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Hey, this place has been kinda dead. But then again, so have I been. Sick and busy and .. and... and... but guess who's got a little free time right now? The husband turns in his grades Monday and he's freeeeee SO NEXT I'm going to churn out that Kenpachi/Unohana fic I promised someone over a year ago; I've got an Urahara poem in the works, and I hope to do a yaoi fic for Neha.

But yeah, as soon as I got a minute I drew Ishida.

So where are are all your weekend fanworks? I know you're still waiting for new rules and for me to move the community but don't stop posting here. I know things are kicking over at deathberry too (Honest, I've been spending all my free Bleach time there), and join up if you want exclusive news and translations, including a translation by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish of Vol. 1 of the Bleach novel (by Narita Ryohgo with Kubo sensei) Spirits are Forever With You (scan thanks to Ai_Sherry, and scanlation  thanks to Bad Example) For updates on the latest at DB, check the update thread: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=241.msg10457;boardseen#new

Anyway, I drew Uryuuuuuuuuuu!


Yes, there are mistakes but I'm learning my chops still and it's been so long since I've been on my old wonky tablet. I had fun doing this. I really love to color skin. If I can ever get around to taking a figures class, I'd draw naked Uryuu all the time, i SWEAR.  :)

Uryuuuuu )

Please post links to your fanworks in the comments section! If you've seen something you've liked that you want to rec or share, please credit the artist/source or don't post.
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Oh Rukia--such respect for your art.

From deathberry here: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=113.msg6090#msg6090

Translation by Nacchan.
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I have another stupid cold & fever atm so I hope I don't type anything too stupid. Please remember that the deadline for the IchiIshi fic contest is coming up. [Poll #1814964]

Expand your speculations as to what's up next in Bleach in the comments. I know you wanna. As for me, I'm still excited about all the neon lights the Arrancar got in last week's Jump.
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Oh, again, changes coming w/[livejournal.com profile] bleachness in February. Posting access, Dreamwidth move, that sort of thing. I'll be sure to make any new rules as clear as possible.
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Howdy, is everyone recovered from the holidays yet? I'm still digesting all the goodwill and hoping fandom doesn't blow all its gaskets before the next chapter is out. WSJ breaks are usually a little rough on Bleach fans, lol.

* First, congra to [livejournal.com profile] peca_06 for getting her IchiRuki fanart featured on this site: http://www.bouguereau.net/bouguereaus-famous-first-kiss-gets-an-anime-makeover/  I love Bouguereau and Peggy-sensei and I squeed myself silly when I saw the angel IchiRuki art.

* As some of you have noted in my comments, I've moved [livejournal.com profile] bleachness to Dreamwidth. I'll be making some changes in the upcoming weeks so stay posted for announcements. (This Live Journal account is a lifetime permanent one so [livejournal.com profile] bleachness will never leave here and all future posts on Dreamwidth will be cross-posted to appear here. You'll get instructions on how to join DW's [livejournal.com profile] bleachness later).

* My sister moved my personal website (which includes a few stuffs other than Bleach stuffs) to Wordpress. Expect some changes there too. I have lots of housecleaning to do. The new site is http://debbiechan.com/

* THE ICHI-ISHI FANWORKS CONTEST HERE IS STILL ONGOING. This part involves fic based on the previous contest's art entries. The deadline for submitting is Jan 31, 2011. More details HERE.

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F11GHT! )

I wish I had more time to have made it more complete looking, but it was fun and I really wanted to participate somehow. Happy Birthday Ishida, and Happy early Birthday to Debbie-chan! <333
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Nearly forgot to post my birthday gift for [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_(and Ishida)! I've been too busy to do something huge but I made a little chibi Ishida. I really wanted to make him into a keychain but I didn't have the time, hope you still like him~!

Also thank you all for the comments on my entry I'll respond when I can!

Him and his Little Strawberry... )
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Happy early birthday [livejournal.com profile] _debbiechan_! And happy birthday Ishida Uryuu~ I'm so glad to be a  part of the Bleach fandom this year to see all the other fantastic entries so far!

