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Oh I was so looking forward to this! Annie found pix and Nacchan translated part of the 4koma which sounds hilarious--Ishida quizing his friends and arguing with Ichigo. <3

Read more... ) ETA: The whole Colorful Bleach comic thanks to Weils for the scan

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Permission from Debbiechan. They were posted from Furukawa Toshio (Kageroza)'s twitter and Paku Romi (Hitsugaya)'s Blog.

From Furukawa's Twitter:

Far Back: Ohtsuka Akio (Shunsui), Okiayu Ryoutarou (Byakuya)
Back Second: Bottom of Akio, Furukawa Toshio (Kageroza), Paku Romi (Hitsugaya), Matsuoka Yuki (Orihime) beisde Furukawa's wife and dog.
Front Row: Hiyama Nobuyuki (Ikkaku), Ishikawa Hideo (Ukitake), Fukuyama Jun (Yumichika), Itou Kentarou (Renji), Morita Masakazu (Ichigo)
Side Left: Yasumoto Hiroki (Chad)

Bolded: Were in Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Inferno~Elysion together: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=8763.
Fukuyama Jun and Itou Kentarou was in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas; Ishikawa Hideo was recently cast in as Oneiros (One of Hypnos Dream Gods).

From Paku Romi's Blog: Let's Eat )


From Matsuoka Yuki/Orihime:

Yasumoto Hiroki (Chad) joins in the fun LOL, posted from his Twitter:

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I didn't see one this weekend, and I had some art I wanted to share :)

Under the cut: 4 SFW pictures (Sado, Ishida and Orihime: Summertime + Mario Cosplay) with a thumbnail link to a somewhat NSFW Sado/Ishida picture.

Here is the cut :) )
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So I dreamed one morning an hour before spoilers that Chad was playing soccer and was groggily disappointed when Ohana didn't make my dreams come true. That was a couple weeks ago when I was mightily frustrated with Bleach and fandom and then the car broke down and I had sewer pipe troubles and the plumber was late and every now and then I'd open email from a Russian spambot or some crazed shipper telling me to eat worms and die in so many misspellings. But then many of my enormously talented friends rallied me into fighting for my own sanity and one of those was [livejournal.com profile] skilly_n_duff :

I'll Fight Too )

So how about that last Bleach chapter eh? It was awesome. I nearly cried to look at the Bleach rankings in WSJ and see that Bleach was in the bottom five. I know that there are issues with the Lost Agent arc but in my view, the arc doesn't deserve this snubbing. Like a couple of friends of mine I went back and read the whole thing this week and it moves, it plays, the art is great (Sensei's so wonderful w/expressions), it puns and yes it lingers on doorknobs and donuts but in retrospect some of those Kubo teases work. The whole niggling and annoying "what oh what has Tsukishima done to Orihime?" that seemed like a plot point that would eventually focus on her alone became the sudden "OMG LOOK WHAT TSUKISHIMA HAS DONE TO THE WHOLE TOWN OF KARAKURA AND ALL ICHIGO'S BELOVED FRIENDS AND FAMILY!" in one fell swoop. This past chapter would not have worked so well without the excrutiating build-up of those tiny hints of Bookman's "friend power."

We've had other hints now too that may soon come to fruition--everyone's suspected Ginjou playing Ichigo like a fiddle since forever. I haven't forgotten the violin symbol on Ichigo's cardigan and now Ginjou shows up just when Ichigo most needs someone sane to trust. Tsukishima could've easily killed Ichigo or brainwashed him with one blow back at the Kurosaki house but instead drove him right into Ginjou's arms. Yeah, Ramen Guy and Bookman are lovers partners all right. And no, I haven't forgotten all the brocken spotlight/distortion of Ichigo's perception of Isshin and Urahara. Whatever Ichigo's daddy and mentor are up to should come into play soon, but given Ichigo's current state of mind and increasing paranoia, I expect more crazy and confusion.

Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away

I hope I haven't jinxed it but I expect Bleach to be so awesome now that the we've reached the apex of crazy. Ishida should appear soon and Rukia soon after? There's probably going to be a colorspread for Obon/Ichigo's birthday (not this coming week but the week after) and Bleach's 10 anniversary comes in August so yeah, things should be all fireworks for that. Please Sensei, I want to believe in you. Enough teasing. It's time to deliver--bring out the cake with big sparklers for candles.
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Finally! This drawing by Kubo-sensei which went on the anime tour last winter emerges! We'd wanted to see it for a while but somehow no one seemed to have a picture of it! Here it is, the picture he drew--it was on display at Jump Festa.

