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Winners, We have Winners!

The popular polls have closed and these were the top three you voted for:

1. Apple Picking by [livejournal.com profile] midoringo

2. Bittersweet by [livejournal.com profile] halclouds , Wedding Cheers by [livejournal.com profile] mooguriklaine (tie)

3. Feelings by [profile] son_nekoni

The votes were tight there! Here were the top three chosen by our picky, picky (that’s me teasing her) critical-eye contest judge,

[livejournal.com profile] syneiam , with her comments:

1. Bittersweet:

the art is very cute - the main problem is Ulq's height, mostly, but since he's crouched, it's easy to overlook. The composition and the soft colours are definitely A++. I especially like the shadows and the overall scene's softness. All those sugaries food - with the already tasted donut - make us think that he's feeding her with sweets - that's very cute.

2. Feelings:

the art is OK, but what really makes it shines is the humor. Expressionless Ulq vs very expressive Inoue, to end up with a "pasta"-- it's really funny. I especially liked Inoue's last panel after Ulq's "love", because it was so reminiscent of this panel from Inoue in the manga when she told him she wasn't scared.

3. Strawberry and Vanilla:

this is a very stylish IchiRuki piece - although the background does hurt my eyes - the art style is really pop style and I love it. This is what makes it stand out compared to other good art - this very unique and fresh style, combined to a very sketchy look - it's eye catchy and reminiscent of the earlier Bleach.

Amongst the artists who have already a good style, I could spot people who definitely have potential! I enjoyed the arts immensely - I was a bit surprised at the Seaweed Ambassador and Chappy turned into food and I think this one deserves praises too! The ideas were good - do not hesitate to practice more, have fun, and share more art!

Thank you, Syn, for your careful looking over of all the entries this week, and thanks again to all the participants. The contest for prizes is over but

[livejournal.com profile] bleachness is still accepting entries all the rest of this month for Kubo-sensei’s birthday.



[livejournal.com profile] halclouds and [profile] son_nekoni placed in both rankings, popular and judged, so they get two prizes from the grab bag o’ goodies. Artists who won, if you already know which doujin or prize you want from what was shown in bleachness pics before, let me know right away before someone else claims the prize; otherwise wait until I contact you with a list of prizes and pictures so you can choose from the grab bag. All the winners will get chopsticks and candy and a trading card. <3


[livejournal.com profile] vayshti and [livejournal.com profile] annieroo2 , I have to open prizes to you two again too because your prizes from the last contest never made it here from Japan. *sniff* I have one of Vayshti’s doujinshi but she can pick another prize and Annieroo needs to pick all over again. I’ll be in touch with you two again as well.

And now… the cutest thing ever. Everyone loves KawaiiS. She recently made this adorable gif for the UlquiHime FC over at BA. If you’ve ever needed the story of Tanabata explained to you, well, here you go!




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Hi guys. I don't post here because it's scary, but I've been keeping this rec for a rainy day (especially since it's my sister, [profile] son_nekoni who writes and draws it, with a little creative input from me). Oh yes! I know what's coming in the next few pages *smirk* And don't we all need a little comic relief as our heroes fight for their lives?

So I share with you the in progress Coming out of the Closet! Links go to Deviantart:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 <--- my favourite, for obvious reasons.
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9

Comments will be used to feed hungry fanartists .

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You have exactly one more month to get those entries ready, people. The deadline for the art contest is June 1. I'll post some pix of prizes as soon as my little disposable camera gets developed (yes, the Hello Kitty digital camera is missing again ... *evil-eyes children and cats who are always moving stuff around here where I can't FIND IT*)


Have a funny. I saw this in the ridiculous image thread over at AS and couldn't stop laughing. I don't know who did it--it wasn't credited. SPOILER SPOILER FOR 356.

Hitsugaya, er, spoiler for 356 )

OH, and I just got a ByPass doujin (Ishida x Orihime) from Annie in the mail. I will scan for [livejournal.com profile] bleachness members asap. It's so cute--it has Ulquiorra in it!
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Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I'm still in the middle of Passover, unable to taste the tasteless matzah because of a terrible headcold,  and I'm eating gallons of hot soup. The constant sniffling allows me to disguise my grief for a manga character as a flu symptom. If only my love for Ulquiorra could be tempered with Day-Quil.

