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First some recent goodies from Jump Bang, the Tokyo t.v. show that features Jump stuffs.  From baidu screencaps, posted gratis of Annie and Delicious at deathberry. Under the cut are the covers (in color now) of the new Bleach novels by Ryohgo Narita (unidentified new characters but possibly a previous Kenpachi and a lady person from Shunsui's past), the color cover for Bleach volume 55 (Bucky and some very large font), and Rebooted Souls (Ichigo).Also, a drawing of a very grown-up and badass Ichigo from Sensei.

The sketch from Sensei gives me all kinds of thrills. Kubo's art and Ichigo as a character have both grown so much in the past 10 yrs. Now the volume 55 cover. I don't know why Sensei was so excited about the style for this cover. I love Bucky and from this pic it looks like a nice scary portrait but nothing REALLY special--the huge freaking font annoys the FARK out of me, and while I see the double Quincy fives like two fists to the face, I get it already Sensei. I'd rather have art sometimes than his graphic posturing. This is the man who brings home his architecture magazines home and says he "purrs" over them but sometimes his style is too ... I don't know--at the expense of character? Like, I'd like to see a FACE rather than things?

Eh, I know he'll make up for it with the poem.  :lmao  I'll get my characterization there. But I really don't like the big ass letters. I'm wondering if they're going to be in every volume cover from now on.

Goodies under cut

Goodies Under Cut )

Second, I know that fandom is craving a translation in English of the fourth excerpt of the Bleach novel by Narita-san. There's one available at deathberry but it's being restricted to a closed subforum at the moment. I keep waiting for other translators to step up to the plate but so far its been days since the raw appeared and no one has translated anything but the summary. Apparently the DB fans who did so much of the work for fandom for years finding goodies and doing translations are truly the only ones who bother--despite recent claims to the contrary.

In fact, not long ago, deathberry translator [livejournal.com profile] pikeish (who previously provided for Bleach Asylum and all fandom with goodies via the IchiRuki FC before its break w/BA to form deathberry) stood accused of stealing a translation from Bleach Asylum despite hard evidence that her translation appeared days before BA's translation. Amazing fandom story. I know I've vowed to stick to source material and the Bleach MANGA in my posts but this fandom story is really too amazing not to mention. I've got such a personal stake in it too and it doesn't involve shipping pettiness but the fandom at large. What the story appeared to be at first was that some newbie translator had paraphrased [livejournal.com profile] pikeish's translation and reposted at BA to fanboi gratefulness and misunderstanding and much bitchiness towards the new forum who refused to share with BA. What eventually was revealed was that the administrator of BA, Velius, actually goaded this "translator" to go to to deathberry and take the translation, knowing full well that the translation posted at BA would not be authentic, original work. He then further goaded BA members to troll DB and suggest that [livejournal.com profile] pikeish took the translation from BA!

The attempted sabotage of deathberry by BA administration was all out in the open on BA visitor messages, screen-capped and exposed at deathberry. The thread was closed but you can read the whole dramaz HERE. The caps are rather shocking. (Velius: [administrator of BA]: "I'm good with code" and blackstrawberry [the "translator"]: "The one with the actual goodies happens to be someone other than me"). The thread itself features a surprise appearance from Velius who advises deathberry to lock down its forum 100% ... to keep people from stealing from it, I suppose.

Well, for the time being, deathberry is partially locked down. Unlike Bleach Asylum, it does not make any money off ad revenue and was never intended to be a biiiig forum. We were always a community of fans; we love what we do and never regarded ourselves as a public service either. Those of you who are blaming the people who run deathberry for keeping the bleach novel translation and other goodies from you, please don't blame us. We were sharing with the fandom at large. It was antics like the one the BA administration pulled that prompted the recent lock-down. People who work hard don't need wank and accusations. It's very unlikely that the new bleach novel will ever be (officially) translated into English--the previous ones were not. May this be a lesson to fandom. Entitlement and whining will get you nowhere. Want something very much? Do it for yourself.

ETA: Deathberry was considering releasing scanlations of novel to general public after some time so no further accusations of translation-theft etc could be made but decided to make only summaries public in a thread. See here
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Hey, this place has been kinda dead. But then again, so have I been. Sick and busy and .. and... and... but guess who's got a little free time right now? The husband turns in his grades Monday and he's freeeeee SO NEXT I'm going to churn out that Kenpachi/Unohana fic I promised someone over a year ago; I've got an Urahara poem in the works, and I hope to do a yaoi fic for Neha.

But yeah, as soon as I got a minute I drew Ishida.

So where are are all your weekend fanworks? I know you're still waiting for new rules and for me to move the community but don't stop posting here. I know things are kicking over at deathberry too (Honest, I've been spending all my free Bleach time there), and join up if you want exclusive news and translations, including a translation by [livejournal.com profile] pikeish of Vol. 1 of the Bleach novel (by Narita Ryohgo with Kubo sensei) Spirits are Forever With You (scan thanks to Ai_Sherry, and scanlation  thanks to Bad Example) For updates on the latest at DB, check the update thread: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=241.msg10457;boardseen#new

Anyway, I drew Uryuuuuuuuuuu!


Yes, there are mistakes but I'm learning my chops still and it's been so long since I've been on my old wonky tablet. I had fun doing this. I really love to color skin. If I can ever get around to taking a figures class, I'd draw naked Uryuu all the time, i SWEAR.  :)

Uryuuuuu )

Please post links to your fanworks in the comments section! If you've seen something you've liked that you want to rec or share, please credit the artist/source or don't post.
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Oh Rukia--such respect for your art.

