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Mar. 11th, 2011 08:42 am
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I hope [info]_debbiechan_  don't mind if i post this info because i can't stop drooling them :P

Original info post from
keelerleah@BA :3
" These images being used by GE Animation for new Bleach body pillows. These images being used by GE Animation for new Bleach body pillows. "
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Calling it a "summary of Jump Festa" from someone named Kakarouto, Tatai first posted the information from a French forum in the Interviews with Kubo section on BA on Dec 22 2010 here. [ profile] desgaron  then posted the information on a thread here at bleachness with some legwork on verification of sources. What emerged is that Kakarouto has a friend who works at Square Enix Europe and because of this was able to attend a press conference at JF where the most amazing parts of the French report came. Those part are (copied from [ profile] desgaron 's comment):

- Kubo has recently put his entire scenario on paper to make the story more exciting. (For the next 10 years)

- He works with his assistants and his publisher to expand the script and make it consistent to the maximum.

- He is very proud of the plot he had prepared and began to know how he wants to finish Bleach.

- In the first place, Grimmjow wasn't meant to be an important character, he was to quickly die. But as of now, his existence will eventually matter for the future of the manga.

- Normally the Arrancar arc shouldn't be too long. It's thanks to the craze for Japanese fans for the Arrancars, without it, the arc would have been shorter.

- The end of the Arrancar arc should have been the end of Bleach if it didn't work and if the publisher had asked Kubo to finish the manga quickly.

The information seems reliable but has yet to be confirmed by other attendees of said press conference.  If there are any Grimmjow fans out there with any information from his bloggers who know of about whether or not GJ's importance in the future of the manga has indeed been confirmed by Sensei, I'd appreciate sources.

*still hasn't slept since before New Year's Eve* XD

oh and ciaxsjes has updated with installment two of his summary of Hellverse here. So happy! Now I understand that omake btwn Ichigo and beret!Rukia about Ishida's role in the movie! <3 Can't wait for the next installment. The fights really do sound good; hope the movie does well in dvd sales even if it disappoints at box office.
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oh yes, tatai found the following report at 2ch and czeliate translated. There are more reports on 2ch from Jump Festa but Annie says it's mostly same old same old. There were some people freaking over the mention of Grimmjow and whether or not he was dead but it doesn't appear at all from what Sensei has said that his death had been confirmed at all.  Regarding the ten more years of Bleach, Morita said he wanted Bleach to go on for thirty more years and Sensei said it would be only ten, lol. And it was put on a screen that Rukia was the "fixed heroine" of Bleach and Orihime was referred to on the same screen as the "naturally loved airhead."  I'd give you more info except... heh, other people besides Annie need to go find these things and translate them-- she and I both have very pressing personal engagements this week. XD XD XD


The future of Bleach
*right now its only half
*I still can continue/fight for another 10 years
*originally I thought Grimmjow will die quickly
*originally arrancar arc wasn't that long
*Ichigo's birth will be drawn, but I still haven't plan/decide on it(but it will definitely beyond the reader's imagination)

eta: correction and edit by [ profile] blackwings0603 :

So,this translation comes from my chinese version.
"I still can continue/fight for another 10 years"
That's a joke made by me.
Direct translation should be "At least,it will last for another 10 years."

Even kept my mistakes.
"Ichigo's background story will be drawn,but I still haven't plan/decide on it
(but not all of it leave some imagination space to readers.)"
That's the right one.

eta2 response by czel at BA:

here's the corrected version, sorry for the mistakes I'd made before. ~
many thanks to Blackwings and stray mikeneko @bleachnessXD~


The future of Bleach
*right now its only half
*At least,it will last for another 10 years.
*originally I thought Grimmjow will die sooner
*the Arrancar arc was supposed to be shorter, but it got longer when putting in the past chapters.
*the secret of ichigo's birth will be drawn, but I've not fully decided yet
(not planning to draw everything, will leave some imagination space to readers.)