This community continues to rock, hop, and bounce, and I'm glad. I only wish RL restraints weren't keeping me from bringing you more of the fic I believe I write better than my fangirling, but you say you like these entries so I'm glad. Glad to be a fangirl with a busy cyber parlor. Reminds me of my college days when there were always people in the kitchen talking art and politics and the sign on the door said "Property is Theft but Please Knock." I pretended to be Gertrude Stein but I think I did as much squeeing over boys then as I do now over hawt Shinigami and Espada in Bleach. I'll never understand people who think I take Bleach "too seriously." (She says in her fourth day of near-incapacitated grief over a character with bat wings and a pointy tail).

I bring links!

Rebecca’s 353 story chapter, told from Ulquiorra’s POV, does honor and justice to the character without sentimentality  ( I was reading [livejournal.com profile] vesperh 's way of processing manga chapters by giving inner thoughts to the characters and thinking about the active role of manga audiences in the communication between author and reader when I came across this article about characters in biblical literature. Funny, I see manga characters as biblical figures whose actions demand analysis more than figures in modern fiction with their consciousnesses all laid out for us and maybe that's what I like about them).

Chris’s LJ entry on 353

Ballad’s LJ entry on 353

Jenni’s LJ entry on 353

Two [livejournal.com profile] capslock_bleach entries have been helping me make it through the weekend.

Grief Counselors are Standing By

The Rehearsal

A beautiful UlquiHime fanart by darkcountessb

And this looooooong post on Bleach Asylum i really liked:

Loooong post on 353 by Neverwinter ).

Finally, a fun video featuring a goofy song by Ulquiorra's seiyuu. Vid by Cezaria: The Delicious Tomato Song
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*blinks at fandom uproar over spoilers and myriad postings and theories in this community and elsewhere*

I've got a wine hangover from the Passover seder last night and am too tired to go our synagogue's second night seder so maybe I'll just try to compile all these religious references that people have tossing about for the Ichigo and Ulquiorra Seven Sins confrontation. I admit that last night when I raised my glass for the Third cup of Redemption (Passover is, among many wonderful things, about Jews getting wasted for the sake of their religion) and sang the Hebew, I will redeem you with an outstretched hand... I thought about Ulquiorra. I didn't say anything at the table because my manga affinities are already suspect, if not my ability to hold my Manichewitz.

Anyway, the chapter isn't scanned yet and all we have are spoilers and one picture and much fandom commotion, but my take for the moment is ....

Ashes to Ashes? )

Okay, my head is starting to hurt so here, have some funnies. The first is yet another by KawaiiS for UlquiHime shippers and the second is by Chris( [livejournal.com profile] dbnext )for IshiHime shippers. Too early to tell yet but Ishida has so gotten shafted in this chapter... shafted, impaled, dismembered, disemboweled--what else is new? LOL. Mah baby!

Funnies )

Okay. Some interesting fandom observations I thought I'd point out. Gleaned from BA.

gleanings )

That's enough G-d and art and poetry in mah shounen manga for now. I'm going to go eat some dry crackers. See ya when the scans come out.
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I have a seder to sing at in a few hours. My child has a cold and is crying because her nose is stopped up, and I have an achy feeling that could be a cold virus but I'm crying because of some little drawings on a page drawn by a man on the other side of the world from me. For those of you have read the spoilers and either love them or hate them (I love them, of course), here, some fanarts and some words of comfort if you need them.


Fan comics

Apr. 7th, 2009 05:34 am
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Waiting for spoilers? Waiting for vengeance?

Have some funnies. Chill, fandom. Er, warning for humor being not IchiOri friendly.

Funnies )

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See my new icon? Thanks, S.A. It's the Bleach Fandom Freak-out face according to Ishida!

