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My first fanfic rec and it has to be Shrapnel by Lookinglass, a series I fangirled over a year ago. I recently found a oneshot, a sidestory to the series, and decided to spread the love it deserves. Highlight to see spoilers!

Title: Shrapnel
Status: Complete at 17 chapters
Characters: Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and a few others
Warnings: swearing, violence (duh, it's Grimmjow), and the later chapters have torture and non-con.
Summary: World War II: Grimmjaw is an exhausted U.S. soldier, dragging his platoon through dirt, dead bodies, and despair. Ulquiorra is a detached German officer, efficient, obedient, and ready to serve his country. A piece of shrapnel brings the two together.

Great, twisty plot and 100% IC--what more could you want? A must-read for any Grimm or Ulqui-fans, but I urge everyone to check it out. This is one of those fics that keep you up all night, clinging onto the edge of your seat.

Heck, I even wrote a long review on this.

My Review

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hi guys, I'm back from feverland (I didn't dream about Bleach--even though I try, my lurid technicolor dreamscapes are rarely inhabited by my favorite manga and anime characters). As soon as I regain full consciousness, I'll reupload some doujin for members and edit the Love & Food fanart booklet I'm sending to Kubo-sensei (I'd like to get it off to him before WSJ offices close for Golden Week in August!)[Poll #1431946][Poll #1431946] ,[livejournal.com profile] liralen , and [livejournal.com profile] sophiap ) called WINTER WAR. Check it out.

I should've made a note of Obon and Ichigo's birthday last week when I was sick. Sorry, Ichigo. Here's a daaaaaaaaaw fanart for the occasion made by [personal profile] hidden_gems . You can fave at DA here

Daddy's Boy )

Oh, and there's been another play by a Japanese fanartist on the recent Ishida color page. Again, Orihime surprising Uryuu in the rain. This time by Bypass. Their site is here.

Cuuute )

Speaking of rainy Ishidas,here's one of Uryuu with an umbrella and his dad (I know Uryuu is Rain Dragon in kanji--what is Ryuuken again? Dragon of what sort?) [livejournal.com profile] eneada is quickly becoming my favorite artist drawing Ishida after Kubo-sensei himself. You can fave the work here.

Read more... )
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Oh it was [livejournal.com profile] aizome 's bday DAYS ago but we're going to celebrate here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  forever because we love [livejournal.com profile] aizome that much. This is the Bleach fan who gave us Barralepew and Yachiru feeding Kenpachi cupcakes.

*blows kisses to Alex* Yes, we love you. We're easy. Make us laugh and we looooooooove you.

So [livejournal.com profile] nehalenia wrote a wonderful fic for [livejournal.com profile] aizome that I HAVE to rec. Neha was worried about the narrative voice because she used, of all people, Renji, to tell about a sexual encounter between Chad and Ishida. You'd think that Renji couldn't sustain a descriptive first person for pages but Neha pulls this one off so entertainingly that I want to thank Alex just for being born and inspiring Neha to write this piece. Here it is--DEDICTED TO AIZOME FOR HIS BIRTHDAY:

So the Last Time I Went to the Living World... Warning NC17 yaoi Ren, Chad/Ishi by the talented [personal profile] nehalenia . Not for the young and innocent but for anyone who appreciates Bleach humor and good writing and detailed boisterous boysmut.

Love & Food Art Contest Updates: I was sidelined by a migraine this weekend but I've gotten packages ready to mail to son nekoni, halclouds and midoringo. I'll send the list of remaining prizes to choose from to mooguruklaine and cclemon when I get my act together, which should be no later than a couple days.

Members of
[community profile] bleachness , stay tuned for a special gift for lovers of fanart by Blast.
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A couple weeks to go and so a reminder:

FOOD AND LOVE ART CONTEST ... THE DETAILS ARE HERE. More details about the contest in this post. I bought some Ichigo and Rukia posters for prizes but decided to keep them. I hope people will enter for the fun and because fandom's the ultimate winner in these sorts of things, but the Bleach coloring book came in last week and it's AWESOME.

Not much new to tell. I'm waiting on a BL drama cd featuring Noriaki Sugiyama, Ishida Uryuu's sweet-voiced seiyuu to come out at the end of the month. I'm STILL trying to finish my answer to the Hurt Ishida, Comfort Ishida challenge. I'm on page 16 and that's it, I can't do a sex scene, sorry, NOT in the mood tonight my dears.

