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Well hey Sensei, you surprised me!  For the cover of volume 54, it's Rukia with the title of "Goodbye to Our Xcution." I thought we'd get Jackie for sure with that title--to make for a full set of the fullbringers. Now all I can think of is omg, a RUKIA POEM.

The cover is wonderful--the first shinigami to show in the arc in a crouching pose.  I guess Rukia's appearance in the manga really did spell the end for Ginjou and the fullbringer arc.  I'm so eager for the poem. Will it be an answer to Ichigo's that opened the arc? Will it cover the idea that while Rukia didn't defeat Riruka with the sword, hers was a victory of the heart over Riruka? Rukia's defining moment in the volume was her speech about Ichigo and how he changed everyone--will the poem echo that?

Also, Jump Bang aired with a drawing from Kubo--Rukia playing guitar as one of the girls from Scandal! Cuuuuute! Screencap by [livejournal.com profile] melodymix and pic of Vol 54 below cut. (eta: Other souce credits Annie and Nacchan @deathberry and broken_coda on twitter).

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eta: part of Kubo's interview from Jump Bang, translated by at the Rukia FC at BA HERE
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Awaiting translation of Kubo's appearance on JumpBang but I'm all excited because he mentioned something about Szayel (?) and the future of Bleach. My hopes are hopelessly up. I may have called Starrk's attacker wrong last week (no biggie, I said it was Gin but thought Shunsui was too obvious) but I've been calling for the Return of Szayel for a long time and insisting that our pretty feller isn't really dead--just lost to indefinite torture. Ah, I'll be disappointed if Kubo is just talking about his Szayel plushie and not the character.

ETA: translation from Pikeish is that Kubo said Isshin is going to play an important role in the future and that the two bodies hanging in Szayel's lab hold an important key to the story  (DRAT, NOT SZAYEL HIMSELF... but who knows?) Still, Isshin <333
Bodies. <3333 Weeeeeeee.

In other news.

I know the following drawing done by Kubo-sensei on JumpBang will make you happy. Thanks to Annie for finding it!

Drawn by Kubo's Mighty Hand )



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