Moderator's note--
This community has sure grown from my own little fic and fanblogging journal to a real lively bleachness place. I encourage everyone to make posts that reach out to the broader fan community but do consider whether a post would be more appropriate to your own journal before posting here. So far everyone's been fiiiiiine... it's just that after over 1000 comments in the community this week
I had the little panicky thought that I might not be able to keep up, especially if the comm goes ballistic while I'm offline. Sooo, guys, I know these are exciting Bleach times--I'm trusting everyone to behave themselves! ^_^

Have some KawaiiS doodles!


Everyone who's been a sweetheart and sending me care packages, I appreciate them more than you know. I am full of love and appreciation for the chocolates <3 and especially for the gifts for my daughter who has been ill. Today Marley sent me some DBZ stuff and these two Ishida and Orihime cards and Hello Kitty Pocky for Sophie. I was really touched and happy to be part of fandom today. I really do love all you guys. <3

My Ishida and Orihime Cards Aren't They Swell? )

So that was for the IshiHime shipper in me. For the ICHIGO AND ISHIDA shipper in me, Blast gave me a present with a beautiful new drawing on their site this week! Wow, have you seen? It's here. IchiIshi... worksafe.

If Kubo won't draw it, Blast will! )

And UlquiHime art is always so gorgeous. I really loved this piece this week by sideburn004. You can fave it on Deviant Art here.

Forgiven (UlquiHime, worksafe) )

Finally, a reminder about the

There's a poll about contest prizes for it and future contests here
Okay, Bleach fans... hold onto your horses. Okay, Ichigo... whether you're the King or the Horse, we love you....we can't wait to see what happens next.

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I take megatons preventative medications for migraines and hadn't gotten one in months but yesterday evening one zapped me behind my left eye and, like a cero, caused enough disintegration to debilitate me but not to take me down. I'm not going to blame the Bleach fandom for bringing on the migraine but I was reading the most unbelievable posts in the chapter thread at BA when the pain hit. I hear there's been bannings and/or appropriate censures and I know some friends who swore off forums but I don't know why--all I know is that morality issues not unlike the ones concerning Middle East politics (which my lively argumentative family would determine wedding list invitations over)aggravated by shipping issues (ah, love impassions all)were causing brawls.

Oh, thank you Kubo-sensei for writing such a wonderful chapter that riled up all your fans. YOU HIT US WHERE IT HURTS, BABY.

You guys know me--I've said it time and time again that character bashing makes me laugh, and I wish I had a nickle for every time someone tried to bait me by calling Ishida a pansy. The recent fandom arguments that were calling Ishida a "traitor" "coward" and an "idiot" for not letting Kurosaki finish off Ulquiorra were creeping me out though. Likewise with comments made, jokingly or not, about the bond between Orihime and Ichigo being some sort of admirable love in the sense that it is "A Love So Strong It Kills Our Friends." Creeeeepy.

Kids today. *Shakes head*

Have some funnies.

A new OT3 emerging from recent chapters is UlquiIshiHime. Here's KawaiiS' take.

What is a Heart? )

And Peachie did the most hilarious drawing based on what many people have observed about the last panel in last week's chapter.

Loop by Peachy )

Some LJ recs for more reading about 352:
Rebecca wrote beautiful fic again here
Jenni wrote happy meta and did a dance of TOLD YA SO with me here
Balladbird, our fandom Ulquiorra expert, has an LJ now and his most recent review is here
Interesting argument but creeps me out: His humanity on a silver platter for her
and my one comment in the Bleach Asylum chapter thread, lol
Make that two--I couldn't help myself, OMG but people were being INSANE, LOL in case my last comment is deleted for off-topicness at BA )
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I was cruising forums and found this by Shercko on Bleach Portal and laughed my ass off:

Ulquiorra's Last ) [Poll #1375021][Poll #1375021]
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Is everybody better yet? *pat pats freaked out fandom* Have some KawaiiS doodles.

351 a la KawaiiS )
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A comic re 350 thanks to Kisu_no_hi over in France.

[livejournal.com profile] syn sort of inspired this one, I hear. <.< Heh.