Have some art. [livejournal.com profile] xshelaghx drew the most spectacular UlquiHime recently which you can fave here on D.A. but which I'm afraid isn't going to be up for long given the site's penchant for removing art that shows Orihime's boobs, nipples or no nipples. *sigh* It's A GORGEOUS PIECE, nsfw though.

Queen of Despair NSFW )

She just posted the prequel  QDP1 here (this one's worksafe... uh.. kinda...)

I also love this Halibel among the hammerheads by [livejournal.com profile] xilvrin . I'd love to see some real shark action in Hali's fight. I'm loving the Barragan/Soi Fong battle but I'm going to continue to be impatient with Halibel/Hitsugaya until these pokemon element antics are over--I really want to see Hali show her teeth. She's a SHARK gal, after all. I want her to be scary again. And scary doesn't mean dissolving Hitsugaya's big dragon with her hawtness power.

Oh FICS! Here's one that made me run around in circles from happiness. It's KENPACHI AND UNOHANA FIC from [livejournal.com profile] vesperh . It's so well done and the 11th division touches are just so!

Click here to go to an untitled Kenpachi and Unohana fic, G, by Rebecca and you must HELP HER TITLE IT

And I just read a lovely Orihime-centered fic It's IshiHime but I mostly liked it because it's lovely Orihime. It's Running in the Rain, PG by [profile] crabby_crab

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The spoilers (check BA if you're interested) are out for the latest Bleach chapter and Kubo notes in his author message that this time, for Rangiku's birthday, someone sent him blue roses. He tells fans "Take it easy."
Ha ha ha.

I keep the man in little chocolates and regular fangirl mail but I can't compete with these new fans who send him Dom Perignon, premium sake, and a hundred roses. Kubo-sensei must have some wealthy fans!

Now some recs.

Because I'm a fool for great Ishida fics and especially if they have Ishida break down in character, here--a really powerful drabble about math and consequences: A Rock and A Hard Place (Ishida, rated G) by [livejournal.com profile] vayshti

And looky here. I meant to show these off the other day. [livejournal.com profile] incandescens crafts awesome fic and knits adorable Shinigami too!

behold teh cute )
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In Bleach, there's a girl. A gentle, goofy, warm, wonderful girl with a heart big enough to hold whole worlds. She cooks strange food, talks in extended metaphor, and willingly walks into hell to keep her friends safe.

Today, dear fandom, I would hear your appreciation for Inoue Orihime.

Post your favourite canon moments (bonus love for pictorial aids!), 'Hime-centric fan art, good!fic, tasty meta, AMVs, whatever you have. Tell me why she is awesome. Tell me how much she is worth. Give me your top whatever reasons for loving her. Pair her off with whoever you prefer, but please keep 'ship debates out of this post.

Here's something to get you started:

This song always reminds me of Orihime: Fiction by Yuki Kajiura (lyrics)

And have a bunch of 'fic recs, some gen, and a variety of 'Hime ships. They all feature remarkable portrayals of her, whether sweet, humorous, dramatic or even dark. If I've mislabelled anything, please do let me know.

Floral skirts and flying midgets! )
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Holy Crap Kubo is Here! Well that's exactly how Anime News Network put (from here)

For those of you who aren't at Kubo-con, here, some fic recs, all PR0N:

A Yukata Fetish by [profile] syneiam      Based on recent WSJ Obon cover. IchiRuki. NC17 with "guest" appearance by Renji. Hilarious.

A Friend in Need by [personal profile] nehalenia       Ichigo x Chad x Ishida. Yaoi OBVIOUSLY. NC17. Adorable and Yuuuuum.

Madonna by [profile] fishingforboots   Grimmjow/Ichigo. NC17 Rawr.

Oh and Read Kaya's latest entry of Oh Bleach Me! (re chapter 318)
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Fandom tidbits. Lovedrop, a doujinshi group in Japan that does mostly IchiRuki and IshiHime had this cute picture on its site this morning:

Lovedrop IshiHime pic )
and then [personal profile] mezzo_marinaio  colored it with her fine skills here,
and I dunno, stuffs like that can make my whole fangirl day because my favorite pairing hasn't had any canon interaction in oh, A CENTURY. Speaking of teh cute, I can NOT believe this plushie of Ulquiorra. He has a HOLE and a removable sword and I bow before the craftsmanship: THE Ulquiorra Schiffer by *pheleon on Deviant Art

Oh, and new story from me. It's arguably IchiOri. Yes, I've written IchiOri before. True Love and Swirly Skirts was a canon-based fic about Orihime's love for Ichigo. That one carried an IchiRuki warning, though. This one doesn't so I think it's safe for IchiOri shippers to read without wanting to kill me, but I dunno.

