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5 years ago, I read Bleach for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the hero. As I continued on, I found a deep connection with Rukia. During the bridge scene, I knew without a doubt that IchiRuki was my OTP.

But it was the revelation of Aizen's betrayal that convinced me Bleach was the best story I have ever read. 

*Rant and accompanying art* )
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A clarification of that puzzling last line from Chapter 400 now that Sleepyfans scan is out and so is Cnet's translation. The first translation we had from mangastream gave everyone the impression that the hougyoku had some sort of sentient will and was taking Aizen over or something (Aizen: "It seems that at long last my soul has begun to understand the will of the hougyoku"). Nope, got that backwards.

Aizen: It appears that the Hogyoku has finally begun to understand my heart.

Cnet's translation:
Aizen: It would seem that the will of the Hougyoku... // ...has finally begun to understand what I desire.

czeliate explains in this post at BA

So, yes, this all makes more sense--Aizen is in control of the hougyoku instead of the other way around! Just wanted to put to rest some of those braincells out there that were hurting themselves with speculation.
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Ok, so this is my first essay here. Heck, it's my first entry on LiveJournal. So you guys will have to bear with me a bit. If you don't like cynicism and sarcasm, you might not like this. But the point is to better understand Ichigo. The point is to see him for who he is. You might be just a tad shocked, actually. And I'm not saying that everything here has to be right, that's why there's a lovely comment system. So we can have intelligent discussions.

See, I'm not so much looking at "what he should be doing" as I am "what he should be thinking about." This is about his motives.

...But first, before reading this essay, please take time to make sure you have caught up with the latest chapter, just released today (the essay focuses heavily on it)! Here, I'll get you some links. =D
MangaStream: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/388-27/1
OneManga: http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/388/01/

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Well, we knew it was coming but it still seems like a really cool thing, a countdown to 2011 the 10th anniversary of Bleach, and check out the announcement (keep clicking to enlarge). Pic gratis of Zangetsu of BA.

slight spoiler for 383 behind cut

psssst! )
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So, when I saw the spoiler thread at BA, I started a response with my theories... and got a little carried away.

No objectionable content beyond crazy theories that actually have basis, a bit of NelIchi wishful thinking, and a long mini-essay.

Long  )

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YES. AIZEN AND GIN. YES. Isn't this the cutest thing since Yachiru appeared? XD
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Title: Choose
Author: [profile] gully_moe
Rating: PG (Some language, and maybe a bit angsty?)
Words: 608
Pairings/Characters: IchiRuki and IchiOri. Mild GinRuki and UlquiHime. Oh and Aizen. =)
Summary: In which Ichigo is faced with a painful decision.

Another drabble, or little ficlet that I'd like to share in here. It's an idea that just sprang to my head the other night. It's my interpretation of Ichigo's relationship with the main female characters, and where Kubo could be going with them.

All and all shipping wars break Ichigo's brain.

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Tea Party at Chad's House, or Neighourhood Party at Shunsui's?

I bring you the most epic write of laughter in this recent entry. I will get around to the names and post it under the same this entry, most likely tonight or tomorrow.

Who do we follow?: Completely Synchronized: The Murder Mysteries: 319 -- 105: The Over Kills
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Scans are out. Check the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread for the goodies and throw roses at Spacey's feet for bringing us these weekly spoilers and check out the new playground look of the forum.

Bleach is rated #1 this week in WSJ and I can see why.  There's something to squee about on every page.

Dunno why I'm typing so much of the bad grammar. The cleaning fluids from Passover preps have entered my bloodstream. See ya later, after the seder!'
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Speaking of RenIshi bondage. <.< ( My fanboi readers can either skip this rec or just THROW UP NOW and hurry up and comment on 314 below) I bring you yet another fic rec from [personal profile] nehalenia a yaoi writer who can give you the hard sex along with canon characterization and omg plot. And while she wrote this for White Day, it was New Year's, Xmas, Hannukah, and Fourth of July all wrapped up in one for me because it was RENISHI. I can retire! (not that I will!) But holy hell, someone's writing RenIshi like this, woo!

Lucky Shinigami (Yaoi, NC17, Renji and Ishida)
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I was re-watching Bleach during the SS arc...well more specifically I was watching the scene where Aizen explains his plans, and I got to thinking: why did Urahara choose Rukia out of all people to hide the Hougyoku?

Out of all the people, why her? )

Anyway, I'm just being a Bleach fanatic right now instead of studying. Please share your thoughts; all these theories are running around my brain and there isn't anywhere else where I can set them free except here.

