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We have the final Bleach spine and it's a troubled looking Ichigo and part of Ramen-guy's face! (eta: the spine looks incomplete doesn't it? It's supposed to be the last one but I keep thinking there has to be another one!)
Thanks to Zan of BA!

pic )

Thanks to everyone who voted in the polls for the IshiHime fanart and fanfic competitions. The competition is just lagniappe--the best part was watching all the wonderful fanwork come in--the entries and gifts brightened my birthday and I've got most of them up on my website now (http://www.debbiechan.com/main.html  <--still being updated. If you'd like me to link your art to your DA site or website and I haven't, PM me).

Now, announcement of the winners.

In the fanfic category:

1st place and winner of a $25 amazon.com gift certificate: The Long Sit by [livejournal.com profile] enisy

2nd place and winner of an Ishida and Orihime folder with notecards:                                                   
Of His and Her Circumstances [Part 1] by [livejournal.com profile] tsubameongaku

3rd place and winner of playing deck cards and postcards: In The Sky With Diamonds by [livejournal.com profile] nendo_chan

In the fanart category:

1st place and winner of 2000 Deviant Art Points: Guardian [MMV] by [livejournal.com profile] nendo_chan

2nd place tie: A Never Ending Dream by [livejournal.com profile] luminous85  and take a nap by [livejournal.com profile] moga_moka
(Prizes available for 2nd place winners: $15 amazon gift certificate, 1200 Deviant Art points, IshiHime doujinshi. PM me with your wish--first come, first served! I don't know how else to make it any more fair! XD)

Special deebie award of recognition:

I want to award the fanfic "The Long Sit" by [livejournal.com profile] enisy  with a special prize. We didn't have a judged competition this year because we didn't anticipate very many entries, but if we'd had the level of judged competition in this contest as in some others I'm sure that this fic would've received lots of attention and accolades. It's a beautifully crafted piece, and I'm especially touched by this gift because it comes from an author writing outside her particular shipping fandom. I always appreciate it when writers push outside their comfort zones and any gesture of shipping good will deserves ... sooo many cookies. So, given that I'm a horrible baker, I'm going to give enisy a the gift fic of her choice, by me, about any subject she wants, about any pairing she wants. XD. My pleasure. PM me--your wish is my command, [livejournal.com profile] enisy . It will be a short fic because I'm challenged for time lately but I look forward to challenging my writing chops again.
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Looks like Syn was right again. It's half of Ichigo's face so with only one pic left, there doesn't seem to be much room for Rukia!

And no Chaaaaaad? T___T

See HERE from Zan

All the spine pics thus far from Chronus at BA
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As if my shipper week couldn't get any better.

Thank you to spacecat for pic of spine and eeeee, look at this adorable timeskip bunch with a prominent
Orihime and Ishida! <3

weeee! )
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The first three spines may be old news to some people, but I know that not everyone here frequents BA. The fourth, however, is brand-new.

And we have Neliel, Nnoitra, Tesla, Loly, Menoly, Halibel, Ggio, Barragan, Soifon... )
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The latest is out. I missed the last couple ones so posting them here too. Just have a little one for the Peshe Don Cirucci et al pic (I think Minerva has bigger pic but her link was dead so I'll see if I can get her bigger pic later). GOT IT.

Just to tide you over until the scan comes out. I'm fairly chomping at the bit to comment on the chapter. Haven't been as excited about a chapter in a long time. I've seen various fans perplexed but I'm seeing a culmination of a lot of things as well as maybe FINALLY the coup de grâce regarding the Deicide chapter title--and it's not what we've been led to believe at all!

pics )
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As usual, please don't tweet KT about this or use it as your twitter avatar.

There's no need to spoil Japanese readers or make KT angry.

Luppi and Yammy this time! )
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Here it is... )

You're gonna like this one [livejournal.com profile] combandmirror!
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Do not tweet Kubo about this! This issue of WSJ will be officially on sale next Monday.

