However honestly speaking, for the DVD version I want that title to be removed
I already asked them to do so. This is because I feel I didn't participate enough in the production of this movie to warrant such a title.

I already have this feelings since the premier of the theatre version, however when I meet with the producer staff to persuade the movie was already in editing process so it can't be removed.

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Credits to Poppy_Moon for scans (looooove to you Ku) and Annie and the IchiRuki FC at BA who continues to lead the fandom in providing infos. You will find the scans to this adorable Karaburi in which Ichigo forgives Rukia for being missing for so long and Rukia teases "さあ!助けに来い!一護!」 ---> "NAO SAVE ME ICHIGO!" *smug face* HERE

[livejournal.com profile] pikeish translation for the pages is this:

Rukia "Bleach's recap book is coming out!? I see!"

Rukia "So.. what is a recap book?"

Ichigo "To make it easier for the people who haven't read it yet, it is something that recaps the stories told till now, also adding some omakes, which are compiled as a book!" (Go say "I see!" once you understand)

Ichigo "You see it being sold in convenience stores right?"
Rukia "What! Recapping the stories up to this point!?"

Rukia "This is terrible! This can't go on like this!!"
Ichigo "Ah?"
Rukia "Nii sama! Nii sama---------!!"

Rukia "So with this reason, please apprehend me once more!"
Byakuya "Okay"

Renji "ICHIGOH! We're enemies again from today!! I even got the old goggles/sunglasses! Even though it's just a rental!"

(Speech bubble riot XD)
Ishida "If it's about a rival, it is me before you!"
Renji "Don't butt in white glasses!"
Ishida "Glasses aren't white! Correct yourself/get your facts straight!"
Inoue "I have to go borrow the old room again"
Urahara "Hm, it's bothersome to train once again"
"Who is going to do Grand Fisher and such!?"
"Let's ask Komamura Taichou to wear a headgear and do it!"
"Who's going to ask!! I don't mind doing it!!"
Yuzu "So many guests in Brother's room!"
Kenpachi "ICHIGO!! Is it true we can have another go?"
Kanonji "Wha- wha- what are YOU doing!?"

Rukia "Now. Come and save me, Ichigo!"

Ichigo "It's gonna begin..."

HERE'S A LINK to a crunchyroll article where you can see the cover of the first anthology and get some infos. There's been a misconception in fandom that there are going to be reprints of Colorful Bleach the fandom has seen before in these volumes but that's... not the case. There's going to be new stuff plus the pull out poster of the Jump spines.

Nacchan on Ichigo and Rukia character profile pages and double-meanings

Sensei's message (translation by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish from here): Sensei's message for this chapter (460) says he's accomplished to be able to do this chapter for the anniversary issue. So much for fanservice.

"10th year (anniversary). In the commemorative issue, I was able to place a commemorative chapter. Please look out for Ichigo and the gang a little while longer"
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Nice little write-up about Kubo Tite on the American Shounen Jump site: http://shonenjump.viz.com/content/decade-bleach

I like how the article references Sensei's inspiration from music. It's a unique inspiration indeed. “I’m inspired by music rather than stories, other manga, or movies,” he says. I've been listening to the newly announced (at the Harajuku event) theme music for Gin lately. So apropos. Makes me miss Gin so: "I will learn to get by/ But I’ll never be like you"
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Remember that silly Jump!Bang show with the pirates!  Special Bleach edition clips here--thank you Zangetsu01 of BA.
See Morita-kun get on a pink bus and eat some omurice at the Harajuku event, see models of new Aizen and Ichigo figurines in Deicide form,
see Rukia making Ichigo do push-ups backstage at the musical.

Links to YouTube vids:

Jump Bang Episode 121 Bleach Edition

Video Part 1 : http://youtu.be/3oLol47oo_E
Video Part 2 : http://youtu.be/Aq2c10KWWWs

Oh and Sensei drew his usual picture for the show--a welcome for the Harajuku 10th anniversary celebration. A happy Ichigo this time!

looky! )

I swear I'm going to make some Kon curry with pita bread and velveeta (that's what the Kon curry looks to me like it's wearing for garnish). And did my eyes deceive me or was that a wakame leaf on the Byakuya mostly pink dessert?

Also check out these bracelets Jackie found for sale to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Not kidding--these, ahem, not very masculine bracelets, are 11000 yen each!

