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I have adopted a new pheleon Bleach plushie! My daughter has temporary custody of him at the moment. Ah Gin--I still miss you. The plush will help. It was getting to where I would get misty-eyed every time I passed those persimmon trees in my mom's neighborhood.

Daughter and Gin )

[livejournal.com profile] lady_leia_solo loooooook! Remember your prize-winning entry for the bleachness IchiIshi contest? [livejournal.com profile] la_kalaka drew a doujin for it! Here's the cover!  http://kala-k.deviantart.com/art/Back-to-Back-Cover-308944967

IchiIshi )

Been lazy updating re Bleach goodies--go wander over to http://deathberry.com/index.php for stuffs. I've been working in the yard in the terrible heat and am exhausted all the time. Maybe this week's chapter will get me all pumped up--nothing like impending doom to stir the soul. Looking forward to the destruction of Soul Society and all that spells for Bleach's Final Arc.
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Title: Human
Words:  1214
Rating: T/PG-13 A little graphic violence
Spoiler: Up to Volume 48
Disclaimer: Luckily, Bleach isn't mine, otherwise it wouldn't be as awesome as it is. All characters and names belong to Tite Kubo.

Read please )

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I’m here, I’m here…Am I still in time for the contest? I hope so XD I actually wrote another story before this one but I didn’t like it. Too difficult to write it down in english without making a mess, so today I write a new one inspired by a another fanart, one of my favourite to be honest, I’m sure you’ll understand which is it after reading the fic. I hope you like it even if I’m sure there must be a lot of english mistake..please be kind with that, I tried my best using easy sentences XD

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! Enjoy the last day of the year and let the next be even better!

Title: Bad taste, Good friend
Fandom: Bleach
Paring: IchIshi (more or less XD)
Word: 1717
Spoiler: volume 48
Disclaimer: Ichigo, Ishida and all Bleach character belongs to Tite Kubo-sensei

Enjoy )
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F11GHT! )

I wish I had more time to have made it more complete looking, but it was fun and I really wanted to participate somehow. Happy Birthday Ishida, and Happy early Birthday to Debbie-chan! <333
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Nearly forgot to post my birthday gift for [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_(and Ishida)! I've been too busy to do something huge but I made a little chibi Ishida. I really wanted to make him into a keychain but I didn't have the time, hope you still like him~!

Also thank you all for the comments on my entry I'll respond when I can!

Him and his Little Strawberry... )
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Happy early birthday [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_! And happy birthday Ishida Uryuu~ I'm so glad to be a  part of the Bleach fandom this year to see all the other fantastic entries so far!

Onto the art, title for it was inspired by the Florence + The Machine song Never Let Me Go. Took me forever but it was worth it for my OTP!

You Promise, Right? )
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Oh my goodness, look what Spiderkiss found--this Rukia chibi figurine is a MUST HAVE--the new hair, the pink hair accessory, the CHAPPY! The cuteness is slaying me.

Read more... )

Oh by the way, early spoilers are out for chapter 371 and you can read about them at the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread.

Read more... )

REMINDER AGAIN. The annual bleachness birthdays contest is only SIX DAYS AWAY. The day to post is this coming Sunday! If you won't be here to post on that day, you may mail me your entry to post for you. PM me via LJ or write me at deb@debbiechan.com for more info. Details about the contest HERE.

I had a few afternoons to draw the other week and did a few sketches for the BA IchiRuki November calendar. Here are some details from calendars that didn't make it as well as the actual calendar. Like a lot of Bleach fans I was inspired by the anime ice-skating scene. It was too cute. I want a pink scarf like Rukia's now. (I wonder if Deviko in the manga is pink like Rukia's devil costume of the Halloween spread--pink isn't Rukia's color but it suits her, oddly enough)





eta: woops had the links wrong--why is editing on LJ HARDER than it was before? :/
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The annual [livejournal.com profile] bleachness November Birthday Contest is on, and the day to post entries is this Sunday, Nov. 6.
All you need to know is under the cut:

Read more... )

Please read contest instructions carefully, remember to tag each entry "BIRTHDAY CONTEST 2011" and ask any questions here if you have
them. A couple of you have asked me about lj-cuts. YES, all entries should be under lj-cuts, and wouldn't you know? Lj-cuts have been a major pain in the ass lately. You either have to type the text in or work from rich text to html to work an image under one. Here's how I manage lj-cuts:

Read more... )

I'm very excited about this contest! I don't know how many entries we'll get, but if we get more than a few, there will be more prizes. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] qwirky those winners may also choose from the following IchiIshi (or Ishi/KON!) doujinshi under the cut or negotiate with me for another Bleach doujin or a gift certificate.