I think thats it..

but one thing I gotta say is..I don't care if the "ichigo's birth" is an error or that can make the readers misunderstood...(Im sorry if its really an error)
the word 出生 means birth
I just think it would've been too broad to translate as ichigo's background story(could've started when his mom died)
I think what kubo meant about the secret of Ichigo and his birth will include masaki,isshin background story, then finally give birth to ichigo who holds the power of shinigami,hollow, and having a tremendous spiritual pressure..and the reason isshin named his son : ichigo

lol@ 10 years ??
I'll be 30 by then... T^T
but I can see why...
we still haven't witnesses all the bankai yet.. for the past 9 years.. kubo has only shown 11 bankais
soifon,komamura,byakuya,hitsu,gin,tosen,mayuri,ken sei,renji, ichigo ..
and possibly, he still hasn't shown us the other 11+ bankais
yamajii, shunsui, unohana, ukitake, Aizen, urahara, yoruichi, Isshin, Shinji, Rose, Love...etcetc
we have yet to see Ryuuken's full power..
we haven't seen the royal guards, spirit king.. (he said he plan to show the royal guard)
we haven't seen the 200 years ago quincy massacre
we have yet to see the true face of Unohana, talk about her fight...(which sensei had already promise us)
we don't know how many Xcution members (X --> 十 -->ten : I have a feeling there are 10 members in the Xcution group, although its abit too much==)
we don't know Xcution background story
we don't know masaki/isshin's backstory
we don't know Ichigo's backstory
and the list goes on
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A few things in this post but first a reminder--

THE DAY TO POST ENTRIES IN THE ISHIDA AND ORIHIME FANWORKS CONTEST IS THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19.  See HERE for the original post. Please remember to put as the subject heading for your post THE TITLE OF WORK and its CATEGORY (FANART OR FANFIC). Please remember to tag your post ISHIHIME BIRTHDAY CONTEST.

contest banner with infos )

Thank you all who participate and who indulge my Ishida (and IshiHime) love this time of year. I'm so excited about the pair being back in the manga and hoping for more interaction between them.

Oh, here's a little treat. The BLEACH CONCEPT COVERS cd is out (the one where Bleach seiyuu sing Bleach OPs--oh my!)and there are chibis! (thanks to Annie for finding)

too cute )

Some of you were wondering about the Bleach spine drawings and I know I missed posting a couple here. The more recent ones are compiled here in this post at BA by Zangetsu.

Have you gotten your hot Bleach mens calendar yet? It's the one I didn't order (I got the historical figures anime calendar and the honeymoon spread comic calendar). [ profile] pirottesse  sent me a PM with pics of some of the guys you may not have seen. Niiii-sama <3 I'm not a big GJ fan but he is looking pretty hawt there:

anime calendar pin up boys )
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Almost forgot the spine pic again. For those of you who didn't scroll through the whole BA thread, it's Grimmjow continued. Ilforte Grantz looks pretty. Here it is, courtesy of Zangetsu01 of BA and Muguruma @ 2ch

spine pic )

Oh and thanks to Zan we know that there's going to be a color page from Kubo next week! More pretty art to look forward to. Then the character book Masked comes out on Aug 4 during Golden Week (and my Annie's bday!) so yays for Bleach goodies!

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Here it is... )

You're gonna like this one [ profile] combandmirror!
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So it's the "Hell Chapter!"  Morita-kun tweeted about being in the studio for the trailer the other day. Apparently the trailer for the new Bleach movie will premiere in theatres before Naruto Shippūden: The Lost Tower  this July 31.

Read all about it here at this link over to Animenewsnetwork

Advance tickets to the Bleach movie will come with promotional posters. These posters come in sets of three featuring characters in Shinigami/Arrancar wear on one side of the poster and casual clothes on the other. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra are featured in the pics so there's speculation that they may appear in the movie but no one knows for sure. Here's a sample of the promotional advance ticket picss (Rukia looks exceptionally hot in tiny shorts!)

pic )
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More spoiler info re 353 and I bring you fanarts!

spoiler )

And now to pass the time while we wait for the chapter, some fanarts I've recently enjoyed:

note: all worksafe but one Ishida drawing has some disturbing content--as in slight blood body mutilation stuff but not anything sexually gory.

fanarts )

Members of [ profile] bleachness who got a special Kubo bday present this week stay tuned for even more pressies for only members of [community profile] bleachness !
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Grimmjow x Soi Fon :D
Rating: G

Follow the cut for some non-canon love )

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An alt take on the color page for Bleach 353, as seen here (WARNING: General spoilers for Bleach chapter 353).

I needed to draw something a little lighthearted after getting spoiled for the upcoming chapter! Traditionally done, which I'm seriously lacking practice in, but I had fun. : )

cut for image size )

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So jonesing for manga that for a few minutes I was taken in by a very poor pastiche of a fakey spoiler page that showed Grimmjow arriving on the the scene of the Ulquiorra and Ichigo fight. Damn. That would've been cool. Fake spoilers are fun, though. Do they annoy you? I see them as a form of fanfic/fan culture. They're good for thrills when they're well-done and good for laughs when they're bad.

Oh, I'm getting prizes for the next bleachness contest!