Onto the art, title for it was inspired by the Florence + The Machine song Never Let Me Go. Took me forever but it was worth it for my OTP!

You Promise, Right? )
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Cathegory: Fanart
Title: United Front 3 - Back to Back
Note: Inspired by the song Back to Back by the hard rock band Pretty Maids

They're fighting hard... Their way of victory )
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Oh my goodness, look what Spiderkiss found--this Rukia chibi figurine is a MUST HAVE--the new hair, the pink hair accessory, the CHAPPY! The cuteness is slaying me.

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Oh by the way, early spoilers are out for chapter 371 and you can read about them at the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread.

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REMINDER AGAIN. The annual bleachness birthdays contest is only SIX DAYS AWAY. The day to post is this coming Sunday! If you won't be here to post on that day, you may mail me your entry to post for you. PM me via LJ or write me at deb@debbiechan.com for more info. Details about the contest HERE.

I had a few afternoons to draw the other week and did a few sketches for the BA IchiRuki November calendar. Here are some details from calendars that didn't make it as well as the actual calendar. Like a lot of Bleach fans I was inspired by the anime ice-skating scene. It was too cute. I want a pink scarf like Rukia's now. (I wonder if Deviko in the manga is pink like Rukia's devil costume of the Halloween spread--pink isn't Rukia's color but it suits her, oddly enough)





eta: woops had the links wrong--why is editing on LJ HARDER than it was before? :/
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Thought this fanart deserved its own post. Pikeish is Kubo's "daughter" after all as we kid her around here. So if you haven't seen this yet (it already has close to 4000 favorites on Deviant Art!) here ya go: http://pikeish.deviantart.com/art/Vice-Captain-Kuchiki-251359216

Looky )

Oh yeah. I need to do a festival update. Sensei is posting so many cute things like Kon curry and a drawing of Ichigo in a bowtie. Trying to nudge mods to post update so I can nap.
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I didn't see one this weekend, and I had some art I wanted to share :)

Under the cut: 4 SFW pictures (Sado, Ishida and Orihime: Summertime + Mario Cosplay) with a thumbnail link to a somewhat NSFW Sado/Ishida picture.

Here is the cut :) )
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So I drew an Orihime fanart on my broken tablet but I liked how it came out, sketchy as it is.

Looky )

And I wrote this in the Ichigo FC at BA this weekend. I'm pumped about the upcoming chapters.

I'm pretty excited about upcoming chapters. It seems the training arc part is over and the climax of story is here. Ichigo probably has a few more surprises ahead of him at the mansion and I'm sure that we'll see Chad and Orihime (because they've been bookmarked and we've been teased so long with what the effects of them could possibly be for so long) before we see Ishida. Then we'll see what Urahara and Isshin are up to--I hope by August and before Jump goes on its usual summer break. By then it will be time for Bleach's official 10th anniversary so it will be just the right time for something really big to go down.

That sword that Isshin is carrying looks like its got Ichigo's name on it and Isshin looks ready to stab Ichigo with it. Of course that's what Kubo wants us to think so it could be something completely different that he intends to do. The absence of Rukia has been so telling throughout the whole arc but since she spoke to Ichigo in the beginning of the arc in his dream, spoke through his badge in the middle of the arc, I'm quite sure that she'll turn up at the very end of the arc and I'm very curious as to what possible role she could play in this drama. Her words through the badge: "Ichigo would never...!" still intrigue me....

Ichigo would never what? Agree to the plan Isshin and Urahara are cooking up? Hang with guys like the Fullbringers? Murder a guy like Tsukishima in cold blood?

The funny thing is that all characters, given the right circumstances, can be driven to act out of character. I think that's what Kubo has done with Ichigo in this arc. Without his powers in the beginning he was not quite his "old self," the boy he was before he was a shinigami. He had already seen and done too much. His desire to regain his powers led him to trust too easily and as we saw when he wanted to fight Tsukishima when the guy first entered the hideout and Chad had to STOP Ichigo, Ichigo was willing to go on a suicidal mission because of pride--the pride to avenge his friends overrode the will to protect them, really. Later, his anger over what Tsukishima had done to his family drove him to thoughts of murder--killing Tsukishima without first trying to get to the bottom of what might reverse the memory implantation puts all of Ichigo's loved ones at risk.