Ichigo Hitsugaya Byakuya bracelets
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[livejournal.com profile] melodymix  spied an interesting tweet from Sensei yesterday that I couldn't help get excited about. It seems that Kubo showed an upcoming chapter to a higher-up who was "captivated."

From here, Mel says: Kubo just tweeted on his twitter account


Got a reply from my Tantou (A term referring to a person in charge) who I sent the name (rough draft of the up-coming chapter) to saying "I was captivated!".

Hell, it could be anything right? Some eyesmex between Ginjou and Tsukishima? I expect some exposition from Urahara. Also, Ichigo and Rukia haven't exchanged words yet....

Quoth a friend, “My dictionary also renders うっとり as 'to be transported', 'entranced', and 'spellbound'. This is apparently one hell of a chapter. XD”

There's more from Annie about the Harajuku Event. Follow this LINK and you'll see more of what was on display there as well as some scans of the really cute comic featuring chibi Ichigo and Rukia that was featured in Saikyou Jump. (Thank you for the scan to poppy_moon) Apparently, one of Rukia's arts gets to be featured in a gallery display!

You can find larger pics of some Harajuku Ichigo pics from maxcora at BA HERE

Minerva has some LINKS to blogs w/more pics from the event, including some rather uninspiring t-shirts (imv) that were on sale, a nice pic of IchiThing going RAWR and the sketchy recent color page of Chad from this year’s arc on display.  It must have been a real thrill to see the art close-up. I'm so envious. I can make my own Kon curry but I will never get a chance to see Kubo's copic strokes that close. *sob*

Now that all the flailing about the recent chapter has quieted a bit (well, except for fanbois and shippers who run on RAEG), I offer my humble synopsis of The Lost Agent Arc. It's not over, no, by no means, but looking back over early blog entries (as have others--this week I've been getting comments to entries I made when this arc started) I see I predicted some stuff dead wrong but got 1) Ginjou is bad guy and 2) Ichigo's powers will return with Rukia.

That's what the arc was about--Mugetsu, the absence of the moon. Ichigo's powers being hidden and Rukia, whose absence was made tangible by so many teases from Sensei (the dream, Ichigo's denying he missed her, the cryptic voice from the badge, the hidden face in the colored mysterygami panels) and how those powers, almost embodied as a kind of esoteric knowledge, come and go with one person in this story. Kubo begins the new 10 years the way he started the first 10 years--with a human boy being pierced with a supernatural power by a tiny death goddess.

For all the criticism about how the nakama got nerfed in this arc, I say their stories are wide open. We have yet to see Chad's fullbring and what it LOOKS like let alone what it can do; we were only given a hint of how Orihime can use her fairies in combinations, and we didn't even see Ishida FIGHT (we saw him fall, prettily, alas, my fellow Ishida fans, but the boy has more panel time a-comin' I swear to you). This arc may have lingered on the nakama somewhat but it was a training arc after all.

A training arc for sure but in reverse. Instead of a hero gaining powers bit by bit, it showed a hero losing trust bit by bit. And losing his friends. Ichigo did learn a lesson, though. The idea that he put forth in the VERY beginning of the manga, what he told us the audience that all he wanted was to not see spirits and to live a normal human life NO LONGER HELD.

Or, going by chapters 00, it was a lie. Ichigo has always wanted the power to protect. And this arc proved to him that he wanted to be a shinigami. Hmm, what other lie did Ichigo tell in this arc? He told Keigo that he didn't miss Rukia. I wonder if he'll get around to that he doesn't miss her--and I wonder how he'll do that. :fu

See ya next time. I'm really REALLY hoping the color page coming is nakama-centered but my heart is telling me it's going to be IchiRuki. I want nakama. As long as its not another one featuring the fullbringers (I love Riruka and Yukio amd especially my lanky friend Tsukishima but enough, I miss those nakama spreads)


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[Poll #1765358]
If you didn't get to type up your reaction to the big happening chapter last week while LJ was wonky, here's your chance.

I enjoyed it---even though I saw Ishida's fall coming and like lots of people here, called most of it--Ginjou's betrayal, the stabbity of Ichigo with Ginjou's Cross of Scaffold, the Ginjou/Tsuki partnership (sexy!), Ishida in his civilian clothes (Ishida fans are wondering if the boy is using a sacred object anymore? There's been no sign of his Quincy cross all this arc) and the utter emotional devastation of Ichigo. The chapter being called "The End of All Bonds" tells me we're near the finish line and we're not going to get a series of numbered chapters like with Deicide. It seems too easy to call that Urahara and Isshin are up next, though. I almost expect something like a live fist to come at me from the pages after this recent horror show.