Rukiaaargh! )

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Yes folks, as I type this it is already Chad's birthday in Japan and we here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  will be celebrating until it is no longer his birthday in any part of the world. You are invited to post your offerings to our big wonderful muchacho in comments here. Please be patient with LJ as it site struggles with its DDoS issues and if your comment doesn't post, wait a while and it will post ... eventually. XD

FANWORKS NEW OR OLD, CONGRATS IN GLITTER TEXT, DOODLES, GRAPHICS, PIE, LOVE IN ALL FORMS WELCOME IN THE COMMENTS. Please use discretion and warn for all not-safe-for-work offerings and put them behind links.

CONTEST! Post a manga panel (manga only, not anime) in which Chad appears and write a comment about why Chad rocks your world in this panel. How to post an image in a Live Journal Comment. If all else fails in posting your panel, describe the moment in the manga vividly along with your comment. [livejournal.com profile] bleachness mods will choose 3 winners later on and you guys will get some groovy regalos (I have a cutie plush, an Amore e Morte tat, and a widdle Sado-kun sticker). I'll start with the first offering.

This Chad!Fest is dedicated to a dear friend who has been campaigning for a Chad arc for years now. She may never get to see her guy in a white dress but at least she can get the following--a special art from
[info]imlikat ! [info]mezzo_marinaio  was absent from fandom for a few months but she's back now and here ya go, honey--

with love )

I'll say more about the birthday boy later. Gah, I love you Sado Yasutora.
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Haha, I've just watched it. Lolarious. It's a dream remake of the Soul Society arc and gave me all sorts of mushy nostalgic feelings. Also ... the ending was clever as hell.

spoiler image )
eta: Ah ha, Sensei is tweeting about how he liked Rukia's costume in the episode--and Urahara's hat! Ah, I love this episode! The animation isn't great, but the concept beats everything and the IshiHime shipper in me just noticed on the third watch that Urio and OrI Mei call one another by their first names and that Ori Mei calls Chigo "Chigo-kun" ROTFLMAO.  Oh there are some really cute gifs by Maskonna from BA here. Please pause the vid in the Urahara's treasure room--HAHAHA, there are some interesting treasures there!

eta2: BWAHAHAHAHAHA, Sensei not responsible for Renji costume travesty! Nacchan translation: "living world members+Yoruichi's outfits were based on my spread, I get to check others too except for Renji's modification" 現世組+夜一は、俺が描いたポスターの衣装を着てるから、デザインっちゃーデザイン。その他は恋次に手直しした以外は殆どチェックのみだよ。 (excuse me while I lol forEVER)
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I can't help it. I'm so excited about this filler episode based on Kubo-sensei's Arabian spread. It looks like a hoot. It airs next week. Screencaps thanks to Annie and gif thanks to Amy Core. YES IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL INDEED HAVE SHIRTLESS CHAD! <3

Images )
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Some of you may have heard that the next batch of anime filler is going to be based on Kubo-sensei's manga color spreads. The first one up is the Arabian spread. A summary is already out--it's an Aladdin's Lamp theme, and I was laughing all day at comments about the episode in fandom but I really lost when I read Mezzo's post a while ago and had to share it with you. It's got all the vital information about the episode in the post so here ya go:

A whole anime episode with shirtless Chad!
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So here I am, watching some dub reruns of Bleach on [adult swim] and Chad is training with Renji in Urahara's basement.  Which reminds me of something about Chad that has been mentioned a couple times and makes me wonder if Kubo has more in store for him.

Chad, what are you up to? )

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Posting this here because I know many of you haven't seen it yet. I missed this (I was napping I guess) when Annie found it the other day--the fourth pic in the 2010 Year of Bleach. It's not just Chad! There are other cute Kurosakis running about! <3 Next up is Orihime and presumbly fifth in line is Ishida (he's always number five, right? LOL) so I'm happy there. If Renji catches the number five nakama position all my numerology is shot to hell. What the hell is Orihime doing anyway? Jumping? Dancing? What will Ishida be doing? XD XD

Chad spine )
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Took me long enough. This is a short piece and sorry it's late, [livejournal.com profile] aizome . I love you and Chad both. <3 Un-beta-ed. Feedback welcome.