I will love Spacecat for five lifetimes and more! )

A couple Bleach drawings I did while my tablet was broken and I was able to steal colored pencils from my seven year old:

I want to hump your leg A Komamura drawing for Kaya's happy birthday

DEBBIE'S TABLET BROKE My first drawing. I just think this one is funny.

And the wonderful Pheleon is no longer taking commissions or exchanges (her last project will be an Ishida and an Orihime for me! I can't wait to show them to you) but get a load of her recent posable THE Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Some of her plushies are still for sale, though so you can contact her about those.

Maybe it's a good thing Phel is taking a break from plushies--I was actually thinking of commissioning her to make a Kubo Tite plushie. *blush*
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Kubo-sensei, bless our manga-ka with the heart of a poet, is a nutberry. He's said that he's obsessed with seasons taking place in his story and the seasons in Real Time. He's urged his readers to read his "Memories in the Rain" chapters when it's raining. And this summer, in a Shounen Jump near you, just in time for Tanabata,  Ulquiorra Schiffer will be battling Kurosaki Ichigo. The air will be thick with mythology. Let the metaphors roar!

Now, I can over-interpret with the best of them, but I've cautioned against using symbology as a way to predict plot in my essay last year about Tanabata. Characterizations and the interactions between characters, I've argued, are a better way to predict happenings, but I may make an exception in the case of Ulquiorra. Our fourth Espada is (essentially) affectless, lacks a backstory (so far) and his interactions with other characters has been limited. "He is a stone," Kubo told Ulquiorra's seiyuu when asked how to play him. "A stone." Ulquiorra is supposed to have little to no emotions and he radiates pure mystery. Unlike Grimmjow who landed in the Bleach plot with personality running out of his ears, snarking out  a gut reaction to every remark and throwing a fist into the gut of every other character, Ulquiorra has been implacable.  In many ways, he's a walking talking SYMBOL just begging to be played with.

"El Que Llorra" means He Who Cries in Spanish. Nice irony, eh? His name Ulquiorra sounds like the opposite of who he presents himself to be. The tears on his face may have something to do with the boatman myths of several mythologies. In the Tanabata story, tears are rain and the rain is what separates lovers, and in Bleach tears are what, oddly enough,  unites people if we are to believe Orihime's volume poem by Kubo ("If I were Rain that unites Heaven and Earth that otherwise never touch, could I likewise unite the hearts of two people?").  Dizzy with the symbology yet?  And of course we know that the rain in Ichigo's inner world was a bad thing that needed to be stopped by Rukia.... Rain, pain, emo, schmemo--they are obvious connotations.

To continue with Ulquiorra's mythologies, however, Schiffer means boatman in German, one of the many languages Kubo likes to play with, and it's a boatman who in some versions of the Tanabata myth reunites the lovers. In the Greek version of Ulquiorra's story (I hope  [profile] r0ck3tsci3ntist will add a comment to this post that tells more about the Charon myth since I learned about its ties to Ulqui from her), Charon is the visually impaired ferryman who brings souls across the FIFTH (yeah, you heard that right--fifth tower, five lifetimes, whatever, five is just too much fun) river for the price of two coins.  This unemotional character was said to cry once in his morbid career and that was when Orpheus sang for him and thus Charon let Orpheus cross the river for free.

Those are some mighty symbolic eyeball you have there, Mr. Schiffer.  I'm sure it's a coincidence because I don't like to think of my Kubo-sensei as a Kabalah scholar,but here and there Bleach fans who play with Jewish mysticism have aligned the ten espada to the ten attributes of the Divine according to this ancient Spanish mystical tradition, and  Ulquiorra, the fourth Espada correlates nicely with the Hebrew principle of Chesed (mercy), the fourth emanation and the power of vision.

Ho ho ho, I could run a few yards down the crazy field with that one, but I'm going to turn to another Schiffer possibility.

The surname also recalls the Jesuit monk Hubert Schiffer who miraculously survived the bombing of Hiroshima (Kubo Tite's hometown, by the way).

"If You Rise From the Ashes" was the title of the chapter in which Ulquiorra last saw Ichigo. Shooting around the crazy bleachness theories with friends Jasse and Kaya the other day, we came upon the idea that Ulquiorra, unlike his fellow Espada, is capable of regeneration. His next encounter with Ichigo will have to engage that ability.

One last thing. We Ulqui fangirls are a little half-crazy with the possibility of seeing Ulqui's release soon but we're also afraid that our lovely Emocar is going to die. Sometimes I'm of the notion that no one who has put out a Bleach Beat CD will perish in the Bleach storyline; other times I'm convinced that Ishida (face it--I'm Ishida-centric) will have to wipe out one soul from existence with that Quincy power to destroy and that soul is going to be the one who isn't quick enough on the regeneration draw.  Of course, then, all the UlquiHime fangirls will hate Ishida and I will go have to hide under a rock for a few weeks.