By the way debbiechan, please feel free to delete this post if it's not allowed.
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Thank you to [personal profile] hidden_gems for catching the various dropped words in this manuscript. This part is the 14 pages I accidentally deleted and had to rewrite. There's one more section to come and then I'm writing something cracky about Kon.

This morning I read a couple people hypothesizing about Quincy-Hollows over at BF. Heh, I'm going to be so tickled if Kubo goes this way with Zael-Apollo, but I'd really prefer a quick Zael-Ishida-Renji match. Yes, the fight has potential. Genius and science and Renji's pluckiness and ban kai.  Not to mention Pesh-ness. But I want to see Ichigo (I can't believe I said that!) right now. I mean, see Shirosaki.
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Heelllloo, friendly neighborhood neurotic fanficcer  here.

Finished the story (there are yet another TWO parts I need to proof after this one), and even after losing 14 pages of part three, I felt good getting this one out. I haven't felt a fic lacking in a audience since I wrote The Girls (but that one did get well-received) and I haven't gotten as much out of an emotional purging from a story since Bright Majestic Winter. I think this one is a re-writing of "Winter""in a strong way--another excuse to play with the ideas of sexual power and identity, but this time I didn't want Aizen pulling all the strings. This is the new, un-victimized "Winter?" A dominance fic with romance? XD I tell you, I'm in outer space with this one.

Having writer's solipsism for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--it's the weekend after all.

*turns up choral music*

Without further ado, the part I am sure is going to make people go "huh?" :

Heh heh. I think I may be picking up some  of that "it's not what you think it is" evilness from my boyfriend, Kubo-san. This is what happens when I write for myself; I'll probably take drabble requests soon (I know, Cal! I owe you Ikitaku/Unohana!)  The chibis want to play Reader Rabbit on the computer now, so adieu until part 3.
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LJ.... what is wrong with you. I swore I uploaded this a minute ago and it showed up. Refreshed and refreshed and it's gone.... so here again...

My first attempt to build a story out of a drabble. Think it failed but it was fun to write. I'm all about Ulqui and Zael-Apollo lately. Not sure how to categorize this fic either and don't want to give the plot away. Two more parts to proof.

Description: Hard R. A story about identity. Can Ulquiorra’s allegiance ever waver? Can Ishida’s?  Aizen, Gin, Tousen, Orihime, Zael-Apollo.

Warnings: Spoilers for Hueco Mundo arc, (mild) dark-fic-ness, (not overly explicit) sexual weirdness, mind fuckery, a hougyoku with erotic powers, and a long author’s notes at the end.

A/N: This story, written the week chapter 272 appeared, begins with the presumption that Renji and Ishida were defeated by Zael-Apollo.

As always, the pointing out of typos, oddly constructed sentences, contradictions with tiny canon factoids and MORE will be VERY VERY appreciated. Also I love concrit, esp with a story I'm wobbly about like this one. I'll start ^^: 

This starts as a yaoi fic and then seems to be an IshiHime--what's up with that? Ulquiorra seems less than his cold character in the manga. I love your Gin but your Zael-Apollo is almost exactly like him, maybe more insecure that's all--is he TRYING to be like Gin? I don't understand the bit about the tailors.

But if you write I enjoyed this. Please update soon! I'll be very happy! ^^
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I have but a few words to say about the early spoiler. XD

I finally started posting fanart on y!gallery and realized that ever since DA I've been censoring my stuffs (I used to draw pretty raunchy back when I posted on Red Curtain), so I made two y!gallery appropriate fanarts. Tame really. I just like using the categories like "mind control" and "bondage." I posted the Aizen one DA but said in my notes it was a strangling and not a bj and I dare anyone to challenge me!

Because I like tying him up

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a strangling? Is it a blowjob?

I'll probably stay up late tonight waiting for spoiler pics. Sometimes I wish Bleach would get boring so I could get excited and fanny about other manga (blows kiss to anime L!)
Remember My Spectacular Crystal Ball Contest No one's guessing anything--just goes to show ya how unpredictable Kubo is. Although I think Shini may get a winner in Grimmjow fights Ichigo AND Ulquiorra.
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Aizen sure is beautiful--even with that twist of grease dividing his face. Oddly enough, I've always felt more guilty for being attracted to this evil, evil guy who brings such grief to all my favorite characters than being attracted to two-dimensional teenagers in manga worlds.

BTW, anyone who's a member here can post. Start anything Bleach-related. I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed.


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