Rukiaaaaaaaaaaaa )

It's interesting--I've known a couple people who just quit Bleach these past weeks, after seven years of reading it, but most people I know have never been having a better time reading it.  I'm all into Naruto these days too; I just found myself having an unexpectedly violent reaction to the latest chapter of Nodame Cantible; but Bleach owns my soul. C'mon, crazy one part Hollow one part Human one part Shinigami howling Ichigo-thing with the cool horns and da powers of da Force, bring me home!

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KawaiiS is just love. Here are some recent funnies from her on 350.

Armless FC and others )

And here's Mezz's ( [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio ) response to the fandom suggestion that Ichigo deliberately pitched Orihime to safety after he appeared in his new form. (Sorry, OD, you can eat me like a cookie but I'll disagree with you to Aizen's throne and back on this one. Love you, though)


And finally, a HQ and translation of sidetext from Frankyhouse of that lovely Matsumoto Kubo-sensei drew for us this week.

Hubba hubba )
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Servers are back up at Bleach Asylum but fandom nerves are still unraveled

First, from KawaiiS, a little comic to break the tension, okay?

HA! by KawaiiS )

What a chapter. The long, long story arc is at that point where stuff is finally happening and questions can’t be answered fast enough. Those who insist that Kubo-sensei doesn’t plan got a blast from the past from this color spread in Ichigo’s new form, and those of us who get off on Shishou’s many clever set-ups loved the fact that Ichigo, who currently seems to be a form in flux made up of equal parts Shinigami, Human and Hollow, is howling like Allon, the Chimera made up of the severed arms of Hueco Mundo’s version of the three Greek Fates.

Really, the allusions are crunchy good. Yum, yum.

And the art as always is breathtaking. HQ raws came out a few hours ago and now we diehard fans are waiting on the definitive Ju Ni scanlation.

There's no real translation problem insofar as I see it )

As an owner of the IshiHime and Ishida fanclubs over at Bleach Asylum (I don’t know why caretakers are called “owners” in the fandom lexicon—I’m an old-time socialist—PROPERTY IS THEFT! FANS BELONG TO NO-ONE—BLEACH BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE!), I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all the new joiners. I’ve been loving the love for my fave Bleach dude and my fave ship, though. Allow me to beam a little:

A little Aside About FanClubs )

Beyond my love for Ishida that I thought could grow no bigger but continues to bust the seams of every form my poor fangirl adoration can shape, I’m curious about my other Bleach bishie Ulquiorra. He’s joined the armless club along with my Ishida and he’s looking mightly vulnerable for the first time. The real story of “Who’s a Hollow? Who’s a Human?” seems to be just starting, and although there looks like there’s going to be a major fight, we’ve been promised a lesson about the heart from Kubo. After all, many a fan has observed that Ichigo's form creepily resembles his opponent's. What does that tell you about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?

I can’t wait for the mix-ups.

Recommended Reading:

metaphore_art's post on 350

vesperh's post on 350
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There are brief spoilers and spoiler pix at Bleach Asylum if you can get into the forum right now, LOL. The place is switching servers next month so the traffic should run smoother on spoiler days.

In the meantime, I did nab the cover of the chapter from Zangetsu:


A funny doodle by kawaiiS

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Fade to Black premiered third in the box office this past weekend in Japan (Diamond Dust Rebellion had premiered at fourth last December) and I'm getting tidbits still from the flurry of promotional stuffs from my Japanese-speaking friends. Not confirmed but from good sources--Kubo-sensei gave a television radio interview in which he admitted to being a "sadist" who likes to tease people, loves "big boobs" (duh), loves Aizen but wouldn't want to fight him because he's "too scary," and says Bleach is Bleach thanks to Ichigo and Rukia. (ETA: LINK TO RADIO INTERVIEW FROM [profile] melodymix  here. You need an account to listen). 2ch is abuzz with what it calls the "kissingtheforeheadhug" pic from the movie pamphlet and fan blogs are posting fanarts and sketches from the movie that illustrate the face-cupping, Ichigo stroking Rukia's hair and Urahara's smirky "sure, right" reaction to Ichigo's hesitancy when he defines Rukia as his "precious nakama." Follow the shiny link to post by Sketchbaka