Twelve Hours, G, Orihime )

Oh, and a quick fic rec. I loved this inside out. Perfect! Four of Cups by [profile] empath_eia Rated T, Isshin/Ryuuken.
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If [livejournal.com profile] fishingforboots isn't on your radar yet, she should be. I want to sing her that Roberta Flack song "I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style...." because I wandered into her yaoi on a let-skim day and left with goosebumps, a romantic awed feeling, and thrill bubbles up my spine. I'll never stop loving the boy-loving dark waters of fanfiction if only because there are so many good slash writers out there. Here's a fic by her that's not even smut--just a very emotional, well-constructed story that hits you in the ovaries and then some:

Architect PG13 IchiIshi

The IchiRuki essay contest is hopping over at Bleach Asylum, and it seems that Annie and I have done well by our threats of withholding doujinshi from the masses if they don't write so some great essays are coming through. One I have to admit great prejudice for but I'm only reproducing it here because it's so damn funny as well as logical and I thought it might appeal to Bleach fans in general not just shippers. I hope you enjoy this piece by [personal profile] mezzo_marinaio:

*applauds Mezzo*

*puts on shipper boots*

A fun tidbit someone noticed the other day when discussing shipping was that Ichigo has yet to say "I'm going to save Orihime" in the HM arc the way he said so many times with so much conviction and passion in the SS arc about Rukia. Sure, he mentioned that he was going to bring her back in a list with his other nakama but it wasn't that singular "I will save Orihime." Then someone pointed out that instead, in the infamous much debated When The Sun Turned Around for the Moon Chapter 270, Ichigo actually did the say words again about Rukia.

Yup. He said. "I'm going to save Rukia" in a crucial moment in Orihime's own rescue arc.

I don't know why I still like to keep arguing these points because it's game, set, and match as far as I'm concerned for IchiRuki but we'll see. Someone out there has to think of something humiliating for me to do if Kubo goes IchiOri and I'll promise to do it if he does.

Oh, and finally, I just have to spazz over one thing. Everyone knows my pet (het) pairing is IshiHime. Okay it's my favorite pairing even over Ishida/Ishida or any other yaoi combo. Everyone knows my pairing hasn't had any canon interaction for months and I'm hanging by a thread here just waiting for Kubo-sensei to pick up the stitch from SS and reunite that pair. But dang, people, what's this I hear now from IchiOri fans about Ishida discounting Orihime's powers and Ichigo being the only one who understands her and commends her for her healing power? Wut?

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-101 Turn Back the Pendulum 8

Looks like it's not the last chapter in the gaiden from the preview )
Some random fic recs:

Revive You, NC17, Grimmjow/Ichigo by [profile] fishingforboots  Great characterization and deft writing in a short PWP. Crunch, munch good.

O9. Blind, G, IshiHime drabble by [profile] cccpirate  Hurts so good. Beautiful little drabble poem.

Helping Hand, NC17, Grimmjow/Apache by [personal profile] vayshti Do you remember who Apache is? You'll never forget. Top-notch writing, sexy Arrancar stuffs.

There's not much being written on the current gaiden but a wander through [profile] kurosaki_clinic always turns up good fic.
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 [personal profile] nehalenia  is one of those writers like [personal profile] incandescens or [profile] laurie_bunter--I'm just going to rec ALL this writer's Bleach fic anyway so just remember the author's name. She's done it again. This time she's written a piece that for being first person Hollow!Ichigo narration is surprisingly eloquent-- yet the guy is  IC. Hollow!Ichigo maintains a dynamic with an Ichigo who figures in the story even if nicey Ichigo's not there. The violence is handled expertly--it's never over the top. The characterizations make me give this piece of smut my "more than smut" award (didn't know I gave those out, eh? Usually [profile] sublimeparadigm racks them all up in my head for her emotional but hardcore yaoi stuffs). And yes, it's disturbing subject matter, and yes it's disturbingly erotic, and yes, the story is about that ambivalence. It's smart stuff.

Runaway Horse (NC17) by  [personal profile] nehalenia Warning: non-con, yaoi, Hollow Ichigo/Ishida

Now more about chapter 315. The scans are out, and I've read at least two interesting discussions on friends' LJs about Ichigo's character--is it consistent? What about his speech to Kenpachi at the end of the chapter? IC? Unnecessary?

