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Hey guys, I just wanted to share an entry I wrote on our favorite emotional abuser, Shukuro Tsukishima.

It's at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/13921888107/shukuro-tsukishima-bleach

What did everyone think of Tsukishima honestly? I know some people were like he's a poorly-written Mary Sue type character while others find him pretty cool.

Book of the End is probably one of the most super-cheap abilities I've ever seen, but does anyone think we've seen the last of him?

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Bleach 475 is up at MangaReader.net.

MangaStream.com's version is also up.

Usual: Don't tweet to Kubo about the chapter or using pics from the chapter until Monday.

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Bleach 470 is up at MangaReader.

MangaStream's version is also up. I think MangaReader's "shunpo" line is right though and MangaStream's is wrong (just based on context). MangaStream fixed the translation.
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Remember not to tweet Kubo or post art from it until next week. Also, be wary of Mangareader's ads.
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Bleach 461 is at MangaReader. Take the general necessary precautions for the ads on the site (Adblock, etc.).

MangaStream's translation won't be up for another day or so. MangaStream's version is up.

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If you can see this post, you are one of the lucky few. (LJ is undergoing DDoS attacks.)

Bleach 458 is up at MangaStream.

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Bleach 456 is up at MangaReader.

The MangaStream version is up also.

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Note: As I was informed, the reason the Big Three are out earlier this week is because WSJ goes on sale in Japan this Saturday, rather than Sunday.
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EDIT: AW MAN. Didn't notice; maybe you guys did, but there's a link next to Ichigo's face with a HUGE Q&A.
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This started out as a full analysis of the arc, but damned it if wasn't turning into a master's thesis and I knew that by the time I finished it, the next chapter would probably be out.  A big part of it was an outline of the reasons I think Tsukishima's almost definitely working with Xcution, but as I wrote, I noticed that one subject was overtaking everything else: hot damn Ginjou's some kind of wizard.

This being something that I'm absolutely sure about (as opposed to so-sure-I'd-bet-money-but-Kubo-may-yet-troll-me), I decided to focus on that, because it clearly wanted to be focused on and the "Tsukishima Shuukurou has a posse" theory hinges on it.  There's been a lot of talk about how dumb Ichigo's been acting this arc, and how it's not cool that he's not trusting his dad or Urahara, and as [livejournal.com profile] san_toki  pointed out in the 453 chapter post, it feels like Ichigo's done this to himself--letting his desire to get his powers back be exploited and make him blind to what's going on.  I think it's more than that, though.  If there's one thing this arc has reinforced mightily it's that Ichigo is still a kid, one who needs adults in his life and people he can lean on.  As much as he's the hero of the series and runs around getting into danger and doing the impossible, Ichigo's always eventually gotten help from adults, whether they're shinigami or Ikumi or Urahara and Isshin.  And what I see going on here is a kid who is entirely out of his depth when an adult for whom manipulation is like breathing draws him into his circle. 

Ichigo's used to dealing with people who are straightforward.  Even Aizen will explain his plot at the drop of a hat; his powers really do the manipulation, and he insists that people just see what they want to see.  Tsukishima's powers are a horror show, able to turn him into a beloved friend, family member, or authority figure at the cut of a blade, but most of the scare factor where he's concerned (for me at least) is the way he makes people vulnerable.  He's able to inspire all the feelings of a personal relationship with him, but there's no evidence that he feels anything in return, and that's fairly horrifying. 

Ginjou, though, is scary because what he's doing to Ichigo works just as well on real people, in real life, and he doesn't need any superpowers to do it.  He just has to be able to lie and exploit other people shamelessly, and here's a rundown of how he does it.

(All images are from the scanlations available at MangaFox and have been badly cropped for your convenience.)
Forget Tsukishima, Ginjou's the one making Aizen look bad. )
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Bleach 453 is out at MangaReader.net.

It's missing some pages at the end though. Missing pages were added.

I REALLY recommend using Adblock in Firefox or Chrome. I keep getting "BLOCKED EXPLOIT" notices in Norton, so the advertisements they use seem to be sketchy.

ETA: MangaStream's version is up as well.

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Bleach 451 is up at MangaStream.

** Do not tweet to Kubo about this chapter until Monday. **

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Feel better about the new arc yet? Have the pacing and storyline of the last two chapters won you over?

Looks to me like Sensei’s done his homework and pushed the pace like he said he would. Reader feedback and dire numbers and less than spectacular sales seem to be putting the pressure on to keep Bleach a success story.

WSJ rankings usually don’t get a lot of discussion but lately the Bleach Asylum thread for the WSJ rankings has been alive and kicking. People have been concerned about Bleach’s dropping popularity, and we discussed the matter here at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness  after I posted a new arc poll a couple weeks ago.

According to czeliate and others who follow 2ch, the Japanese have redubbed this arc "the lost agent arc" to be "the lost reader arc" (読者消失篇)--> meaning, an arc that losing the readers

The WSJ rankings, which are determined by reader feedback and editorial decision both, tell the story the most dramatically--ever since the current arc began, Bleach has had to struggle to win favor.

The link to that WSJ graph of the Big Three I posted weeks ago got lost, but I saved it when it was reposted at BA this time and uploaded it to my own LJ scrapbook. As you can see below, Bleach’s ratings have been ALL OVER. It hasn’t rated as high (2nd) since the end of the Arrancar Arc with the “Bleach My Soul” chapter. It rated low as 13th last week (for the Orihime vs Tsukishima face off) . The Valentine’s issue when Ichigo got his fullbring hubcab power was a healthy 5th place ranking.

Posted here by tatai who credits Tarouch for the graph:


Now, something of interest to those who follow Kubo-sensei's interviews and Twitter remarks and like to discuss his authorial intent and/or his responses to reader feedback and how audiences effect his work. A couple of his tweets this week interested me. [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_marinaio  translated. From the sound of things (and I realize I'm a fangirl), Sensei sounds endearingly insecure about feedback. Ah, if I only had a nickle for every artist I've sat up nights with talking about his or her perceived lack of talent. But from these vague statements, I also get the idea that idea that while Sensei doesn't like to hear judgements about his work, he's open to suggestions that include constructive criticism, that value judgements aren't worthwhile unless they include some help or encouragement on how to improve.

Anyway, judge for yourself:


When I talk about something and my tone doesn't imply the question 'Do you like it, do you hate it?', but instead something like 'Is it good, or is it bad?', hearing responses such as 'That's dull', or 'That's not pretty' - things that don't really present me with an alternate plan of the 'If it were me I'd do this' variety - makes me feel really dejected... even if those responses come from my friends. Like a certain writing style, or a certain design.


Since not immediately presenting me with an alternate plan in those moments is akin to saying 'I have no talent, but so what?'... well, you know. Inside myself I get dejected at that kind of attitude. Obviously.


Well, it's not as if I like the idea of talking about something with a tone of 'Is it good, or is it bad?' in the first place.


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