Read more... )

Thank you to Jackie and to the other mods of the community who will be judging the entries this year. As always, if you don't want to compete, you can post an entry on Ishida's birthday just for celebratory fun and be sure to mark it "gift."
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And now for something completely different!

If you've been a member of this community for a while you know I always celebrate Ishida's birthday and mine with a fanworks contest and usually try to encourage works for my OTP, IshiHime. Well, IshiHime is still my OTP, and haha, my first yaoi ship in Bleach was Renji/Ishida and will always be my favorite yaoi Ishida pairing but damn, recent manga happenings have me craving Ichigo and Ishida works! So this year, as promised--IT'S GONNA BE AN ICHIISHI CONTEST! <3

I know there are plenty of you hardcore IchiIshi fans out there and that it's a marvelously talented fandom. I was around for the heyday in 2006-2007. Even if you're not a yaoi fan, you can still make fics or arts for this contest--buddy or rival works or just anything that features these two nakama in their iconic wonderful relationship is welcome.

It's been a looong time since I myself did much for the IchiIshi fandom, and I do want to return. Some of you new to [livejournal.com profile] bleachness may mistakenly know me as a het shipper or IchiRuki fangirl--haha, I've written dozens of IchiIshi stories and tried my hand at a few arts. Was looking over them yesterday. They continue to be among my most visited work so I know you IchiIshi peeps are out there. I'd hoped for a resurgence of IchiIshi fic after Ishida made his glorious stand (and handclasp!) on the dome but not too much happened--then after the fullbringer arc double-team fight against the thugs, I hoped for more but again.... is it too much to hope for that you guys will come through for me this time?

For nostalgia's sake, just a few fic recs of my own stuff and some old arts:

Read more... )

And now for the PROPER CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT UNDER THE CUT. Pay attention and if you need to ask questions, ask away! <3

Read more... )

You have one month until entry posting time! Eh, I would've posted this a little earlier but LJ was being fuuunky!
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Oh I was so looking forward to this! Annie found pix and Nacchan translated part of the 4koma which sounds hilarious--Ishida quizing his friends and arguing with Ichigo. <3

Read more... ) ETA: The whole Colorful Bleach comic thanks to Weils for the scan

Read more... )
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Poppy_moon was so gracious as to show me this scan this morning!  AHHHHH! Ishida looks so pretty in Sensei's new style and my IchiIshi fangirl is flailing over the cover. Also--check out the little Ishida who will appear in the new Colorful Bleach panels.

scan )

I got the loveliest care package from [livejournal.com profile] wtf_ms_bunny yesterday! I've been ill for a while (getting better now!) and it cheered me so up to get these amazing pheleon plushies in the mail along with some GORGEOUS doujinshi and POCKY. I swear I have the dearest friends.  I have two custom Ulquiorra plushies now and a Grimmjow! The little felt bonejaw is so damn cute. Can't wait to play with these (and read my doujin when the kids aren't around <.<)

goodies )

By the way, I've commissioned a new hair!vice-captain!Rukia from pheleon for my birthday and I'll be sure to post the pix when I get her near November. Stay tuned for details about the next bleachness contest. It will be IchiIshi this year. :fu
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Title: Smile!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] papanchi 
Word Count: 1090
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: IchiIshi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Boy-boy.
Summary: Ishida never liked Valentines Day.
Disclaimer: Bleach and all it's characters are owned by Kubo Tite
Notes: Okay, yes it looks like IshiHime at first, but just keep reading xD Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] kiyala for the exercise! <3

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] ishi_ichi 

( Fake-cut to my LJ )

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Author: visualcomplex
Title: Goodbye forever and have a nice day
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Ichigo centric, ichigo/ishida
Warnings: none
Summary: don't forget to write
DISCLAIMER: bleach belongs to kubo tite. This is just another fan-fic

Comments: dear lord. I think I've just written song-fic, or something similar. Lol and now for something that doesn't have blood in it...
Dedicatied to: my f-list, please be expecting more.

