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Hold on, hold on! I know some of you will haaate the banner, because well, either you dislike Yuki and are wondering what he has to do with Bleach or you just don’t like the gloomy look of the graphic, but hear me out. I chose the banner. I love the banner. I entrusted [livejournal.com profile] yorleni and her wonderful talent to make this banner, and for me ---ahhh-- *kisses fingers*---the foreboding final arc of Bleach is all here. Ichigo, the mentor but his face in shadow and half-hollowed, and the new generation (yeah, that kid upon whose appearance audiences groaned “not ANOTHER new character) is wide-eyed and vulnerable. I’m scared—aren’t you? If the last arc was all emo Ichi (last banner ) then this one is the final bloodbath….

Any time now with that invasion of SS, Sensei. You promised a Seireitei in ruins and judging from the last stupid [livejournal.com profile] bleachness poll, many are on to your teasing ways and there are claims of Battered Reader Syndrome.

The readers literally want BLOOD.

But will they get it? The bloodbath, mean. This is the last arc and anything can happen, right?

Not really. This is a formula genre we’re in, and we’re talking Bleach—a manga whose style we’ve grown familiar with over 10 years now. I’d say it’s fair to expect SOME death but not too much—this is Kubo and it hurts him as much to kill off a character with real finality as it does to say no to a cupcake. As final as they were, Gin’s death, Ginjou’s death, even Sasakibe’s weren’t shockers. We’re past the days when Sensei can fool audiences into believing Rukia is lying dead in the ice…or are we? Maybe not if fandom was so quick to buy Ukitake as the final villain.

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Manga basic concepts, techniques, and conventions. )
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Talked a lot with friends this week about the new Bleach reboot, about how things seem the same right down to the funky mod cover pages but there's a dark undercurrent to the highschool hijinks. Ichigo's not right for one thing, and there was a debate in fandom in recent days over is he clinically depressed, has he lost his morals, has he "moved on" and grown up or has he regressed? Most of my friends are happy about the return of old-style comedy to Bleach. Because I'm probably a 12 year old boy trapped in a grown woman's body, I'm the perfect audience for shounen--I love fart jokes, guys blowing stuff up, big boobs on pretty girls, and when friends smack friends to show love like Tatsuki did Orihime in the last chapter. Nonetheless I can't escape my English nerd self that looks for poetic hints and subtext in my manga and because of both personas--the kid and the schoolmarm--I hereby bring some observations, speculations and general fanmoosh over the new arc.

Not the Same Old Song

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This is a mini-essay that's been circling my brain-meats for a long while. And believe it or not: it is serious, not for the lulz. That said, I know it's possibly going to upset some people, so please take a second to read the following points before clicking the cut:

1. Inoue Orihime is a character that I LIKE, but I do not think she's perfect. Perfect is boring and impossible. Not one single character in that manga is perfect.
2. Shounen manga is full of fighting, and Kubo's BLEACH does not deviate from that norm.
3. Kubo has not written one single "weak" female character in BLEACH so far.

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I did a grueling fandom duty last night and RE-TYPED the three essays I'd written in 2007 that recently had been borked, abbreviated, and discombobulated on LJ for who knows what reason (I blame a curse! The recent attempted sabatoge of my website aside, my own user error and some *&^% CURSE is what's behind most of my html mess-ups). I got pretty nostalgic typing up the essays--one, for the free time I used to have to be able to write, and two, for a time when some of these shippery observations were bright spanking new and it was actually fun to talk about them. Ship discussions have started to weary even me of late; it's the same old same old.

These essays were never beta-ed, so if anyone can find misspellings or significant (or even insignificant) errors in them, I'll try to fix them. Last night, I groaned in places where my arguments went off-track, I beamed in places where my predictions proved prophetic, and I wished for this current arc to hurry up and be done so I could look at the whole thing, analyze it and write a big ole THIS IS HUECO MUNDO essay. If anything, I realized that my patience for Orihime's character development must be superhuman. I've been waiting for her to get her groove back for LONGER than it's taken me to gestate and give birth to BOTH my children. In other words, it's been well over 18 months. I wrote the first essay with a certain measure of squirmy anticipation three years ago, and when I said something the other day about it taking longer to get back to the dome than it took to have a baby, [livejournal.com profile] riah_chan  laughed and wrote in a [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  comment that she got pregnant just a little bit after events on the dome and was due soon!

These are really poorly annotated essays. And guess what--links disappear after a few years. *note to self to make screencaps when writing another one of these fandom things*

My paranoid preamble looks like it was justified, though. Boy did writing shipping essays ever turn out to be an adventure in fandom insanity.



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Hi guys. First order of business, since the ever-popular Nick Simmons Plagarism Scandal Post has dropped of the first page of this community, I've put a link to it over on the sidebar. No, we haven't heard from Viz or anyone else lately, but when we last heard from Viz, they were encouraging us to continue to post side by side panel comparisons between Incarnate and other works and to make overlays. So those of you who are still interested in doing so, keep that up! Thanks everyone for informing us of places where the Simmons story appears. My son was tickled to hear his mom's fanblog mentioned on thatguywithglasses. I think I'm over my anxiety now of being sued, and I'm no longer having nightmares of being licked to death by Gene Simmons.