Speaking as an Ishida fan,(warning: extreme Ishida bias to follow) even though Ishida's appearances in this arc were short and sweet, it thrilled me that it was revealed in this past chapter that Ishida was indeed targeted to spur Ichigo to join Xcution (because as Jackie joked, Ginjou's ramen just wasn't enough XD). Not talking yaoi fantasies here--this is canon manga. It's said that it's usually a female love interest who is attacked in order to get the hero's attention to protect, but if there's one thing this arc has shown it's that Ichigo wants to protect ALL his friends and family. Yeah, Ichigo would've rushed to the hospital for anyone of his friends but it was Ishida who triggered his desire to recover his Shinigami powers and in the end, it was Ishida who was the only one not bookmarked by Tsukishima and who was Ichigo's only true ally.

As a fan of the Karakura gang, I was glad to see them all again--even briefly before they were "taken" from Ichigo, and in true story telling form, the bonds were all given increasing dramatic importance as they dissolved. First, Ichigo's sisters, always less relevant to the plot of Bleach, turned on him, then Ichigo's friends Mizuro Keigo and Tatsuki. Then, in a surprise twist, his new boss Ikumi.

His comrades Orihime and Chad, who had so recently revealed how they'd trained for 17 months to fight by his side, turned next, and then,  Ishida's arrival on the scene was singled out and given the kind of ooo-wee tension that makes fangirls like me wiggle in our computer chairs. Kubo's gorgeous irony was at work here again--because Ichigo so trusted his "new" bond with Ginjou, Ichigo didn't trust Ishida. Ishida, the one who had proven himself the Golden Boy of Friendship on the Dome (I could seriously get all choked up if I recount it! ). A whole chapter where you couldn't see Ishida's eyes--his glasses were white reflections like when he first showed up in the manga--so much tension but now with that added history of trust and kizuma. The white backgrounds, if you notice, came back--Kubo treated the whole encounter with much care (Chad and Inoue had each received some sad exchanges with Ichigo but not so much tension as this!) Then BAM! Down goes another surprise bond--Ginjou! Ishida too! Sliced by Tsukishima!

Damn it, it was so good. I was telling Neha that I felt ashamed that I didn't predict Ginjou having sliced Ishida (that bit about Ginjou having said someone other than Tsukishima must've done it had me suspecting everyone from ShiShi to Yoruichi, lol) but the best part was just being able to say YEY, I TOLD YA SENSEI PLANS SHIT. Screw those WSJ rankings. The Lost Agent Arc is a great one--and Sensei wrote it the way he wanted to and planned it every bit of the way--you got to take it all, doorknob close-ups and donuts and obscure heavy metal album references to get to the final door. Sensei never fails to deliver.  /truefangirl

Okay, change of subject. As for the rumor that because of this year's low WSJ rankings (yes, the reviled donut chapter had Bleach in the bottom 3 again last week), Bleach is being moved to a monthly, Jump Square, I have one word: BULLOCKS. Seriously, no way. Bleach still makes too much money; there's no way the anime could keep up with a monthly manga and the anime is still good business; can you see Sensei writing a monthly with his big ass panels?

No, just no.

Here's something you may find cute. Courtesy of Annie, a color ad for Saikyou Jump featuring chibi Kon, Ichigo and Rukia in the 4-panel comic called "KomaBuri."  I showed you these chibis before. Bleach chibis not drawn by Kubo still scare me a little. XD MOST people think they're cute. Can't wait for the comic, though--

see! )

Oh and the cheesy cheesy Bleach musical keeps on releasing clips. Shows evolve and apparently cheesier changes were made in Osaka. Everyone I know, including hardcore IchiRuki fans, who watched http://rmbleach.com/video4.html the closing bit of act one where Ichigo clings to Rukia's body as all this fighting (and singing and dancing) go on around him, were frankly embarrassed. Kubo-sensei has tweeted, though, that he can't wait to see the show again. I watched Fashionista in a solo clip this morning--he can really sing nice! http://rmbleach.com/video5.html

I'm looking forward to next week. Now that Ishida's injured and on the ground again I'm weirdly relieved. It's like his bit is done. And Ichigo's been fucked over SO BADLY. Things can only go uphill now for Ichigo... right? <.<  Right? ._.


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