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Speaking of RenIshi bondage. <.< ( My fanboi readers can either skip this rec or just THROW UP NOW and hurry up and comment on 314 below) I bring you yet another fic rec from [personal profile] nehalenia a yaoi writer who can give you the hard sex along with canon characterization and omg plot. And while she wrote this for White Day, it was New Year's, Xmas, Hannukah, and Fourth of July all wrapped up in one for me because it was RENISHI. I can retire! (not that I will!) But holy hell, someone's writing RenIshi like this, woo!

Lucky Shinigami (Yaoi, NC17, Renji and Ishida)
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_debbiechan_/

A fic rec! Some IchiIshi from a damn gooooood writer I've been squeeing over since her entry into the fandom! It's a bit squicky but it's a rescue fic so if you've seen Yael's infamous Ishida torture pic over at y!gallery, you'll appreciate [personal profile] nehalenia 's  story: More Than Nakama (NC-17)

And to further my campaign that Szayel will be back, probably for Easter, but knowing Kubo, maybe ... Tanabata?...HAVE SOME FANART: Not Dead by the ever awesome [profile] xilvrin (SilvaNoir on Deviant Art)

The best part about chapter 313 is that it's jumpstarted a lot of my old friends who were bored with Bleach into posting again. Jenni is one of those fans I love to disagree with, love to agree with, just plain love. Her sensible overviews trump my fangirliness any day. Recently, she pegged the issue at the heart of 313 while the rest of us were gawking at Ken-chan's shirtlessness or grumbling about ship stuffs. This is Ichigo's story, right? Ichigo is having some identity issues.

What is Your Place, Ichigo? (a 313 review by [profile] metaphore_art  )

What else? I've had a migraine all week so I've been kinda cranky. It's obvious to me now from having watched the latest episode of the manga that we're heading for EXTREME censorship of a lot of what we saw in the manga. Orihime was barely roughed up by Lolli and Menoli and their subsequent ... erm... punishment by Grimmjow was handled in a peculiar way to make the bitches half-responsible. *Sigh*  So much for my Szayel. There's just going to be no getting any of his outrageousness past the censors.

I can't remember the last time I had such extreme butterflies for a chapter as for 314 and I'm one of those Bleach fans who enjoys the whole damn thing and is RARELY bored of the manga. My most fervent wish is for Ulquiorra to return and I don't care where he shows up, but like most fans, I'd spin a cartwheel if he showed up to confront Orihime. Other things I'd like to see: 1) HOUGYOKU 2) KARAKURA PEOPLE, ANYONE, THE DADDIES, TATSUKI, ANYONE, even just some guy on the street buying a mochi ball 3) Grimmjow being healed by Unohana.

Wanna take bets as to who Nel is going to spit up on? I want it to be Ken-chan.
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Ishida and Nemu. *laughs evilly*  Oh, and it's a nude of Nemu so it's NOT work safe.


You have to be a member of DA and over 17 to see it at that link I just realized so here:

Now for a fic from a comm I can't pimp enough, [profile] bleach_flashfic . There's never a shortage of good fic there.
There's a current sign-up going on for March and you can participate here. Join the fun!

Here's an Ishida and Orihime fic from that community. Beautiful, beautiful writing. Stick with the story until the end:

Nocturne by Empatheia (aka [profile] flashslut) , rated T
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Indulge me, INDULGE ME. Another drawing for me by [profile] bananakaya  who is determined to drive me crazy with Ishida indulgence.

You people are determined to make me feel loved. I was so disappointed in the anime slap scene and then [profile] vesperh, who is such an excellent author, assuaged my grief with this lovely little story:

How Before Became After (Orihime, Ulquiorra, G) by [profile] vesperh 

Dear [community profile] bleachness community, if I haven't answered your comments or emails, it's because I have a helluva cold right now and I'm forgetting things. Sometimes a fandom obsession is hard work. Today I shall avoid laundry, Bleach, and the telephone and read Claymore. Thank you everyone for being part of such a fun, talented, insane fandom. Any ideas on if and when Yachiru will fight? My fingers are crossed. I want little pink girl meanness all over that sexist asshole Nnoi!
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Two recent favorites by writers I always enjoy:

Breathe Ichigo, Grimmjow, PG13 by [profile] ravengirl76 

Helen Orihime, PG by [profile] firstmidnight 

I saw episode 159 of the anime and was sorely disappointed in the SLAP HEARD ROUND THE WORLD scene even as I was giddy over how well (sexy slinky fey and threatening) Szayel was animated. I realize that anime "reads" differently from manga but I've missed a few panels that were crucial in my manga worldview: Ishida looking O.O when Urahara tells him Hime is kidnapped, Ishida standing looking like a bona fide prince with shield and arrow when seele schneider is revealed and now the scene where Ulquiorra is all "..." outside Hime's room while she sobs. Some other scenes too. The Rukia fight with Aaro was good, I still hurt over the animation quality. Chad's face is hard to mess up--it's half-covered with hair, so why do we get basset hound faces of Chad?