Ichigo's not thinking; he's on a homicidal mission; this is GREAT STUFF. Can't wait to see what happens at the mansion--probably a nakama reunion and who knows what will go down between Tsukishima and Ginjou (my bet is that they're in on it together!)
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Just saw this at [livejournal.com profile] burimyu  here and Annie reported it here. The director of the new Bleach musical is saying that the show will celebrate the 10th anniversary and the IchiRuki bond. That's one way to draw the crowds. Well, the previous musicals were heavy on the IchiRuki too.

I miss Rukia in the manga so much I can't even worry about Ishida's next appearance that much so you know THAT'S BAD. Drew Rukias all weekend and this one came out the best so I colored it. Please don't look at the hands... eh I know I just made you look. Anyway, I'm sure Sensei's next drawing of her will be gorgeous--his last one was unusually lovely, and I've really had it with the long long wait. I've even quit wondering if her hair will be different when we see her. I don't care if she's bald. (Renji should've been able to purchase new sunglasses if he's budgeted his salary well in 17 months but I'll bet he'll smash them the next time we see him).

My Rukia: debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/Forget-Me-Not-215123087
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So I dreamed one morning an hour before spoilers that Chad was playing soccer and was groggily disappointed when Ohana didn't make my dreams come true. That was a couple weeks ago when I was mightily frustrated with Bleach and fandom and then the car broke down and I had sewer pipe troubles and the plumber was late and every now and then I'd open email from a Russian spambot or some crazed shipper telling me to eat worms and die in so many misspellings. But then many of my enormously talented friends rallied me into fighting for my own sanity and one of those was [livejournal.com profile] skilly_n_duff :

I'll Fight Too )

So how about that last Bleach chapter eh? It was awesome. I nearly cried to look at the Bleach rankings in WSJ and see that Bleach was in the bottom five. I know that there are issues with the Lost Agent arc but in my view, the arc doesn't deserve this snubbing. Like a couple of friends of mine I went back and read the whole thing this week and it moves, it plays, the art is great (Sensei's so wonderful w/expressions), it puns and yes it lingers on doorknobs and donuts but in retrospect some of those Kubo teases work. The whole niggling and annoying "what oh what has Tsukishima done to Orihime?" that seemed like a plot point that would eventually focus on her alone became the sudden "OMG LOOK WHAT TSUKISHIMA HAS DONE TO THE WHOLE TOWN OF KARAKURA AND ALL ICHIGO'S BELOVED FRIENDS AND FAMILY!" in one fell swoop. This past chapter would not have worked so well without the excrutiating build-up of those tiny hints of Bookman's "friend power."

We've had other hints now too that may soon come to fruition--everyone's suspected Ginjou playing Ichigo like a fiddle since forever. I haven't forgotten the violin symbol on Ichigo's cardigan and now Ginjou shows up just when Ichigo most needs someone sane to trust. Tsukishima could've easily killed Ichigo or brainwashed him with one blow back at the Kurosaki house but instead drove him right into Ginjou's arms. Yeah, Ramen Guy and Bookman are lovers partners all right. And no, I haven't forgotten all the brocken spotlight/distortion of Ichigo's perception of Isshin and Urahara. Whatever Ichigo's daddy and mentor are up to should come into play soon, but given Ichigo's current state of mind and increasing paranoia, I expect more crazy and confusion.

Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away

I hope I haven't jinxed it but I expect Bleach to be so awesome now that the we've reached the apex of crazy. Ishida should appear soon and Rukia soon after? There's probably going to be a colorspread for Obon/Ichigo's birthday (not this coming week but the week after) and Bleach's 10 anniversary comes in August so yeah, things should be all fireworks for that. Please Sensei, I want to believe in you. Enough teasing. It's time to deliver--bring out the cake with big sparklers for candles.


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