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I have adopted a new pheleon Bleach plushie! My daughter has temporary custody of him at the moment. Ah Gin--I still miss you. The plush will help. It was getting to where I would get misty-eyed every time I passed those persimmon trees in my mom's neighborhood.

Daughter and Gin )

[livejournal.com profile] lady_leia_solo loooooook! Remember your prize-winning entry for the bleachness IchiIshi contest? [livejournal.com profile] la_kalaka drew a doujin for it! Here's the cover!  http://kala-k.deviantart.com/art/Back-to-Back-Cover-308944967

IchiIshi )

Been lazy updating re Bleach goodies--go wander over to http://deathberry.com/index.php for stuffs. I've been working in the yard in the terrible heat and am exhausted all the time. Maybe this week's chapter will get me all pumped up--nothing like impending doom to stir the soul. Looking forward to the destruction of Soul Society and all that spells for Bleach's Final Arc.
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Title: Time and Tide (Chapter four)
Author/Artist: Unwritten_icons
Warning: None
Summary: His eyes shine in the darkness outside her window.
Gin/Rangiku is getting addictive to write.

At my journal
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Still bored? Unexcited about the Bleach movie?  Welp, I have nothing to occupy you during the manga hiatus (other than previously announced contest!contest!contest!) so I bring you some, er, Bleach advertisements.

The first is for the Bleach movie again and doesn't feature any chalky Hollowfied Ichigo or fugly villain sidekicks but all the NAKAMA and our first ad with Chad and Orihime! Also Hitsugagya and Bayakuya in all their prettiness: (scan from WSJ thanks to poppy_moon)


And also Bleach 2011 calendar A is out. It's not as pretty as Calendar B in my view. It features six Bleach guys (Ichigo, Ulquiorra, Gin, Byakuya, Hisagi, Hitsugaya, and Grimmjow). You can preorder from YesAsia or amazonjp,

calendar boys Ulqui and Gin )
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*is stocking up on tissues*

hey, while we wait for the scan, wanna talk about Gin's volume poem? We have some translations.

large scan )

from here at BA:


translation by pokerlulz:

You're going to turn into a snake tomorrow
Although you say you are going to start eating others
Even now, that mouth of yours which has devoured people
Still claims that it loves me
Can I remain like today
and still say I love you?

and this one from here by Terrazaru

You are becoming a snake tomorrow.
And as you start to devour people,
With that mouth that has eaten others,
You cry your love to me.
And the same as today, I do wonder.
Will I be able to say my love to you?

If you're going to mention current chapter spoilers in your comments, warn for SPOILER I guess.

spoiler for 423 Farewell Swords )

Volume 47

Sep. 28th, 2010 03:13 pm
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I love him so much. His second cover. The first one was creepily beautiful with his eyes shaded and open as he peered inside (where? Your room? Your heart?) This one is majestic and he looks handsome and ah *sigh* he got the cover after Rangiku's.

I've got enough to fangirl about until the chapter spoilers for the week appear.

Volume 47 cover LQ )
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Vacation got delayed by a day...so I spent the day coloring Gin.

Warning: Red, the blood of angry men. 

Silver and Cold )

My younger sister FINALLY got somewhat/sort of into Bleach. I had Rock Musical Bleach Saien playing while I cleaned my room.  (Guests are going to use it while I'm gone.)  At one point, she asked if the Gin character had hands.  lol!    Today she came in while I was painting.  She stared at it for a few minutes.

"Y'know, for such a creepy guy in such a freaky painting...you can't help but feel sad for that face."

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you feel sad for this face. 

p.s. link to my DA!  Go there!  skilly-n-duff.deviantart.com/#/d2wefu2
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Gin: In the Way

WARNING:  Blood and gore.  Not kidding.  I mean, it's all symbolic or whatever but still THERE IS MUCH RED IN THIS PICTURE.

Silver and Cold )

Who's going insane from lack of chapter this week?  Skilly is going insane from lack of chapter this week.
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[Poll #1590970]Recs: I just read a luminous short piece about Orihime thinking about Ulquiorra's death by the ever brilliant [livejournal.com profile] incandescens --it's PG and just a lovely vignette. "I shall not fail that rendezvous." There's a 30 days fandom meme going around and one of the best Bleach writers doing it is [livejournal.com profile] karenai . Just check out her Character You'd Like to Go Shopping With and other entries. They're so entertaining. Oh, and if you happen to be a member of y!gal and an Ishida fan who happens to like the yaoi and who doesn't mind the Quincest ... or even if you do, you MAY BE CONVERTED BY a new animation art by the stunning Eneada. Seriously, you don't want to miss this if you're an Ishida perv like me.

Hey, informal poll. I'm still terrified that Gin is gonna die. I don't even want to vote. Anyone care to reassure me that he's not?
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Beauty is So Solitary--Read Chapter 320 here

Did someone read my complaints about there not being an official Orihime plush? No sooner had I finished commissioning a plushie from master plush maker Pheleon than an official one turns up! She's so cute! Someone buy her for me!