That, and I heard that Koma-chan's ban-kai is kick-ass. I get thrills when I see it in the manga so I can only imagine what it looks like animated on the big screen.  I haven't heard too much else about the fights because I'm a girl and an IchiRuki shipper and my antennae have been pointing, all shivery, at OMG, HE STROKED HER HAIR chatter for a while. But at some point when I mentioned to Syn that I couldn't see Ichigo stroking the hair of his other precious nakama--Chad, for example--it occurred to me that I really did want to see something like that, and my shounen ai and yaoi fangirl who had been sleeping for too long, awoke with the tiniest little naked plot bunny fetus squirming in my palm.

I want to write RenIshi again. Doesn't Renji have the most STROKABLE HAIR? Hee.

Yeah, I've had a real writing drought there. Sorry guys. I'll make it up to you when my RL gets stable again. In the meantime, FADE TO BLACK FUN!

Warning: shippy content. FTB Comic by Kisu_No_Hi

FTB Comic by Kisu_No_Hi )
[identity profile] xilvrin.livejournal.com
click here for my entry... Uryuu doing what he does best, protecting his town by slaying hollows with arrows. )

Rated: PG.
Pairings: NONE.
Characters: Uryuu and Ryuuken Ishida, a random hollow, random oblivious townspeople
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I have a confession to make. I saw the first Bleach movie and I haven't seen any since. Why? I can't stand anime movies. The timeline disruptions hurt me. For some reason I can't see them as video-fanfic--not even to appreciate the quality animation. I try.... But I was traumatized once upon a time. In one of the later DBZ movies Chibis Goten and Trunks fought a resurrected Hitler  Although years after first viewing the dubbed version, I could appreciate that movie on another level of yuck-yucks, I never really got over the shock.

First thought when I heard there was going to be a Hitsugaya movie was yey, [personal profile] orin  is going to love it (and possibly draw more Hitsugaya!) but I'LL PASS.  First thought when I heard of the Rukia movie was damn, my Annie got her wish. When Rukia finished 2nd in the popularity polls, she demanded a Rukia movie. So far, that's what it looks like--Rukia's the poster girl. We have very little else except this official website and the confirmation that Kubo Tite himself gave the movie its title and subtitle: Fade to Black: Calling Out Your Name (In the one sound clip we have, Morita hams it up calling RuKiaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAGH the way only Morita can).

One of my friends will probably force me to watch this movie (I'm currently being persuaded to watch the Hitsu movie for the Kubo Tite extra interview it will sell with) but the fuss about it is more fandom fun for me. Thanks again to Mezzo who found another comic on a Japanese fansite.

Does everyone in Japan draw really well or what? It's like the place is exploding with awesome fanartists and doujinshi artists.
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Great Kami, shippers, lighten up! I think I caught the word jihad being used in the shipwars this weekend. Have some funnies.

Mezzo is always good for some funnies.( For those of you who don't know, there was some wank over the word "reunion" in Rukia's "Save the reunion for later" line in 317. First, it was claimed to not exist in the more accurate translation; then when it was proved to exist in the raw, it was claimed that Rukia was referring to a reunion of friends, not to a reunion of her and Ichigo, specifically.... elsewhere someone was measuring how wide Ichigo's mouth was in the panel where he saw Rukia in order to prove that it was the same expression of joy as when he saw Chad).

The eyeball sex *blow on nails and rubs them on collar*, a term coined by MOI in the UlquiHime FanClub not long ago, belonged to Ulquiorra and Orihime in this chapter, though. Ulqui almost got to second base!

Kaya ([profile] bananakaya) has hilarious Bleach entry this week.

Check out Kaya's silliness

Brief mod note:  I recently purged a bunch of random posts with links to YouTube and ff.net because one had a wrong link and the others seemed random. If you post a link to something bleachy, please make sure it's something special that readers may not have been able to find easily.  Please repost if you think the stories are worthwhile--I was click-happy when deleting and took out a whole row of posts the way Renji took out Exequias.


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