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Hey, last July I wrote an essay about why some people might find Aizen/Ichigo interesting and was basically a shipping essay. In honor of the recent chapters I've updated it a little and want to know what some of you think. (If I've gotten any information wrong, please tell me, it's been a while.)

( Aizen/Ichigo : The Why )

Now with more pictures!

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I recently pimped two Deviant Art artists who were taking commissions and wanted to share some of their recent work with you.

I'm in LOVE with this chibi take on Kubo's New Year's spread: Six Hearts As One by Rusky-Boz That little chibi!pimp!Renji slays me! <3

This was a personal commission and I plan to write a Valentine's fic around this pic: IshiHime by Cacodaemonia

Now an essay rec. [livejournal.com profile] yulieana is known for not mincing words and not pulling punches. Be warned that this essay contains an inflammatory introduction that criticizes a part of the Bleach fandom to the point of bashing. I'm recommending the essay, though, because the main body of it is a clear, comprehensive answer to the argument that Ulquiorra was not a redeemed character and that his being killed after being downed, disabled and conquered by Ichigo/Whatever Ichigo became on the dome/IchiThing was justified. I'm always appalled when that sort of argument glorifying IchiThing comes up, and it's not unique to a shipping faction. For me the obvious message of the lust chapters was that Ulquiorra gained a heart while Ichigo lost his, and attempts to read the story otherwise (outside of fanfic) boggle me.

HERE is Yulie's essay.

For those who would prefer to not read the whole thing, here's a tiny excerpt and the gist of it:

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I spent more than a hour composing a nice little essay earlier today and LJ ate it. As with all catastrophes, I came away the wiser. I learned from friends that 1) Lazarus 2.0 is a necessary add-on if you use Firefox and are given to composing spur of the moment manifestos on the Internet and 2) I really must care a lot about my fandom if mere hours after growing ox horns, snorting fire out my nostrils and swearing I would leave [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  forever, I decided to recreate the entry. Well, maybe I just care about Orihime that much. Honestly, she's my favorite female character in Bleach.

Here goes. (I'm sorry that what follows is only a very abbreviated version of my essay--maybe I can recall some of my more original thoughts about the topic if you engage me in the comments).

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So, when I saw the spoiler thread at BA, I started a response with my theories... and got a little carried away.

No objectionable content beyond crazy theories that actually have basis, a bit of NelIchi wishful thinking, and a long mini-essay.

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I encourage fan essays, don't I?

This one appears to be an answer to the "close reading" of a specific part of Bleach that argues against the Ichigo/Orihime ship ( Karenai's essay here) by proposing an "in toto" reading of Bleach and the Ichigo/Orihime relationship. It's got Freud and Joseph Campbell in there!
I thank the author for sending it to me and asking me to post it here. She wants feedback and specifically requested that IchiHime shippers not respond to the essay here (presumably they can respond to it elsewhere--although I have no problems with their responding here as well; my only guess is that Perennial Lurker was hoping to avoid side-battles about the inevitable extraneous shippy stuffs and wanted to keep comments to specifically addressing the points in the essay)

I'm trusting this community to respond to this essay with the kindness and respect it deserves. I know a lot of you will disagree with it--disagree with it without bashing, excessive sarcasm or shipping ugliness. Prove to the fan community that shippers can debate without the fur flying and the neighbors having to call the SPCA.

What follows is an essay posted by permission of the author, PerennialLurker of Bleach Asylum )
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Done with Debbiechan's permission

I'm doing an essay on pagan imagery in Bleach. Use of black and white and their meanings from a pagan perspective, the celestial connotations of the sun and moon, how timing of events within the plot reflect certain pagan ideals, and the absurd amount of God/Goddess imagery that trucks around.

Its strange, its unusual, has no precedent thus far in the fandom, and is sprinkled with my terrible and unfunny sarcasm. So step up to the plate, ye brave souls.

I'm GoddessItasca on AIM, I'm on all the time, feel free to buzz me there and I can send you a sample of what I've done already.
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So I wrote up a bit of an essay on the Espada and how I find that some of them represent a deadly sin.

I posted over here at my community, for you guys to read and discuss. I hope this is allowed for me to share.
The Espada and the Deadly Sins
Thanks in advance!

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I rewrote the sucker for [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto

I am now concerned that this essay may start a ship war of massive proportions. I could rewrite the essay and make it more bland, but I'm also a BIG chicken when it comes to internet drama.
I sent the essay to the mod to see if it would pass: even if it does, my worrying has begun.
In any event, I can post HERE because this is my comm and I'll cry if I want to.
I am very stupid always in considering what fan responses will be. Hence, my being on fandom_wank three times.  I seriously can not understand why some people get furious if you question their ship. I don't even mind silly insults against my favorite  characters. I mean--someone called Rukia a "cockroach head" the other day and I just laughed.

Is this a revised arguemt against IchiOri or is it an IshiHime ship essay? )


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