Born Again PG )

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I thought I share these...

Straight from BL-Land with Free Talk Session!

Toriumi Kousuke (Szayel Aporro) mentions his character name and his highest from BL Drama: Sentimental Sexualis with Yasumoto Hiroki (Chad Yasutora) can be heard in the background. Yasumoto Hiroki mentions his own character name from BL Drama: Niizuma Deka (New Wife Detective) with Toriumi Kousuke that was pretty recent.

Download 1: Toriumi Kousuke - Szayel Aporro Saikou
Download 2: Yasumoto Hiroki - Chad Chad Chad (w/ Toriumi Kousuke)

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It's not just me. I haven't seen this much excitement about Bleach chapters since the Turn Back the Pendulum arc started. I guess the moments we were all waiting for were in the IchiUlqui confrontation which has finally started to move. The characters we cared about most were there--Orihime, Ulquiorra, Ichigo and Hichigo. *Waves flag for Ishida's showing up*  Do I smell the hougyoku around anywhere?

Ton of comments just about the summary spoilers here

And here is the scanlation of 344 The Pride by SleepyFans at OneManga

Pride Cometh Before the Pratfall! )

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A reminder about the SECOND ANNUAL BLEACHNESS BIRTHDAYS CONTEST. The day to post entries is November 6, Ishida's birthday. That's some time after a lot of the Halloween contests some of you may be participating in, so you've got time!

The contest itself is a present to myself for my own birthday later in November--I did it last year and it worked out swell, so I'm trying it again this year with more categories. I provide the prizes--yummy doujin of all ratings, little pins and keychains, and just yesterday I got word from amazon that my advance copies of the Bleach artbook All Colour But the Black (English translation) had shipped, and I'd ordered two--one for me and one for you, whoever wins the art prize.

Take some time to look over the rules on how to post that day. I'm fairly open about what goes and qualifies. If something doesn't quite qualify, post it anyway! We'll have a lot of entries to celebrate Ishida's bday! I'll make the decisions as to what entries meet the contest terms when I make the poll for voters. That will happen sometime after Nov. 6 so keep a watch.

Here are the basic categories and rules:

Don't Forget! )

Guess what I did this morning? I actually watched the Bleach anime, episode 190, in the raw.

Been a LONG time since I've loved both the songs and the animation in the anime OP and ED. New ones are out--they're fun. So many of the characters I love. (And Yumi, Chad and esp ISHIDA are smoking HAWT in the ED!)

New Bleach Anime OP and ED


I wisecracked last week that the infamous hand-holding scene between Ichigo and Orihime might be wiped out in some sort of postmodern "OOPS" move by Perriot, and lo and behold, it was . The post-filler anime started with the wonderfully goofy scene of Ichigo hoisting Orihime on his back and saying he had to go save Chad and Rukia now--no handholding and staring into a non-existent Hueco Mundo sunset. Haha--I wonder if Kubo-sensei scolded Perriot for that one. The sight of him being picky and correcting voice actors at a FTB recording tickles me--I wonder what a pissy Kubo is like.

Now some fanarts by me.

All work safe. Kaien, Orihime, a random Menos at the DA links here:

Kaien for Justine

Strange Things
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LookingBack7, also known as [livejournal.com profile] r0ck3tsci3ntist here on Live Journal, has the most distinctive Bleach fanart style. It's sexy, textured, full of feeling. It's so ART fanart. She draws the creepiest Ulquiorras and is known for her somber UlquiHimes in a fandom where there's a lot of roses, romance and kawai. She drew an Shinji/Hiyori/record player piece for me once that I swear has been the inspiration behind each and every one of my fanfics since. This latest portrait she's done of Chad, Ichigo, and Orihime is just--wow. Orihime is so tiny, her hands clasped with Ichigo's, and Chad is this pillar of a good guy. The whole picture feels like love and friendship.

LB7'S awesome Bleach Arts )

Her Deviant Art gallery is here. You can find more of her work at y!gallery but you have to have an account there to see the work, which is largely yaoi-themed and largely for mature audiences.

That's all. I just wanted to make an entry to thank you, LB7, for your really different and wonderful Bleach fanart.  Next week, I hope to have my Ishida and Orihime plushies by Pheleon to show off !  I can't believe she's tacking Ishida's new spirit bow--wow. But a plushie maker who can do a released Szayel can do anything!


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