Nope I'm not sorry. And I'll never be

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I tried! I think I was delirious when I wrote this! My answer to the Hurt Ishida, Comfort Ishida challenge! This makes two fics now that sort of make fun of the genre--I need a real one with a really really hurt Ishida and a really really comforted Ishida--how bout it, guys?



I'm Not Your Fault, PG IchiIshi )
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Some recent art from Japan I enjoyed.From here and Tanabota Days, an artist who does Ichigo and Orihime fanart, this really cute commentary on Ishida's current condition.

poor Ishida )

From here and if you're an Ishida fan you need to check this site often because it LOVES ISHIDA. yummy yum yum )

Oh! Buy I <3 Ishida shirts here.

I was going through the backlog of fandom mail at deb@debbiechan.com this weekend and I realized it's BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I GOT AN HONEST TO GOODNESS HATE LETTER. Either you people are starting to warm up to my sense of humor or you little pests have just given up? In any event, I was trying to find links to old Bleach fics to show Neha, who hadn't read a RenIshi of mine of 4 years ago (maybe the first in the fandom?) and I came across

a rather hilarious... )


this guy!

The vid is hilarious for lots of reasons, mostly for the bust of the Neanderthal behind the academic dude talking about SLASH. "I couldn't understand why anyone would want to write this."

And I read the loveliest IchiIshi hurt/comfort one-shot the other day,Stolen Pajamas , by [livejournal.com profile] sainnis and I was thinking that THERE ISN'T ENOUGH HURT-COMFORT ficcy in the Bleach fandom. Neha and I and others have particularly been craving some love and attention for our currently-mutilated-in-canon Quincy so hows about a h/c challenge. I've already gotten started on a yaoi one--just to stave off the hate mail for that last het fic that drowned poor Ishida in over-sized mammaries and breastmilk. Any takers?
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See my new icon? Thanks, S.A. It's the Bleach Fandom Freak-out face according to Ishida!

Moderator's note--
This community has sure grown from my own little fic and fanblogging journal to a real lively bleachness place. I encourage everyone to make posts that reach out to the broader fan community but do consider whether a post would be more appropriate to your own journal before posting here. So far everyone's been fiiiiiine... it's just that after over 1000 comments in the community this week
I had the little panicky thought that I might not be able to keep up, especially if the comm goes ballistic while I'm offline. Sooo, guys, I know these are exciting Bleach times--I'm trusting everyone to behave themselves! ^_^

Have some KawaiiS doodles!


Everyone who's been a sweetheart and sending me care packages, I appreciate them more than you know. I am full of love and appreciation for the chocolates <3 and especially for the gifts for my daughter who has been ill. Today Marley sent me some DBZ stuff and these two Ishida and Orihime cards and Hello Kitty Pocky for Sophie. I was really touched and happy to be part of fandom today. I really do love all you guys. <3

My Ishida and Orihime Cards Aren't They Swell? )

So that was for the IshiHime shipper in me. For the ICHIGO AND ISHIDA shipper in me, Blast gave me a present with a beautiful new drawing on their site this week! Wow, have you seen? It's here. IchiIshi... worksafe.

If Kubo won't draw it, Blast will! )

And UlquiHime art is always so gorgeous. I really loved this piece this week by sideburn004. You can fave it on Deviant Art here.

Forgiven (UlquiHime, worksafe) )

Finally, a reminder about the

There's a poll about contest prizes for it and future contests here
Okay, Bleach fans... hold onto your horses. Okay, Ichigo... whether you're the King or the Horse, we love you....we can't wait to see what happens next.

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[livejournal.com profile] pixyteri found this pic and I haven't stopped laughing since I saw it.

Ichigo and Ishida were THE Valentine's couple of chapter 344. From this site which boasts some of the most jaw-dropping copies of Kubo's art style.

Ishida Not Rukia as the Valentine's Cover Sexpot )


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