From deathberry here: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=113.msg6090#msg6090

Translation by Nacchan.
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1) New glorious compilation post by Spiderkiss in deathberry, this time of Kubo's official Bleach art: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=82.msg1509#msg1509   (her previous compilation post of Kubo's rare illustrations continues to be updated here: http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=80.msg1491#msg1491)

2) Good article by Deb Aoki: http://manga.about.com/od/bookreviews/a/Mangastream-Vs-Shonen-Jump-Alpha.htm
I'll take issue w/what she says about "leaked scans" being the source of early scanlations. Some issues of Shonen Jump are legally sold in certain areas in Japan before the "official" release date on Monday and these are purchased and given to scanlators. The illegal activity is the giving of the magazines to scanlators for illegal use, not the purchase of the magazines before the official release date. In the US and elsewhere, magazines are often sold before the official release date-- it you're a home subscriber, you're aware of this because you get your magazine before it hits the newstands.

I subscribe to VIZ ALPHA and have been a longtime supporter of VIZ despite my unhappiness with many aspects of their censorship and catering to a kiddie audience. More of my comments in the BA thread here.

3) Something pretty and fun. Our dear dear [livejournal.com profile] pikeish drew an IchiRuki IshiHime drawing for
Ishikawa Tomomi, the Bleach animator who is no longer going to be drawing for Bleach because she's gone on to bigger projects. Not only did Tomomi-san put Pike-chan's drawing in a frame on her desk, she also drew a pic back, one of Rukia (Pike's favorite character) waving goodbye. *cue tears* Here it is--so lovely!

Note watermark. Please do not re-post anywhere else, modify or use for your own graphics.

<3 )

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Kubo's omake in RS 2 is out. [livejournal.com profile] pikeish will translate soon...

I'm dying over here. Nii-sama's sculpture of Ichigo is revealed in all its ... glory.

Thank you to deathberry.  http://deathberry.com/index.php?topic=40.msg1393#msg1393
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What a thing to wake up to. IchiRuki romansu and the destiny theme steamrolling over Aizen’s poor little ambitions in bondage somewhere…. Ah, Sensei, you’re such a romantic—just like Rukia told Ichigo at the end of the last musical, lol.

Todah rabah Annie, Nacchan, Mel and deathberry HERE

When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again

Kubo sensei’s poem with IchiRuki spread from anniversary chapter (ch.460) from SOUL RESURRECTION Vol 6

If you follow the link to deathberry, you'll see a lot of IchiRuki squeeing of course because the forum is IchiRuki. Here's one comment from Nacchan's tumblr I found amusing and fangirly but also giving you some factual stuffs:

I love how Kubo-sensei provided the English version of the poem this time so there’s no need for unnecessary translation wank, I had enough of that seriously

So happy that IchiRuki got another canon poem AGAIN, I even already lost count how many poems they have right now

  • The “Black Sun - White Moon” poem
  • The “Sand and Rotator” Poem
  • The “One Boy, One Shinigami the story of destiny begins” poem
  • The “Things that take you high is not only wings” poem
  • Ichigo’s vol 19 poem — “That’s right nothing else can change my world”
  • Ichigo’s vol 49 poem — “Can I keep up with the speed of the world without you”
  • ….. okay I lost count, we just had too many (._____.  )

eta: the HQ scan, thank you to Ku. OMG, it's so lovely.

HQ in all its glory )
eta2--from Annie, another poem that illuminates a spread. OMG, this one is beautiful too. I'm dying over here:

Fullbringer shoe spread: "Are we standing in the same place? Are you going to betray me? Step towards the truth in shoes / washed by tears."
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Thanks to Pikeish, Annie, Ku and deathberry.

I... I... am shivering with anticipation.  This comes to you from deathberry, but it looks like Resurrected Souls 6 will reveal a new wakame sculpture by Byakuya of none other than Kurosaki Ichigo wielding Zangetsu:

Advertisement for KARABURI EX in Resurrected Souls 6

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Oh this is so cute. Syn found it. Source is deathberry post here 

People wanted to be in the 11th squad most of all? SCARY SCARY, JAPAN. I assume it's because of the brotherhood and not for the fighty fighty. And to feed Yachiru konpeito.  Adorable that Kubo worries about the popularity of a squad he hasn't written yet. I reminded of his concern for Hisagi's popularity before the character was developed. He doesn't seem to like audiences' imaginations running away with them before he has some say!

Oh, the songs cover tidbit that Syn refers to in her comment is from a tweet of Kubo's about Buricon 2. Nacchan's post about the tweet is here. "He said that he likes how at the end the flow of the songs are Kaien --> Rukia --> Ichigo."
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On the heels of scooping a brief new Kubo interview for fandom, deathberry has some other little treats for you. As usual we can thank poppy_moon and Annie for these offerings. Translators credited below.

* Wow, I'm dying over this new omake by Kubo in Resurrected Souls 4. It's ... it's.... NEW INFO ABOUT KEN-CHAN... I don't know what possessed Sensei to draw this--maybe he was perusing unusual Bleach fanart or... hahaha, I don't know. I can't stop laughing. Please go here for the scans. Thank you Ku and Annie. The translation is by Nacchan.

* Next, we have the 4komas not by Kubo-sensei but Official Jump and by Ooba Atsushi. There's a new one with Kenpachi. Translator is Pikish this time. Thank youuuu: here

* Ads from RS 5 here with scans by Ku and trans by Nacchan.

I'll have details for the IchiIshi fic contest up soon. Still rousing from holiday hibernation and family time.
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Credits to poppy_moon and Annie for the scan; Nacchan for the translation. Please go to deathberry to the following link for the scoop:


The bit about the "relief" audiences felt when Ichigo was back in his shinigami robes can not be overstated, I think. XD I think sometimes Kubo teases audiences horribly in anticipation of payoffs like these.


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