The pic... )

Thanks to Czeliate on BA for providing us with it!
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Almost forgot again! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] spacexat !

A couple of beloved boys this time!

Shinji and Kensei )

ETA oh, and Sensei gave an official explanation today as to why he's not faving tweets anymore (TRANS danke [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio ):

お気に入り今はやってないんです。あれやると何百もある返信を全部見なきゃと頑張っちゃうから。RT @arata_kakizome: 先生私もなんか凄く心細いです。このIDにしてから先生のお気に入りに入る率も少なくなって…お誕生日にまたなにか気の効いたものでも贈れればいいな…

@arata_kakizome: "Sensei, you could say that I'm also a truly hopeless person. Ever since I got this ID, the number of tweets to be included in sensei's favourites has become less and less... if on your birthday I sent you something effective to put you in a good mood that would be alright, wouldn't it...?"

@tite_kubo: "I'm not really favouriting much now, because when I do that I have to look at all the replies - which are in the hundreds, and it's a lot of work."

That's right--don't forget everyone, Kubo-sensei's birthday is coming up this June 26!
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I don’t know if this this is a Captain Obvious sort of post, so just bare with me. :D It may be obvious to fans with serious Graphic Arts Skills but not to everyone.

images and short essay under the cut )

Uhm, feel free to agree or disagree with me regarding my current crazy theory. This is absolutely unbeta-ed and I hope it doesn't totally fail. *bites fingertips off in fear*

Oh yeah, and special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hinodeh who posted Zangetsu01's pic when I asked last week! I know you had no idea I was going to do write this...

Additional thanks to [livejournal.com profile] karenai for uploading the large pic to her photobucket. :D *hugs*
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This week's Ukitake and Shunsui <3 and the Kira and Hisagi from the previous week I forgot to post (Kira is emo-ing! <3)

Guess we know Captain PrettyHairs is next! <3 <3 <3

spine pics )

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Here's a pic of the spine thanks to Spacey :

volume 20 spine )

And a pic of Kubo's fanmail for this week he posted on Twitter. Do you see your letter there?

fanmail )
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Spine so far (click to enlarge). Thank you Annie.

That's Ganju, Kukaku and Yoruichi on this week's spine and coming up next is Gin.
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There was no chapter last week but the Bleach spine came out with the issue of WSJ as always and it was ... most of Renji! The rest of him will appear with the next issue, but here's what we have, thanks to heiji.

Renji spine )

Also, if some of you Bleach fans out there insist on being brats and doing junk like trolling this site and neg-repping me at BA for posting the Kubo autograph/doodles in the rare scans thread then you're really not making it more likely that I'll share any goodies I may get in future. Fandom is being tres rotten lately and I know there's not much I can say to make it shape up. I await a change in the weather, stars or a new chapter to argue about.

I had a pic of the spine all put together from Annie but can't find it atm--I'll update later.

eta: oh here's the spine sans this Renji that Annie found at 2ch last week but I forgot all about it.
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Your fix is here! The 388 Chapter Thread is Open At BA

Ohana! How can you say such a thing! XD )

Besides all that, the Orihime on the spine looks great! Pic thanks to Zangetsu of BA and hieiji of 2ch

Cute cute olden days school days Orihime )
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Posting this here because I know many of you haven't seen it yet. I missed this (I was napping I guess) when Annie found it the other day--the fourth pic in the 2010 Year of Bleach. It's not just Chad! There are other cute Kurosakis running about! <3 Next up is Orihime and presumbly fifth in line is Ishida (he's always number five, right? LOL) so I'm happy there. If Renji catches the number five nakama position all my numerology is shot to hell. What the hell is Orihime doing anyway? Jumping? Dancing? What will Ishida be doing? XD XD

Chad spine )
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Get them spoilers over here at BA

Oh and guess who's next on the Year of Bleach spine?

haha )

ETA--script from cepillion @ Mangahelpers

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