Another report on the Kubo panel with some stealth photos taken

People keep asking me about [personal profile] jaina's interview with Kubo-sensei. She should have a public post up about her experiences at SDCC eventually and her interview comes out in magazine form on Sept 17. She asked some wonderful questions and the interview should be an enjoyable read.  America's Shounen Jump has interview with Kubo appearing shortly before that for its October issue.
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YES. AIZEN AND GIN. YES. Isn't this the cutest thing since Yachiru appeared? XD
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Title: Choose
Author: [profile] gully_moe
Rating: PG (Some language, and maybe a bit angsty?)
Words: 608
Pairings/Characters: IchiRuki and IchiOri. Mild GinRuki and UlquiHime. Oh and Aizen. =)
Summary: In which Ichigo is faced with a painful decision.

Another drabble, or little ficlet that I'd like to share in here. It's an idea that just sprang to my head the other night. It's my interpretation of Ichigo's relationship with the main female characters, and where Kubo could be going with them.

All and all shipping wars break Ichigo's brain.

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Tea Party at Chad's House, or Neighourhood Party at Shunsui's?

I bring you the most epic write of laughter in this recent entry. I will get around to the names and post it under the same this entry, most likely tonight or tomorrow.

Who do we follow?: Completely Synchronized: The Murder Mysteries: 319 -- 105: The Over Kills
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Scans are out. Check the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread for the goodies and throw roses at Spacey's feet for bringing us these weekly spoilers and check out the new playground look of the forum.

Bleach is rated #1 this week in WSJ and I can see why.  There's something to squee about on every page.

Dunno why I'm typing so much of the bad grammar. The cleaning fluids from Passover preps have entered my bloodstream. See ya later, after the seder!'
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A request fic that was fun to write because, in three words: I LOVE GIN. Excuse my punch-drunkenness but I've been listening to the Bleach Beat "Ulquiorra Sings" single and

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Here it is. Usual warnings apply. Hard R, sex and violence, yaoi and het, fluff and dread.

Oh LJ, why must you play with my formatting?? >.<
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Thank you to [personal profile] hidden_gems for catching the various dropped words in this manuscript. This part is the 14 pages I accidentally deleted and had to rewrite. There's one more section to come and then I'm writing something cracky about Kon.

This morning I read a couple people hypothesizing about Quincy-Hollows over at BF. Heh, I'm going to be so tickled if Kubo goes this way with Zael-Apollo, but I'd really prefer a quick Zael-Ishida-Renji match. Yes, the fight has potential. Genius and science and Renji's pluckiness and ban kai.  Not to mention Pesh-ness. But I want to see Ichigo (I can't believe I said that!) right now. I mean, see Shirosaki.
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Heelllloo, friendly neighborhood neurotic fanficcer  here.

Finished the story (there are yet another TWO parts I need to proof after this one), and even after losing 14 pages of part three, I felt good getting this one out. I haven't felt a fic lacking in a audience since I wrote The Girls (but that one did get well-received) and I haven't gotten as much out of an emotional purging from a story since Bright Majestic Winter. I think this one is a re-writing of "Winter""in a strong way--another excuse to play with the ideas of sexual power and identity, but this time I didn't want Aizen pulling all the strings. This is the new, un-victimized "Winter?" A dominance fic with romance? XD I tell you, I'm in outer space with this one.

Having writer's solipsism for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--it's the weekend after all.

*turns up choral music*

Without further ado, the part I am sure is going to make people go "huh?" :

Heh heh. I think I may be picking up some  of that "it's not what you think it is" evilness from my boyfriend, Kubo-san. This is what happens when I write for myself; I'll probably take drabble requests soon (I know, Cal! I owe you Ikitaku/Unohana!)  The chibis want to play Reader Rabbit on the computer now, so adieu until part 3.
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LJ.... what is wrong with you. I swore I uploaded this a minute ago and it showed up. Refreshed and refreshed and it's gone.... so here again...

My first attempt to build a story out of a drabble. Think it failed but it was fun to write. I'm all about Ulqui and Zael-Apollo lately. Not sure how to categorize this fic either and don't want to give the plot away. Two more parts to proof.

Description: Hard R. A story about identity. Can Ulquiorra’s allegiance ever waver? Can Ishida’s?  Aizen, Gin, Tousen, Orihime, Zael-Apollo.

Warnings: Spoilers for Hueco Mundo arc, (mild) dark-fic-ness, (not overly explicit) sexual weirdness, mind fuckery, a hougyoku with erotic powers, and a long author’s notes at the end.

A/N: This story, written the week chapter 272 appeared, begins with the presumption that Renji and Ishida were defeated by Zael-Apollo.

As always, the pointing out of typos, oddly constructed sentences, contradictions with tiny canon factoids and MORE will be VERY VERY appreciated. Also I love concrit, esp with a story I'm wobbly about like this one. I'll start ^^: 

This starts as a yaoi fic and then seems to be an IshiHime--what's up with that? Ulquiorra seems less than his cold character in the manga. I love your Gin but your Zael-Apollo is almost exactly like him, maybe more insecure that's all--is he TRYING to be like Gin? I don't understand the bit about the tailors.

But if you write I enjoyed this. Please update soon! I'll be very happy! ^^


Feb. 25th, 2007 08:08 pm
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Since DA suspended my innocent naked Orihime pic because she's an underage character, I've been doodling Matsumoto boobies in all sorts of wrong and sleazy ways. I did manage to come up with one pic. The other is just IshiHime sweetness.

Reunion Ishida Orihime

Big Part of My Life Gin Matsumoto NWS


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