Grr, I'm grouchy because I have yet another winter cold. Expect fic in which Bleach characters die.

A few days ago I heard that some fandom brats were saying that I wasn't a REAL Orihime fan (because I criticize her) and it bugs me that the remark still bugs me. It's not like someone challenged my Jewish identity, my motherhood, or my political allegiances. I can't seem to be able to start threads or talk about Orihime without the HOWDAREYOUINSULTOURHOLYPRINCESS? attitude popping up. Urk, I'm craving talk like Rebecca's  Unified Field Theory of Orihime.

*goes back to watch chibi Uryuu's move it, move it*  Kaya, this was a plot to hypnotize me wasn't it? So I  cant write or draw or sneeze?
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There's a Basement Scans 305 out over at Mangahelpers here.


[profile] laurie_bunter  is a wonderful, smart and funny writer who doesn't post her stuff around that much so here I am to pimp her latest. Twas I who prompted her to write it, and I am thrilled I did so because the Bleach fandom needs more Shunsui/Nanao:

Boxing Day, T/M, by laurie_bunter

Oh, and in case you don't know,
[personal profile] jaina  finished her wildly entertaining IchiRuki not long ago and you can find complete links here:

Setting Sun, Rising Moon, PG by jaina

[personal profile] jaina also just made a super-list of 2007 Bleach "Must Read" fics and there were a few lovely fics on her list I'd missed! I considered making my own fic rec list  for the end of the year, but I'm lazy and depressed just now, so I'm going to rec her list instead---not just because three stories of mine are on it (I think she's got very good taste XD and I thank her for reminding me I can write actual stories without any smut by listing them) but because all the stories are this list are WORTHWHILE READS:

Jaina's (mostly Bleach fanfic) 2007 Must Read List

If someone's got some spectacular Bleach fic enjoyed in the past year to rec, please link the fic in a comment to this thread
. It was a fairly stellar year--the fandom exploded in size and writers got busy. Just for a quick pimp--a stroll through the archives of   [profile] bleach_flashfic   will turn up lots of gems.
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[Poll #1103692]

I'm so curious to hear what you think. I've been criticized for writing a too-emotionless Ishida before and I'm in the middle of a mooshy!Ishida WIP where I'm trying to ride his feelings more closely. For me, I do have a fixed "canon" Ishida in my head and its a matter of how to present him versus how he presents himself.

Last, Bleach fans don't miss this: CRAZY BLEACH FLASHDANCE!
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clickie for the linkies:

Bleach Asylum Festive Art Contest (fanfic welcome too!)

IshiIchi Fic Contest 2007

some fic recs:

Saturation Point
by [profile] ravengirl76 .  A clever, beautiful, meltingly wonderful IchiIshi.

Who Will Bell the Cat? (drabble)
by  [personal profile] incandescens . Just a little piece by one of the best Bleach ff writers around. Tickled me to no end.

And that's all.... except....
I still really want that Mayuri dollie. I don't care if it puts bacteria in me whilst I sleep. I want to boing its google eyes and pinch its widdle King Tut beard.

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I've had a really amazing birthday this year thanks to fandom. I really can't tell you how wonderful its been to have people from next door to Singapore send me fics and arts to feed my little fetishes. I'm so lucky to have such talented friends that rallied to my pitiful plea for IshiHime fic. I'm tempted to beg online for stuffs again (hey, I could have another birthday in three months! Think anyone would notice?) but I don't want to press my luck.

I'll organize the fic and art thing when I get my act together.... sorry for dragging my ass this month.... it's been fun missing deadlines, though. Being relaxed is something I'm not used to.


Been feeling IchiIshi cravings?

I beta-ed the first part of this ages ago and am so happy to see a continuation.
[profile] finnigan_geist
  is such a good writer.
Very pr0ny:
Part I: So Longs and Ashes
Part II: Roses and Hello

Pain and
[personal profile] kiyala
 (who I shall call Nikita henceforth because I just really like that name and it's hers anyway, so).


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