Grimmjow's not dead--he's just been lying around for months. Ulqui? Standard tragic story-telling and even some sects of UlquiHime romantics call for Ulquiorra's death to happen this summer. The oldest call is that he'll die protecting Orihime somehow. I don't know how it's going to go down--all I know is that the myths can't predict it and knowing Kubo, it's gonna be FUN.
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I've never written this pair before. [profile] bleach_flashfic  is an awesome community for the challenges.

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Is anyone watching the anime? I used to love the anime; I've forgotten all about it now that it's in filler mode again. After the last filler made such a weepy wuss out of Ishida, I'm not going to trust filler again (and I so wanted to give that storyline a shot too! I liked some of those Bound characters and the plushies were cute). The animation of the Arrancar arc was disappointing--less blood and terror than in the manga--and after Ichigo's head looked deformed in one too many frames, I gave up on the anime altogether.

Today I  did a search for Bleach art, and I was astounded by how much of it was on DA. I felt like a fandom old fogie--I remember when you could type "Ishida" on the search line and only my arts,  [profile] dragonboy_mt's fantastic two or three arts, and a few sketches on notebook paper would come up. Now there's pages and pages.

Fandom's  been a long time of waiting and waiting and waiting. I know mysteries and cliffhangers sell Jumps and the suspense keeps the fandom alive, but geez, it was last year that I was predicting Tatsuki's power-up, and where is she now? It felt like a few eons of waiting for the revelation we all knew was coming--that Isshin and Ryuuken knew one another--and those few panels of the truth come true held me for a while. At the beginning of the HM arc, I was excited about ishida's eventually seeing Orihime again. I predicted a reunion by the end of the summer and it's already July. And now, Kubo has done the terribly cruel thing of hinting at Shinji's arrival in HM by drawing him about to jump into the pond o'troubles that Ichigo et al are wading. Oh and not to mention, Rukia drops "dead" and we haven't seen her for chapters and chapters.

I was starting to feel more than impatient.  Earlier this afternoon I found myself cutting out manga pix on PSP and loading them on photobucket to accompany a whole slew of predictions, but then I just got tired. One day I'll say I told you so (well, I did a couple chapters ago when the Ichigo/Grimmy fight continued--I was one of few who said it was going to go on and on after Ichigo regained his confidence....) All day I'd been squirming in my seat in anticipation of the mere nineteen or so pages of story that would be leaked today. Then for my impatience I was rewarded the beauty of chapter 285.

Oh, I'm still impatient. I want to see Tatsuki's power, Shinji's bad-assery in HM, Szayel's release, a romantic IchiRuki reunion, and most of all, a Hime who comes of age and gets a grip. But what else can I do but wait?
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I think I've figured out a way for Renji and Ishida to escape---they have to somehow CUT OFF SZAYEL'S HEAD! That way he can't eat any one of his fraccions to restore himself. Doesn't it seem like his chapter cover drawing might refer to that?

Cut off his head. Renji could catch him by surprise with Zabimaru. Or ... Renji and Ishida could just get the hell out of dodge while Szayel is getting dressed (I'm really looking forward to his new outfit). I prefer the escaping solution because 1) I don't want Szayel my wonderful gay villain to die and 2) I want the arc to move it, move it--how long has Renji been with this guy anyway?

Oh, and this week. I predict Grimmjow is so NOT dead.

A discussion about Orihime's odd behavior here at [profile] metaphore_art's LJ.  Caution: there's some Hime hatred there. I love all the people who hate Hime, though. Imagine that. And I agree with a lot of Jenni's assessment except for a few fine points. I could get into semantics over use of the word "selfish" but Orihime has been locked inside her own fear and insecurity for a while.

Two stories coming up from me. I may post tomorrow. Both are ... strange, take place during the manga timeline and involve the deaths of two favorite characters and sex with a corpse. Yes, I don't know what's gotten into me. Szayel-baby's influence, I guess.
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I don't know about you, but I am ridiculously happy about the fact that the next Bleach Beat Collections will be  ULQUIORRA (one whole collection) and GRIMJOW (the other).  People who sing can't die in the manga, right?  The singles will be released in June.

In the meantime I've been googling around for info after Ulquiorra's namesake, the ship that wrecked off the coast of Spain and can't find a thing. Anyone know anything? I'm spelling Ulquiorra wrong?


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